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The Days Inn in Oklahoma didn't have wi-fi, but the Budget Inn in New Mexico does. So, updates.

Wednesday, we left NC around 7 am. Crossed into Tennesee, the sun came up, and it was bright and sunny most of the day. About a quarter of the way into TN, we crossed into Central Time, and I got to figure out how to reset the clock in the truck. Unlike every other car stereo/clock I've changed, the radio has to be ON in order to change the clock. Stopped at a rest stop around 12, we had the rest of our pizza from the night before, and took a small nap. Continued on. The cross into Arkansas was noted by the worsening condition of the roads. Up until Little Rock, it was just horrible. But on the plus side, radio was good. We crossed into Oklahoma late, and the visitor/welcome center was closed. Plus, they didn't have any of their literature outside, so no motel coupons. :( But, we'd seen a sign for Days Inn, close, and we liked the one in NC, so we stopped there. Got everyone unloaded, then a quick trip to the nearby WalMart for dinner, earplugs, and IcyHot. Chicken enchiladas, toasted corn Doritos, and Tostitos salsa con queso. Then crashed.

Thursday, hit the continental breakfast (not as good as the one in NC, which had sausage gravy and biscuits in addition to everything else), got on the road. Aaaand OK won the Worst Roads award from AR. The rough roads, curving roads, and high winds totally kicked Matt's ass. We stopped a lot for rests and naps. Stopped in Amarillo for dinner; the place Matt wanted to take me, Country Barn, was closed, so we went to Iron Skillet instead. Oh, and at that Petro, found chocolate-covered Altoids. Very nummy. We pushed on, OK, TX, and stopped at the New Mexico welcome center, in the rain which had started 10 miles before, and got some coupon books. Budget Inn, with pets, $35. Not bad. We crashed hard.

Now, it's Friday, and we'll be getting on the road soon. We should get to Phoenix tonight, if that winter storm across the top of the state doesn't get to us. Here's hoping.

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