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From's "INSPACE" page:

Stories are often recycled from other shows, with the setting changed with just enough of a gimmick to make it look different. The characters will have the same character types, sometimes even the same voice actors. Sometimes these will be direct spinoffs, with the same characters with one major time or setting change. Later varieties included "AS KIDS!"

The majority of these are seen as nonsensical updates according to whatever else was popular at the time. Putting the series into space, though, is the big one.

And an individual entry, regarding the original 1970's Battlestar Galactica series:

The entire series was heavily inspired by series creator Glen Larson's Mormon faith, making it effectively The Book of Mormon IN SPACE!

...and finding that was triggered by Matt's comment, regarding yesterday's Sci-Fi Channel programming, "Did you know they made a Leprechaun 4? Leprechaun 4: IN SPACE."

Personally, I wasn't aware of more than 2, and that's just by skimming over the boxes in the video store waaaay back when.
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It's the Summer of SciFi Channel.

Eureka, Tuesday, 9 pm
Who Wants to Be a Superhero, Thursday, 9 pm
Doctor Who, Friday, 8 pm
Flash Gordon, Friday, 9 pm

Well, Flash just started last night, so it's a maybe. I only watched the beginning before going to bed and collapsing. It's recorded, though, so we'll probably watch it Sunday afternoon.

The only other series I'm recording right now is a "guilty pleasure" series, Scott Baio is 45...and Single. Couldn't tell you why it caught my attention, but it did.

Come fall, it'll be CSI, Robin Hood, and Torchwood added to the list. We completely missed the last half of the last Battlestar Galactica season, so that's going to be a rental.

And right now, I want nothing more than to be able to go back to bed and sleep another five hours. But I can't. I must to work. Hopefully there won't be as many crazy people as there were Thursday. Back to school, combined with monsoon season, makes EVERYBODY cranky, irritable, and snappy. Unfortunately, we the retail employees aren't allowed to lose our tempers, no matter what the customers say or do to us.

I really need a new job.
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This is primarily for my own benefit.

Sunday: nothing in particular
Monday: nothing in particular
Tuesday: Dead Like Me, Eureka. Eureka is now on hiatus, so, NCIS will come back on my primary viewing schedule.
Wednesday: Mythbusters
Thursday: Ugly Betty, CSI
Friday: Heroes, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (and possibly Threshold, if it catches my interest) If I had a second VCR, it would also include Numbers
Saturday: Nothing in particular

Those are the shows I make an effort to watch, make an effort to tape if I'm not going to be home. There are others I watch, but don't always make the effort to tape, ie: Danny Phantom, Gilmore Girls, Avatar, Cold Case, Criminal Minds and a few others.


Feb. 16th, 2006 09:40 am
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I got Wonderfalls disc 1 yesterday, but I'm not really in the mood to start a new series, so it's going back in the mail today, then back on the queue near the bottom with its sisters, discs 2 and 3. I'm not sure why I added Wonderfalls to the queue in the first place, whether it was a rec. from Netflix, or from a person. But, back it goes, unwatched, and I shall soon be receiving The Great Muppet Caper. Ah, Miss Piggy riding a motorcycle through a stained-glass window. Such are the memories of childhood.

And it looks like we may be making our way up north in April. My grandmother's turning 85 and throwing herself a party. My father e-mailed to tell us about it, and the way it was worded sort of gave us no doubt that we were EXPECTED to be there. We'll have to juggle some finances and some schedules, but it's looking like we can do it. And, since we can't make the trip up north without visiting aaaaalllll the other friends and family up there, we're going to be on a very tight timetable. I can only afford six days off from work: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of one week, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of the next week. I don't get any paid time off until I've been there a year, and even then, it'll only be 8 hours (one shift), so this'll be a squeeze.

