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40 is open.
And there was much rejoicing.
Yay! On to Phoenix!

We're getting the truck loaded up and ready to head out. Cats will be reloaded into carriers. Soon, we shall be headed westward again.

Seriously, I haven't seen this much snow since we left OH two years ago!

Video may be up once we're settled and have internet access again.

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Looks like we're ringing in the new year in Tucumcari. 40's still closed; there's a 37-truck pileup not too far from here. 209's open, but 70's closed from Clovis to Roswell, so we can't go that way to pick up 10.

At least we managed to walk down to Dollar General, so I have a clean shirt and a bra (I usually go without on trips, since the strap irritates me in the car, but after five days, I need some support). We also picked up a candle to scent the room a little better, but forgot we didn't have anything to light it with.

Oh well.
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40 closed again overnight from Albuquerque to Texas. Ice caused a lot of accidents. It's open from Albuquerque to Texas, though, according to

I want to go home. I'm tired of the motel, tired of Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico. Tired of throwing the cats off every surface in the room I want to use (bed, chair, etc). I want to go HOME.
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Well, according to, a site we've been watching religeously since yesterday morning, 40's open across the state. Still snow-packed and icy, but open, both lanes. Since we're paid up for the night, we're gonna go ahead and give the road crews another night to work on it and leave in the morning. 54's still closed, so it looks for now like we're gonna keep to the northern route rather than heading south to I-10.

One of the amusing things on this trip was this motel's "continental breakfast." They basically have coffee (regular only), Little Debbie sweet rolls and donut sticks, toast/bread, Cheerioes and corn flakes. This morning, we got there and it looked like they hadn't restocked anything since the day before: and the coffee urn was empty. We hung out, chatted with a few of the other stranded motorists (many of them folks originally from up north who are used to snow being cleared a lot faster than this!). Matt went down to the office to let them know they were out of coffee. I decided to skip coffee, just getting a cup of milk, toast, and a pair of donut sticks. But when I opened the jelly packet for my toast, the jelly had the consistancy of leather. I just sort of giggled. I was surprised, though, that it didn't look like they offered decaf coffee or hot water for tea. Yes, this is a family-owned motel, but two more urns and a box of teabags aren't that expensive. I wonder if I should let them know their jelly's dried out.
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And still, the roads are closed. 40 is closed, and 54 is closed. We reupped for another night at the Budget Inn.

The snow's deep enough that we can't even take the Mazda off the trailer and run around. There's a discount store across the street, but the snow's all piled up in the median, so there's no way we'd be able to cross it in the sandals. Which stinks, because if we could get to the discount store, we could probably pick up some inexpensive socks and closed shoes. :-P

Don't know what we're gonna do for lunch and dinner tonight. Probably Sonic, since we did the Pow Wow restaurant across the street last night, and while it was okay, it was a little on the pricy side, and I don't know if we could get across the street to Rubee's Diner. At least the cats are comfy. :-P


Dec. 29th, 2006 03:32 pm
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Because I'm still in New Mexico, and there's nothing else to do:

Nobody puts Sailor Zeo in a corner.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

We upped for another night at Budget Inn, since 40's closed through half the state. If we were smart, we'd be sleeping. But I'm on the computer and Matt's playing Deep Labyrinth, a DS RPG that no one recommended, but I picked up used at EB Games when I got Metroid Pinball. He's been playing since....ten, I think, so two and a half hours. I haven't really had a chance to play it yet, but since it's absorbing him, it must be decent. :)


Dec. 29th, 2006 01:28 pm
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New Mexico. Snow.
Trip is delayed yet again.
I-40 is closed.

Now that I've gotten the haiku out of my system: Tucumcari and the surrounding area got hit with that storm. I-40 is closed from the TX state line to about 60 miles west of us. If we were in just a car, not the 14' truck with car trailer, we'd find some side roads, alternate routes, whatever. But, the beast is not agile, and it consumes gasoline like water, so we wait.

