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I was grumping to myself this morning about my recent inability to stick to the calorie budget.  This week, I've been ravenous by dinnertime, and even snacking at work.  I did some research, as it's period week, as to whether or not that affects metabolism.

Turns out, it does.  A few days before and during menstruation, a woman's metabolism ramps up anywhere from 5% to 20%.  That would explain this week.

Then I looked at my logs.  This is my eighth week logging my food.  The first four weeks, I had no problem staying under budget, ending the week 500 to 700 calories under the weekly limit.  Then, week five, I was 1454 over budget.  Week six, 1203.  Week seven, 1811.  So far this week, I'm 1279 over. 

It's not just the incremental decrease in the calorie limit from losing weight.  It's not just a rebellious attitude.  I figured out what else happened four weeks ago.  I went back on birth control pills.

It's entirely possible that the pills are affecting my appetite and metabolism.  Many women report weight gain after starting bcps.  It takes about three months for this particular pill to "settle in" when it comes to side effects, so for the next two months, I'm going to keep logging my food and trying to weigh weekly, but not be particularly over-worried if I can't keep to the budget without hunger pains, or if I gain a pound or more back.  This actually, timing wise, works out somewhat well.  I should be past the adjustment period starting in January.  January's always a good time to get back on track.
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So, LoseIt has a number of graphs and reports you can look at to see your eating habits and patterns.  Apparently, I don't like fruit.  Fruit very rarely shows up on my MyPlate report.  This is true; I don't care for a lot of fruits.  I basically like 2 types of apples, green grapes, and grapefruit.  I did have a salad for dinner, so I hit my vegetable quota for the day.  The main reason for the salad was so I could have one of Whole Foods' gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.  I just really needed it.  I haven't had a period since March, but it's been gearing up all week to start, and the PMS was just really, really bad today. 

Just my luck, I should be hitting my heavy flow day just in time for our 8th anniversary.  Whee.  :-P
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Okay, this past week illustrated just how much I need to get back on bcps. My period decided to kick in three weeks late (hey, the fact that it came AT ALL when I haven't been on bcps for months is a plus). I've decided it likes holidays; this time, it was Cinco de Mayo, last time, it started on St. Patricks Day. :-P

Anyway. Sunday and Monday, I had a very, very bad episode. It was about as bad as when I was on wheat all the time; Matt and I kept going back over what I'd eaten to see if there was any way wheat got in. Nothing. I had to leave meeting early on Sunday because I was trying to scratch the skin off my arm, and I couldn't handle a medium-sized gathering of friends. Just wasn't working. Monday, I actually had to leave work early because I could NOT get my arms to behave and get my hands to do what I needed them to. I kept clawing at my skin, pulling at my hair, and just felt myself spiralling out of control. I don't like those episodes; they scare the living daylights out of me because I know that is NOT normal.

The reasoning was made evident to me around midnight Monday/Tuesday, when an invisible sadistic clown invaded the house and used my uterus to make balloon animals. "I had cramps" is the understatement of the year. I lived on Advil Tuesday, when I wasn't falling victim to the practical jokes of my digestive system (when I have my period, the rest of my body decides not to work right). Every five to ten minutes, it'd tell me, "You've gotta go, NOW!" So I'd get to the bathroom, and "Hmm, nope, just kidding! Nothing, not even gas! Ha ha!!" Wait ten minutes, repeat. But can't ignore it, just in case it's not a joke this time. At least this job doesn't track my bathroom time.

Wednesday, still cramping.

Thursday, the hormone headache hit. Three aspirin, two Excedrin Migrane, and it at least took the edge off the pain so I could work.

Finally, it started easing up yesterday. But the damage was done, and I am wiped out from this week.

But still, I kept reminding myself, as much as I hate having my period, I'd hate most of the alternatives more.
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Worked opening shift yesterday, crashed around 8:30-9 pm. Let's just hope I don't get into the same rhythm as last week...I don't need to be falling asleep at 6 or 7 pm!

I've started taking my testing kit with me to work. If I have another episode like last week, unable to form coherant thoughts and phrases, I want to test my sugar, see if it's high or low. Plus, I'm supposed to test two hours after a meal, and it hit me that the only time I really have a true two-hour post-meal is at work: at home, I tend to start grazing not even half an hour after a meal.

The Sudafed did not help my congestion last night. I think I'll have to see about getting some Breathe Right strips; I've used them before and they sort of helped.

I just realized we don't have another paycheck before my doctor's appointment next week. I hope Matt thought of that when paying bills.

I should go find breakfast.
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I crashed yesterday after work around 6 pm. I pretty much slept straight through til just now. Approximately 12 hours of sleep.

Haven't eaten since lunch yesterday, which was around 1:30. So...17 hours, no food. My fasting blood sugar this morning was 79. I was expecting it to be a lot lower.