Lots of driving. I think I saw a portable DVD player on sale somewhere for like $40, and I'm half-tempted to invest in it for the trip. If only I could read in the car without getting motion sick!
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With Matt working overnights on Fridays (9 pm to 8 am), our "Sci Fi Fridays" are now more "Sci Fi Saturday" or "Sci Fi Sunday Morning." :) No TiVo, but a decent VCR.

But damn, it makes it hard to resist watching Battlestar while he's at work. I like to wait and watch it with him, but sometimes....sometimes I just get the urge to flip on the television and get my Lee/Kara fix.

Especially since last week had Roslin and Adama's kiss. (eee!)

I am such a 'shipper.
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I am a huge CSI addict. I started watching the original, then when schedules shifted, I shifted to CSI: Miami, since I'd be home for it, and not always home for the 9 pm Vegas show. During my nine-month housewifeness, I got back into the original series as it aired twice a night on Spike (and they'd occasionally have daytime marathons, too).

semi-ranty shippy thoughts )

And it may be just me, but George Clooney, in those Syriana ads, from some angles, looks a lot like William Petersen...and William Petersen, from some angles, looks a lot like George Clooney.
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Today's marathon on SciFi Channel is season one of Battlestar Galactica (the new series). Came in during the middle of Act of Contrition (I think). Must be because of season one released on DVD today. Hee, know what I'm doing for the rest of the day!
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Well, I'm on day six of the 30-day eating plan. Most of the recipes were decent (the meatloaf left a little to be desired, but thanks to Matt, I've become a meatloaf snob). The only problem I've had with it recently is that some days, even with the eating every 3 hours...I get hungry every hour and a half. :-P

Oh, and I've spent nearly $200 on groceries this week. I tell myself that a good portion of the things I've bought are "pantry" items, items that aren't just for this week. But then I look over the menus and realize how much I've left off the menu/shopping list (like, all the different flakes and seeds and nuts needed for the multi-grain cereal, and capers, and pine nuts...). Add in that husband and roommate still need "normal" things like bread, lunchmeat, and cheese, and I don't feel too bad about the grocery budget for this past week. And where ARE capers and pine nuts in the grocery stores?? I looked for capers with salad items, with pickles, with italian...I looked for pine nuts with baking nuts, with snack nuts, with international foods...nothing.

I haven't even had a chance to look at what I need for next week. o_O; And I don't know if I'll have anything money-wise for groceries for next week. Chris gave me $25, but that all went into still-needed items for today and tomorrow. Oh, and milk. Those boys burn through milk like nothing I've ever seen before.

And it's been too hot to motivate myself to get across the street to the fitness center. But I put Walk Away the Pounds on the top of my Netflix list, so it should be here soon. We'll see if I like it. If I do, I'll see about getting Chris to copy it for me until I can afford to buy a copy for myself.

I need to do some sewing so I can afford to pick up Half-Blood Prince this weekend or so. One of the downfalls about being a stay-at-home wife: no income of my own to spend as I wish. Unless I do little projects like the sewing, I don't have any "mad money." I just haven't had the energy to sew. Or clean. Or workout. Or do anything other than sit at my computer, watch tv, or nap. I'm wondering if it's because I'm back on my pills. If that's so, I hope this levels out after the first few batches of pills. I'd hate to lose the first week of every pack to hormone-related fatigue.

Plus Chris's parents are coming in this weekend, so it falls to me, the stay-at-home, to clean. I tried using the "but they're not my parents, I don't care what they think" approach in arguing against it, but Matt trumped me with the "but you're home more" approach. (grump, sulk) Besides, isn't there a universal kitchen law that states "The one who cooks is exempt from the cleanup?" I do fracking all the cooking. Matt and Chris should be able to pitch in and do a load of dishes. And I don't mean just tossing what can go in, into the dishwasher, adding a tablet and starting it. I mean the heavy-duty cleanup. The pots and pans that don't go in the dishwasher. Why can't they team up after dinner and wash them? One wash, one dry and put away. I spent an hour or more on dinner, it's the least they could do. Or even just put the fracking leftovers away. (sigh)