We found this out not from the television (Weather Channel is so focused on Denver), nor from the radio (usual morning chatter), but by getting to the onramp and finding everyone just...sitting there. Idling. An orange barrel blocked the entrance to the freeway. We sat there for about half an hour before I got the phone out, and despite being roaming, called my Dad back in NY to see if he could hop on the computer and find out if 40 was closesd. He'd just heard something on TWC, so tried to get online and find out for sure how much was closed. He couldn't find it, so we drove a bit, found a non-blocked onramp...and made it to the next exit before being directed back off the freeway. Found ourselves driving past the motel we'd just left. Grr. Turn around, sat in line for a while, then decided, "Well, check-out's not techincally until 11, so, let's see if we can get back into the room." We could, as evidenced by the fact that I'm online typing this.

It's now about 45 minutes until checkout, and according to the NMDoT site, 40's still closed. We'll give it a little longer; if it's still closed in 20 or 25 minutes, we may be spending the night here.

What's really annoying? We're both in SANDALS, and our heavier shoes and socks are all packed around the middle of the truck. So we really have to watch our steps, make sure we don't step into snowdrifts or really cold puddles. If we'd had closed shoes and socks readily available, another night wouldn't be so bad. There are some interesting looking places around the motel, but I'm not walking through snow in flip-flops.
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The Days Inn in Oklahoma didn't have wi-fi, but the Budget Inn in New Mexico does. So, updates.

Wednesday, we left NC around 7 am. Crossed into Tennesee, the sun came up, and it was bright and sunny most of the day. About a quarter of the way into TN, we crossed into Central Time, and I got to figure out how to reset the clock in the truck. Unlike every other car stereo/clock I've changed, the radio has to be ON in order to change the clock. Stopped at a rest stop around 12, we had the rest of our pizza from the night before, and took a small nap. Continued on. The cross into Arkansas was noted by the worsening condition of the roads. Up until Little Rock, it was just horrible. But on the plus side, radio was good. We crossed into Oklahoma late, and the visitor/welcome center was closed. Plus, they didn't have any of their literature outside, so no motel coupons. :( But, we'd seen a sign for Days Inn, close, and we liked the one in NC, so we stopped there. Got everyone unloaded, then a quick trip to the nearby WalMart for dinner, earplugs, and IcyHot. Chicken enchiladas, toasted corn Doritos, and Tostitos salsa con queso. Then crashed.

Thursday, hit the continental breakfast (not as good as the one in NC, which had sausage gravy and biscuits in addition to everything else), got on the road. Aaaand OK won the Worst Roads award from AR. The rough roads, curving roads, and high winds totally kicked Matt's ass. We stopped a lot for rests and naps. Stopped in Amarillo for dinner; the place Matt wanted to take me, Country Barn, was closed, so we went to Iron Skillet instead. Oh, and at that Petro, found chocolate-covered Altoids. Very nummy. We pushed on, OK, TX, and stopped at the New Mexico welcome center, in the rain which had started 10 miles before, and got some coupon books. Budget Inn, with pets, $35. Not bad. We crashed hard.

Now, it's Friday, and we'll be getting on the road soon. We should get to Phoenix tonight, if that winter storm across the top of the state doesn't get to us. Here's hoping.
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Okay, so on The Wolfpack, I asked for recommendations for DS and GBA games suitable for a cross-country trip. I also asked a local friend with a DS for suggestions, and this is the list so far:

Metroid Prime Pinball: local suggestion, and got to play with it. I like pinball, it only takes two buttons to work, and it brings out the same self-competitiveness as solitaire does (for me, anyway). So I'll look for a used copy of this.

