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I'm going to be shedding many, many tears this weekend. Our youngest cat, Scamp, has been listless and not eating for the past week. Husband took him to the vet today. I knew the prognosis was bad when husband texted me to tell me to pick up chocolate at the store, and as soon as I got home, he was hugging me.

Scamp has feline leukemia and FIV. He's not expected to make it through the weekend. If by chance he does, Husband has an appointment to have him put to sleep Monday morning.

My cats are the closest things I have to children. Scamp's only four. The others are 12, 13 and 13. I thought I'd be losing them first. I thought we'd have Scamp with us for many years yet. He's the Big Guy, the giant, the one who might be part Maine Coon. When we took him to get fixed (when he was a year old), the vet tech picked up his carrier and exclaimed, "My god, what do you feed him, small cattle?" He was 14 pounds before this past week. At the vet, he was only 9 pounds.

This is my first experience with losing a close pet. I had a mouse in college who died, but that didn't really affect me. The cat I had as a kid died, but she wasn't around for it. She just went for a walk one day when she was 11 or 12, and never came home. I wasn't around for it, either; I'd moved to Ohio by that point, and didn't think she'd make the move well. My parents' dog was put down a few years ago, but she'd been getting old and wasn't quite right after she ran into the parked car a few years before that. I wasn't close to the cats and dogs at my in-laws' place who passed away while I was just dating my husband.

Scamp was a fighter, though. We were always patching him up after his bouts with other neighborhood toms. I shouldn't be surprised he caught either/both. I'm glad I already had Monday off, but this is going to put a funky wrinkle in my doctor's appointment.

I'm trying to get a good picture of him, but the room is darker than the flash sensor and the kiddo keeps closing his pretty green eyes. :-P

Husband got a medication for Scamp that should let him rest easier. I just....I don't know how I'm going to handle it until it happens.
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1. My cat has taken to sleeping under my desk, right in the spot where I like to put my feet. Doesn't matter if I move him; he'll just come right back. This is annoying when I want to sit and write. I keep kicking him and apologizing.

2. We've been in this house for nearly three years. I just plugged in my sewing machine last night. I've sewn two things: a cool tie (neck chiller) and a pillow filled with the same polymer crystals.

3. I'm amazed that a tablespoon of polymer crystals expands enough to fill a 12"x5" pillow.

4. I've completely fallen off the FlyLady wagon. Her mails got annoying; they were more product advertisements than encouragement. Even the pure testimonials to the method had a link back to the FlyShop.

5. I don't care for most of her "Rubba" line of tools. I like the bottle brush, the mop, and the purple rags. Those I'd recommend. Everything else, not so much.

6. My kitchen is a horrible mess and I just don't have the energy to deal with it. I look at it, think about it, and go hide in the bedroom instead.

Durn Cats.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 07:18 am
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I had every intention of sleeping until my alarm went off at 6 am. However, my cat, appropriately named Nemesis, had other ideas. Come 5 am, she's meowing, loudly and insistently, outside my bedroom window. Yelling at her to shut up makes her meow even more insistently, as now she knows someone's there. So, I got up, stumbled to the back door, let her in, shoved her away from the bedroom door so she wouldn't dash inside, and tried to go back to sleep. Gave up around 5:13. Now she's trying to sidle up to me, wanting pettings, but I keep telling her, "No, I'm mad at you."

This is why I won't have kids. I can barely deal with needy cats.
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Tomorrow, I will have a pile of ticked-off cats.

You see, this morning, the bedframe in our bedroom broke. It was on its way; three of the four casters had already split, and this morning, the leg that still had an unbroken caster buckled. So, to remedy this situation, we took the bed from the front bedroom, the "spare bedroom," and moved it into our bedroom. Once we did that, we also rearranged some, and in the rearranging, decided to keep the front bedroom closed off for now. Since we get, on average, one visit a year that requires the spare bedroom, keeping it a full-time guest room is really an inefficient use of space. We're planning on moving the television system in there, and making it our "entertainment room," possibly getting a fold-out couch in there for that one visit a year. The living room will become the computer/sitting room.

But anyway, as to why the cats will be ticked off. The front room was sort of "their" room. No one else was using it. And now, "their" bed is gone, and the room is closed to them. For one thing, they abused their privileges. It needs a serious top-to-toe cleaning. So now, both bedrooms are closed to the cats, and we closed off the garage, too. This leaves them living room, bathroom, kitchen...and the entire freaking backyard. But I can guarantee, we're going to hear at least one of them crying at the door tonight, trying to get into either the front room or our bedroom. And when that one's not allowed in, he or she (probably she) will take it out on the other three.