But on the plus side, Sci-Fi Friday starts up again tonight. New SG-1, new Atlantis (we're rooting for the Wraith, is that bad?), and new Galactica!!! I'm excited. I'll be watching the first section by myself, most likely, as Matt doesn't get out of work until 8 at the earliest and it takes him half an hour to get home, and as mentioned above, Chris's parents are coming into town. Too bad I don't have an air popper. That'd be the perfect time to have the 3 cups air-popped popcorn allowed as a snack. I'll make do with the apples an yogurt. Mmmm.
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Lately, I've been watching a lot of Trucks! on Spike TV.  I started just by watching the last 10 minutes or so, having the tv on before Seven Days came on at 10 am.  But the host, Stacey David (male), is just so enthusiastic about everything he works on, and even more so about test driving the street trucks and 4x4 trucks.  So while the horsepower and torque numbers don't mean anything to me, it's fun to watch, just to hear him enthuse and to see his smile threaten to split his face open when he's talking about something he likes or test driving something over and above what it's supposed to do.

Matt's got a 1978 Jeep pickup in some serious need of work back home.  It was his first vehicle, and there was a problem with the oilpan that lead to the engine dying.  He got a replacement engine, but never got around to replacing it before we moved (like, 8 years later).  He was half-thinking about writing to Trucks and seeing if they wanted it for a project.  That would be so cool, to see what they could do with/to it.

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This is driving me nuts. A few years ago, I found a Kim Possible fanfic/fanart that was a Kim-Ron pairing. All I remember about it was Ron had a beard and was a reporter. Now, after watching "So The Drama," I can stomach a Kim-Ron pairing, and I want to find this fic again. But can I? Oh, no. All my searches on Google are coming up empty. No pics of a bearded Ron holding Kim. No fanfics mentioning Ron's beard.

So if anyone, ANYONE, knows what fic I'm thinking of, could you PLEASE send me a link? I'll be forever grateful.
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Well, at least they're getting the requirements over with early.
"Arrogant Red Ranger?"
"Stubborn second-in-command with chip on his shoulder?"

So, that means we still have the "Sisterhood" requirement, the "Oddball" requirement, the "gag ep" requirement, and hopefully the "We learn the true story behind the comic relief" requirement.

Can you guess that so far, I like Boom? I want to know more about him. We know he flunked out of Ranger Academy on his third day. But why did they offer to let him stay as a "gadget tester?" Now, I haven't looked up any info on the sentai yet, so I don't know if there's a sixth Ranger, and if there is, if he's "real." But at this time, Boom doesn't have the Cam vibe. You know, the "Oh, he's gonna be a Ranger, it's so OBVIOUS" vibe.

OH! Other big thing this episode. We saw a pic of Sky's dad! IN UNIFORM!!! It looked like...I think Time Force? So...Time Force and Silver Guardians evolved into SPD? I haven't caught the name of the city they're in, cool is that?

I can't see how a crossover is going to fit in here. Dino Thunder was present-day. SPD is "future." Unless they "fast-forward" and show the DT teens as adults living in this new society, I can't see how it'll work. Tommy managed to link all the continuities together in DT, and the shot of the Time Force uni in SPD seems to connotate a link, I said, I haven't looked up Sentai info to see if there's even footage (hell, I still haven't watched the last three eps of DT!! They're on a tape around here somewhere).

Maybe that's what I'll do today. Look for the DT tape. Or I'll lose myself in the Sims again.
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Okay, I see what sparked Jack's arrogance, but really. The ep resolved too neatly. It was like, "Okay, we always need an arrogant Red ep, so let's get it over with." I was almost rooting for Kreuger to give the Red morpher to Sky right there. :-P

Still not sure on Sydney. Again, all I saw of her was "ditz."