Elite Beat Agents
Super Mario 64 DS
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Lunar: Dragon Song
Trace Memory
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Super Peach Princess
Warioware Touched

Zelda: Minish Cap
Super Dodgeball
Fire Emblem
Tales of Phantasia,
Yoshi's Island,
Sonic Advance 3

Animal Crossing is one I had on my want list, but as it's running $40, it's a waiting game.
Polarium is one Laura had, she liked it, but I didn't get to play around with it.
Finally figured out Elite Beat Agents (helped that the Target display actually had the directions for it!) and found it kind of fun. But it's $30.

I'm also wondering if the Game Boy Advance Video units work on the DS. TRU has a sale on GBA Videos, including Shrek/Shrek 2, which might be fun to pick up.
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Matt left for Phoenix yesterday. He looked at two houses; one was immediately ruled out, as it felt small, dark, and damp. A house in the desert should not feel damp, IMO. The other one, although it will need some work (seriously, the living room has orange carpet and powder-blue walls), looks workable. We're tentatively considering a lease-to-purchase option.

He has job interview today. Fingers crossed.

I work 9-5 today and 6-6 tomorrow, so hopefully in the evenings I can get some more packing done. If I can get the bathroom cupboards/closets packed, and the bathrooms cleaned, I'll consider that productive. If I can get into the spare room closet Saturday morning (not in until 3) and get that sort of cleaned out, I'll be ecstatic.

A week and a half. We leave the 25th. I peeked at next week's tentative schedule; I have 48 hours. That's workable, considering Friday's my last day. I really wanted more to be done by now, but I'll do what I can. I think my inlaws are going to be here around the 20th, to help us pack. I might just take the small stuff I want to get rid of, and pack it up for my mil to take back to Ohio and sell at flea market.

So much to do, so little time to do it.
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Oh man, my feet hurt. Six days a week, four of those being 13 hour shifts and the other two 8 hour shifts. I am so tired. Two more weeks of massive overtime.

Matt goes to AZ next Wednesday. He's trying to line up some places to look at, but he can't get ahold of any of the rental offices. It's making him nervous. He listed the entertainment center and the monitors on craigslist; the only hit so far has been someone telling him he can donate the monitors to United Way, tax-deductable. All well and fine, but we need money for the move now, not after taxes.

Sell, sell, sell, sell....I need to list the glassware and everything. Sunday's gonna roll around and all I'm gonna want to do again is sleep. I'm not getting any packing done, not getting any cleaning done. I pretty much come home, sometimes find something to eat, and fall into bed.

I'll be so glad when the 22nd hits. That's my last day. I need to call the DM in Phoenix again next week or so and see about setting up something concrete. I'd like to know I have a job waiting for me there, someplace specific.

But all I want to do is sleep.
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I've hit the point where it's "I have so much to do in so little time I'll never get it done so I might as well just go back to bed." Maybe I'm part ostrich; if I hide from it I don't have to deal with it.

I'm not sure if this is boredom, apathy, or panic. We move in less than a month. 30 days. THIRTY DAYS! And we don't have a place to live, or for-sure jobs lined up, or anything more than just the kitchen packed...

Nothing is selling on craigslist. I heard back from two of the three that inquired, and they were all, "No, sorry, we changed our minds, screw you." Well, maybe not the screw you, but that's what it felt like. I want this stuff GONE. I want to exchange it for pretty green money, which we will then exchange for fuel at gas stations between here and Phoenix, so we can keep the truck running.

I want the china cabinet gone. I want the stereo and speakers gone. I want my camera gone. I want the dishes and glassware gone. I want the small appliances gone. I need to list the entertainment center and extra monitors, then I want those gone. Gone gone gone. Get rid of them and give me money. :-P Right now, the moving fund is $11. $61 if you count the $50 from my aunt. Which I still need to send her a thank-you for.

When I start thinking about everything we have to do in a month, I get sick to my stomach. I need to disconnect Matt's computer and hide it from him so he stops playing that Space Rangers game and starts DOING stuff around here. More than just the one or two things I ask him to do. Because if he's in playing his game, then I don't want to work, I want to play my game or sleep. If he's not working, I don't feel the need to work. I've ranted about this before, and YES, I've talked to him about it, not just ranted here about it.