And that is why all four cats will be grumpy tomorrow.


Dec. 12th, 2008 06:17 am
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Well, Scamp seems to be fitting in okay. He passed his FeL test with flying colors, and other than Athena (aka the whiny brat), the others seem okay with him. Well, unless he walks on them. He gained almost a whole pound from his first checkup to his test (in a week!). Still wants food all the time, though, and even though there's dry food available, he'll whine and cry and prance and yell until he gets the wet stuff. As soon as he spots one of us, first thing in the morning and when we first get home in the evening, he RUNS to the kitchen, stands by his bowl, and starts yelling. We're starting to mix it with dry food, to try to get him used to it.

More pictures later.

New Baby!

Nov. 30th, 2008 06:41 pm
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No, I didn't get pregnant and forget to tell anyone. Nope, this morning, a scrawny little kitten quite literally came across our path. After giving him two bowls of wet food, and taking him for a preliminary checkup, we've named him Scamp, and he seems to be ours for now. We'll get him tested for feline leukemia and FIV next Sunday, after payday, and get him neutered not long after that.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 05:31 am
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Well, I'm at work today. No rest for tech support. And that's all I'll say for that.

People are going to start requesting early release very soon. Unfortunately, I needed it the past two days (sick on Tuesday, flat tire yesterday), so I can't today if I want a decent paycheck next week.

We took Dante's bandage off yesterday; the toe still looks a little swollen, but a lot better than it did Monday. He still has maybe two doses of antibiotic to take, and a checkup on Monday to make sure it's healing correctly.

The tire turned out to have a razor blade in it. However, since I took it back to where we bought it, they fixed it for free. Discount Tire rocks.

On a completely unrelated note....we saw an ad for those detoxification foot patches the other day. Matt's skeptical. I'm curious. If it stays slow today, I might do a little more research into them. Just because.
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Tonight, we take Dante's bandage off to look at that toe after a few days. I'm worried about it. He's my baby, and this is the first major injury he's had in the eight years he's been with me.

On the plus side, his teeth are really healthy; the vet thought he was maybe 8 months, not 8 years, they were so healthy.

On a side note: the Mazda has a flat tire. Again. These are new tires, bought less than a month ago. We took the truck to work so we wouldn't be late, and have to get the tire fixed after we get home.

Two unexpected emergencies in a week. Joy.
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My cat Dante had to go to the vet yesterday. Sunday night, we discovered that he'd injured his back left paw, and the two center toes seemed to be stuck together. The foot was stinky, too, so we knew he'd gotten it infected.

The vet looked at it, and said at first, it looked like he caught his claw on something and tore it. The resultant gunk glued the toes together. He took Dante to the back, and with the help of a tech, tried to separate the toes.

Well, getting a better look at him, the vet thought something deeper might be at work. So, my poor kitty had to spend several hours at the vet while they got him cleaned up and bandaged. He's now stumping around the house with a big orange clubfoot bandage. He's understandably not-happy, as he keeps trying to shake the thing off.

The vet also told us that when he got a better look at it, it looked like Dante might possibly have fractured that toe. So, he keeps the bandage on for three days, we give him liquid antibiotics til they're gone, and he goes back for a checkup next Monday. Hopefully, he won't need surgery to fix that broken claw/toe.

In summary, my cat tried to declaw himself, and it's costing us at least $150 to keep him fully clawed. :-P

Silly kitty.
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I don't know who the culprit is, but when I got up this morning, I found that the cat door was almost totally ripped off the wall. Very disturbing. I don't know whether it was our three trying to get out, or a stray trying to get in. Matt's going to work on stabilizing it tonight.

In addition to Phantom (the black cat), we've been visited by a caramel-and-white scrawny male. Matt managed to pick him up the other day and noticed he smelled like infection. Not good. Matt's going to clean out one of the cat carriers, and if he can catch this guy again, take him to a vet nearby. We don't want sick kitties around our so-far healthy kids.

And since my water intake has been decreasing rather than increasing, I'm going back to my old standby to drink more: flavoring. I added lemon juice, lime juice, and an eighth-teaspoon of stevia powder to my 72-ounce bottle of water. Stevia powder courtesy of my mother-in-law; she got a lot recently and realized she'd never use it all before it went bad, so shared. I now have a nice big jar of stevia powder, which is good, because I can't find my bottle of stevia extract. But 1/8 teaspoon to over 2 liters of water is going to take a while to use. :) I need to get a 1/32 teaspoon to use for when I have tea.
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As we approach Daylight Savings Time tonight/tomorrow, I give great thanks that I now live in a state that doesn't observe it. Switching into and out of DST always knocked me off-kilter for at least a week, and I hated it.