In other news, Thursday morning around 1 am, I woke up ill. I figured it was stomach flu. It hit my husband an hour later. :-P I got over most of the leakage by noon, feeling somewhat better. He was still incapacitated til later that evening. I got the chills when he started feeling better, ended up retreating to the nice, warm, heated waterbed and the flannel comforter. Next morning, he was fine. Me, I had screaming pain fron the base of my skull to the tip of my tailbone. Still had it this morning with the added bonus of burning pain, like someone whacked me on the back of the head with a baseball bat.

But on the plus side, I managed to eat a burger, fries and a coke.
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The hour-long premiere of the new season of Power Rangers was this morning at 8:30 am eastern. Watched it with the hubby. Here are my thoughts.

-Sky is going to learn some tough lessons this season. Father was a Red Ranger, expects to be Red, gets Blue...and sees Red given to a Robin Hood-style thief. One with no regard for the rules. One he busted and brought in. Oh, he's going to have a major stick up his ass. I was really hoping the last name would reference a former on-screen Ranger, but I don't remember a Red Ranger with the last name Tate.

-Sydney may get on my nerves. It's like if Kim and Skull had a child. All the beauty, none of the brains. Hopefully it's just because we don't know her yet, but man, does she seem like a ditz. Hopefully we'll learn more about her, because right now, the only impression I have of her is "Pretty, but not too bright." Can't see what made her be good enough to be B-Squad Ranger material

-Bridge seems cool. Yes, a tad dense, but more like intelligent-dense, as in it takes him a while to find the words to express the awesomeness in his thoughts. His power is amazing...and may be one of the reasons he seems to have difficulty expressing himself. It must be hard to translate what he sees with his powers into terms people can understand. Like Geordi and his visor.

-Z seems a lot like our initial version of Jaime Zedden. Street-smart, willing to follow the rules...but also willing to bend them enough to fit her needs. I liked her quoting the code back to Sky. But she'll probably be learning the consequences of using her street contacts.

-And Jack...ah, Jack. (shakes head) He seemed noble this episode, but the previews for next week make me want to kick him hard. What IS it with Red Rangers making people arrogant? Sky would have been bad enough as Red, thinking it his birthright and all, but what HAPPENED to Jack? I think maybe there's more to the story, and I'm hoping they flesh it out next week. I loved his instant rapport with the robo-puppy.

-And poor Boom. I really hope he gets an episode to shine. He seems so...likeable. Trying so hard to shine, and failing so hard. I really hope he's not the butt of the Rangers' jokes all the time.

-I have a theory on the A-Squad Rangers. Bridge said their engery was "off." And Kreuger sending them instead of B-Team, who was right there. This is my first official prediction of this season: I think the A-Squad are robots.

So far, it has potential. It doesn't have the instant "squee" factor of Dino Thunder (c'mon, DT had TOMMY back!) and it doesn't have the instant "Wow" factor of Ninja Storm and Time FOrce, but it also doesn't have the "cringe" factor of Wild Force. So, right now, I'm going to keep watching and see what happens.

Funny, though, I don't remember seeing Doug Sloan's name in the he no longer associated with PR?
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For the past few days, my computer wasn't connecting to the network. Therefore, no Internet. But, it's working now (when in doubt, reinstall the drivers).

Spent those two days playing Sims 2. I swear that game is digital crack. My husband is addicted more, finding hacks and skins and mods and all that good stuff.

Plus we got cable. I spent a good portion of yesterday watching a marathon of The Surreal Life on VH1. Mindless Entertainment, indeed!
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I've been watching the series Tru Calling. Last week, they aired two episodes. But, seeing as I also watch CSI, and have to tape the shows, as I work til 9:30, I missed the announcement that last week was two hours long, so I only caught the first ep, and like twenty minutes of the second ep. Plus, I missed most of the beginning of the series. So now I'm wondering if I should hunt down the episodes online....

Also, Friends ends tonight, and I need to get my guy to tape that, as I'll be taping Tru. ((Maybe I should check my tv listings, see if they're actually airing it tonight against the most-hyped show ending since Cheers or MASH))

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