All I want is the move to Arizona to be less stressful than the move to North Carolina. At least in that move, by the one-month mark, we had an apartment lined up and we thought we had jobs lined up. I just want this to work.

I think I'm going to go cry now. Or scream, or throw things, or throw up. I haven't decided yet.
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The truck is reserved. Matt's plane ticket and car rental are placed. He has at least one house lined up to look at. Lori, the DM here, knows the DM in Phoenix, and if I get the information to her as to where exactly we're moving, she said she'd do all the calling and whatnot to get me into a hub in Phoenix. Someone's coming by tonight to hopefully take one of the small appliances off my hands ($10 for a small food processor). Matt did a ton of cleaning in the kitchen today, and I've started packing up the dishes. I talked him down to two sets of dishes (2 plates, 2 cups, 2 mugs, 2 bowls, 2 sets of silverware). I'm sewing my fingers off the next few days to finish up the two custom basic Cy wardrobes I want to sell on eBay.

Now I'm just hoping the guy stopping by tonight gets here soon. We were just getting ready to go grocery shopping when he called.
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November 19-23: heavy-duty house cleaning and packing. Also when we start listing furniture for sale.

December 13-16: Matt flies out to Phoenix, hopefully with a few interviews lined up, and with a few houses lined up to look at.

December 22: my last day at work.

December 26: we leave Raleigh for Phoenix.

Having concrete dates set makes it even more real, and just a little scary. Not the actual "This is the day we're leaving" part, but, "Are we going to get everything done we need to get done in time?" Hence the heavy-duty cleaning and packing going on next week. We're going to start streamlining: pack up all but four place settings (I wanted to do all but two; he said four in case we have people over: like we ever have people over), start packing the summery clothing, but at the same time, start selling the heavier winter clothing. Go through that damn closet in the office and start throwing things away (like the incense that never really got unpacked when I moved into the last apartment in Ohio!). We moved down here in a 25' truck. We're renting a 16' truck to go to Phoenix. Slightly bigger than the 5'x8' trailer he initially said, but still smaller than what we have.

Furniture we want to sell:
Queen-sized waterbed with headboard and six drawers
Dining room table with three leaves
Four black leather office chairs (we used as dining room chairs)
Wooden china cabinet (I don't know if Cindy was still interested in this or not)
Oak entertainment center (with television, giant speakers, sub, stereo, amp, vcr/dvd player)
Three five-shelf 6' tall bookcases
Old typewriter desk

The couch will be tossed, as it was a freebie, and it's in pretty bad shape (the previous owner's dog used it as a giant chew toy). I'm still torn about selling the matching dressers. We're keeping my triple bookcases and my sewing desk, and I'd like to keep my corner desk. The bed in the spare room will either be kept (something for us to sleep on until we get a new one) or tossed (since the frame is frankensteined out of a basic 2x4 frame and a super-single waterbed frame). My vote is keep, at least the mattress.

I just hope we can sell what we want to sell.
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We put in our 60-day notice at the apartment complex on Tuesday. So come late December, we're moving.

We've been looking at rental listings online for Phoenix. Matt actually called about one yesterday, to get some more info.

He didn't pass his Cisco test Tuesday. But he can try again.

We're getting into the time where we can start doing things to get ready for the move. I'm going to take some time off work before Thanksgiving (basically that Sunday through Wednesday, and store's closed Thursday of course) to start big-time cleaning and sorting things. I have boxes of things in the spare room closet that I haven't unpacked in two years. One would think that would mean I can get rid of all of them. But you know as soon as I do that, I'll need something.

I'm probably going to try Craigslist again as eBay wasn't too much more successful, and cost me $20.

Stress level is ramping up. Fear level is ramping up. I know we need this move, but I'm afraid of all the things that can and will prohibit our moving.

We will find a way to make it work. Somehow.

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