Of course, this means I'll probably miss my a.m. chats with Ellen, as I'm probably NOT going to get up at 5 am to catch her coming home from work. :-P

In other news, Dante's been terribly needy of late. I think the black cat's got him worried that he won't be my baby boy anymore. Dante will always be my baby puppy-cat. Heck, he's been immortalized on MWD as the cat who gets to sleep in my shirt while I'm on the computer (with pictures to prove it). It keeps him happy and keeps the cat hair off my keyboard. He's there currently, purring away, tabby head poking out the v-neck, eyes closed in bliss. He's getting mama-time.

And I think I'm gonna get me another 45 minutes of sleep before work. I had to get up early and take Matt to work, since he had to replace the spark plugs and wires on the truck, and didn't quite finish.
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The ceiling is coming off the front room quite well.  But Matt thinks it's going to need primer before we paint it, though.  It's worth it, though.  I hate the popcorn textured ceilings.  My parents house has them, and I remember my parents complaining about how hard they are to paint and keep clean.  

Side thought, watching the video for "Call Me When You're Sober," reminds me that on MTS2, someone made a sim of the guy in the video, calling him "Wolfie."  But if you're going for the Red Riding Hood parallel, he'd be the Woodsman, and Red is instead choosing the wolf (I'm guessing, by the scenes of her sitting, petting wolves).  

Patch has more or less figured out the cat door.  The others, not so much.  If we stick a hand through from the side they're not on, they get it, but otherwise, they still claw at the door.  Matt was amused last night; Patch was out in the backyard, came in through the cat door, used the litterbox, and went back outside.  

My hands are scuzzy from cleaning the floor and wall.  Gonna go wash them, then think about making some sort of breakfast.  Hungry.
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In all "teh drama" about not being able to reach Ellen this week, I keep forgetting that some other things have happened this week.

My cat finally attempted to catch the ceiling fan. The way our entertainment center is arranged, the ends of the ceiling fan sweep over it. Usually, there's just enough clearance for a cat to walk under it, or we just don't have it running. Well, the other morning, it was running, and Dante must have stood just a little taller than usual, because the tip of the blade just clipped his ear. Startled the living daylights out of him. He figured out what did it pretty quick, then sat there for a moment, watching it spin, then we see the paw dart up as he tried to catch the blades. Of course, he stopped being cute as soon as Matt went for the camera. :-P Cat is unharmed, by the way. No damage to ear or paw from the encounters with the fan.

Alan, the production supervisor at work, has moved to the Apex store, where he'll be the PDS supervisor. This means that at our store now, there are Ben, Rob, Keith, Tim, and me. When I started, there were four more associates. Cameron, Art, Christine and Jason have all left. At least Christine and Art put in notices. Cameron and Jason just stopped showing up.
Work-related ranting )

And I found cute flannel material with wolves on it at WalMart for $2 a yard, so I'm going to make pajama pants for Matt, to go with his wolfie shirt, and his wolfie blanket, and the two wolfie pillows his mom made him.... Prewashing fabric now; if I can find the pattern, he'll have new pajama pants when he gets home from work in the morning. :)
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It's Friday night. That means waiting around for Matt to leave for his overnight shift. Usually, it also means vegging on the couch for a few eps of CSI on Spike, but the 8 pm ep is Committed, which I don't really care for. A few too many squick elements for me. So, it's bopping around on the computer trying to find something to kill time until 9 when the next ep starts.

On the plus side for today, I finished off So High School, my Sara/Nick fluffy fic. On the minus side, every time I've eaten, I've felt sick. I got so tired of the nausea yesterday I actually made myself throw up to see if it would help. It didn't, but it did reinforce the fact that I could never be a bulimic. I'm tempted to do it again, though. There's actually something in my stomach this time.

I'm also somewhat morose. My bonus finally came in, but it was combined on the same check as my pay, and they took out almost my entire paycheck in taxes. I was really hoping that check would be over $1000, but it was just barely over $800. (sighs in frustration) I don't know how we're going to make this work. I'm so tired of scraping by. It's better now than it was when just Matt was working, but not by much. We still pay about half the bills late. Part of that is timing; all the big bills are due in the first five days of the month, and oddly enough, those five days always seem to fall between paychecks. We'd planned to save $500 of my bonus to cover the trip in April, but since that seems to be my entire paycheck this week, I don't know what's going to happen. Matt needs to schedule his tests for school and get those certifications so he can start looking for a better job.

I'm just so tired, and sick, and nauseated, and stressed out. I just want things to get better. I want the cats to stop peeing all over the damn place so the apartment doesn't stink. I want to not feel like I'm going to throw up every time I see, smell or think about food. I want to not get dizzy when I stand up. I want to be able to afford to go to the doctor when I feel like this. I want to get through an 8-hour shift at work without freaking out. I want a lot, I guess. And I feel like it's never going to happen.
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I hate being woken up by heartburn. Especially at 3 am when I have to be up at 6:30 am to go to work. It means that even if I get out of bed and take a Pepcid Complete, I'm not going to fall back asleep. It means I'm going to be cranky and pissy all day at work, short-tempered and snappy.

And I still feel like I'm going to puke every time I smell or think about food. I don't want to go to work today. And the stupid cat wants to come back in through the door even though the window he went out of is still open! (headdesk)

I feel like a balloon. A grumpy, tired balloon that just wants to deflate.
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Okay, so I started reading the first of the two CSI novels I checked out of the library. Keep in mind, these are actual, licensed, published novels, not ff.n fangirl drivel. What do I find on the first page?

"Grissom's boyishly handsome features were slightly compromised by the gray encroaching on his brown hair, and crow's feet were sneaking up on the edges of his eyes, frown lines etching inroads at the corners of his mouth."

I'm sorry, but I started giggling so hard when I read that. Maybe because it was 6 am, but, "boyishly handsome?" Grissom? Must have been written before William Petersen grew the beard. Yeah, I think he's attractive, but, "boyishly handsome?" *snerk* Add in that no other character so far has had such a loving description...we've had Brass described as having "sad eyes," Sara's smile as "gap-toothed," Catherine as having "reddish-blonde hair," Nick as having "well-chiseled features" (hey, if I'd call anyone "boyishly handsome," it's George Eads! see icon), Sergeant O'Riley as "burly" and "crew-cut," and Greg as "skinny, spiky-haired." Six chapters and 70 pages in, no real description of Warrick, even. I understand that the audience the book is marketed to already knows the characters, knows what they look like, how they act, etc, so the author doesn't have to spend much time establishing personality or description, but if you're going to describe one character so completely, why not all of them? The author takes the time to describe the secondary characters, those that aren't represented on the show (and another "aww," I was hoping the AV tech they used would be Archie), but barely describes the regulars.

Ah well. Just some early-morning ranting. And so I don't spam the f-lists, other thoughts this morning:
Things you should never have to say, but often do when you have cats:
No fighting on Mommy! Mommy is NOT a battlefield!
Mommy is not a landing strip!
Mommy is not a launchpad!
Mommy is not a chewtoy!
Mommy is not a scratching post!
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I bought my cats a Turbo Scratcher. Dante and Athena have managed to unravel the cardboard scratching circle in the center. Pictures to come later.

An aside

Jul. 13th, 2005 10:57 am
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Sunday, we cleaned the bedroom.  We found several wads of cotton under the bed.  That reminded me of this strip.

I don't think I want to know what happened to the strings...

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In an attempt for both of us to get a decent night's sleep, husband and I slept apart again last night, he in our bedroom, on the waterbed, me in the spare room, on my old bed. Physically, I was a lot more comfortable on the standard mattress. I tend to toss and turn a lot, and doing that on the waterbed requires herculean efforts. Plus, it disturbs Matt.

The main problems I had were cat attacks and new and disturbing night noises (most attributed to the cats, I think). We have three cats. Two are mine, one is Matt's. My two don't get along with his one. Patch, Matt's cat, has taken control of our bedroom/bathroom/closet. What that means is my cats are generally denied "mommy-time" when "mommy" is trying to sleep. Introduce new situation: "mommy" sleeping in an accessable area. So in addition to all the blankets I have on that bed, I also had two cats trying to sleep on/near me, rubbing on my hands, trying to get me to pet them while I try to ignore them and fall asleep.

Why didn't I just throw them out of the room and close the door? Two reasons. One, the door to the spare room sticks. Badly. Two, I didn't want to hear rattlerattlerattle scratchscratchscratch "MROW!!!! MOOOOWWWWWWW.... Mommy, why'd you lock us out?? Mooommmmyyy......" rattlerattlerattle ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG.

The disturbing night noises, now that I think about it, were probably a cat on the windowledge, walking behind the miniblinds and letting them bang back against the windowframe. I forgot that it's best to leave the blinds at least six inches up from the windowsill. But still, after finally getting to sleep, to hear a loud BANG! Wake up with a start, adrenaline coursing through the system? Not good. It took me about a half hour to fall asleep again, wake to the melodius sounds of my cat retching on the floor.

So, to sum up: standard mattress, physically more comfortable than waterbed. Sleeping alone in spare room, a big strain on my mental health.

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