According to my meter book, fatigue is a sign of high blood sugar. While 79 is still a decent fasting sugar, it's been lower after fewer hours of fasting. I also thought about my dry mouth/peeing/headache complaints from the other day: also signs of high blood sugar.

I think I'd better start keeping a food journal again, keeping better track of what I eat and drink. I've been slipping off the GI plan. We still have about half the giant bag of white rice in the cupboard. (sigh) It's cheaper and takes half the cooking time of brown rice. And I'm having a hard time drinking the water I'm supposed to. Especially with these morning shifts, when all I want is caffeine and sugar to get me through.

I'm somewhat afraid of tonight's closing shift. I've been crashing, hard, around six, seven or eight pm. I work tonight until 9. After seven, I'm there by myself. I can't get someone to cover me if I start feeling woozy or disoriented. I think I may have to make and bring something coffee-related, maybe bring some nuts or something. Just something to keep me going so I can get home, maybe nap a few hours until Ellen gets home from work. Haven't heard back from her whether or not she's going to be online tonight after work. If she's not, then there's no need for me to stay up tonight. Can come home and crash again.

I can't believe it. After 12 hours of sleep, I'm sitting here yawning, wanting to go back to bed. I think maybe I'll get a big glass of water, take my pills, and do just that. Get in as much sleep as possible this morning so I can maybe stay awake tonight.
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Back when I first went to the endocrinologist (last...August? I think), I filled out some paperwork to be included in a database of PCOS patients, so that when Dr. Brown was starting a new study, I could get information about it and possibly be included in it.

Well, Friday I received an e-mail from Katy, her assistant in charge of the database, that a new study was about to start, measuring the effects of caffeine on the metabolisms of PCOS women. I called today for more information. Talked to Katy for a while, found out what the study would entail, then found out that I didn't qualify for it because I'm on birth control pills. Apparently, bcps also effect metabolism, and they're trying to keep the variables low. Oh well, at least I tried, and they know I'm interested in the studies, the next go-round.
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Okay, so I've taken the metformin (met) twice now. First time taking it, no problem. Last night, though...whoo. Woke up at 4 am and had to dart to the bathroom. I'll just say, I'm glad I'm taking it now, when the potty is relatively close, as opposed to in OH, living with Matt's parents, when there was just one potty and it was downstairs.

Duke Health called this morning to get my 2-month follow up appointment and schedule my bloodwork. So, next Tuesday I have bloodwork and I get the containers for the 24-hour urine test to rule out Cushings Syndrome. That's not going to be fun, saving my pee for a whole day. And I wonder what other bloodwork they're doing? I though I'd already had all the tests done that they usually do. But now I know, when I go there, there's a paper I have to take to checkout so if there is bloodwork or anything, they can get it scheduled then.

And my parents are on their way. According to the schedule e-mail Dad sent me, they left Olean, NY at 7 am, will hit Pittsburgh by 10:30 or 11 am, and then they're staying overnight in VA. Tomorrow they continue down to NC. He's estimating they'll be here at 4 pm. "Here" meaning the campground. I still need to clean up around the desk area and do several loads of laundry.

Speaking of laundry, Chris is going to be moving out in a few weeks, if his credit check goes okay. Technically, he paid for the washer and drier, so they might be going with him when he leaves. That kind of freaks me out a bit, because I don't want to go back to laundromats while we save for another set. I'd thought Matt split the cost with Chris and the plan was to just pay him the $150 for his half when he moved out.

Overall, though, I'm not too upset at Chris moving out. We had a heads-up last week (end of July) when he went to look at a townhouse. Matt and I discussed and then ruled out the possibility of getting someone else in to help with the rent. Instead, I'll be looking for work to defray the extra costs. Chris paid about $400 in rent and utilities. If I can get a part-time job making $400 a month, we'll be at the same level we're at now. If I can get a part-time job that pays $10 an hour, 20 hours a week, we'll be better than we are now, and might actually be able to start paying off some of the big bills (my college loans, for example) or saving something. So I guess today, it's my job to brave the heat (it's 10 am and 80 degrees already!) and look for work, at grocery stores and the like. I hate retail. But if it's just a cashiering job, I think I can handle it. Probably won't get a $10 an hour cashiering job, though. I need to pick up a paper and see if I can find a decent call center job.

Just back

Aug. 5th, 2005 04:53 pm
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Well, I went to the endocrinologist today. She was really nice, went over all my previous lab results with me. The one that really worried her was the fasting glucose tolerance test. I knew that one of my glucose levels had been elevated, but the gyn had said not to worry about it. Well, according to the endo, that 2-hour elevated level marked me as "pre-diabetic." Meaning, if I don't take steps now, I could develop full type-2 diabetes in a few years.

So I'm taking steps. She gave me a prescription for extended-release metformin, and I start tonight with it, one pill a day (it says in the evening, and I'll try it then), working up to three pills a day (dunno when I'll be at that level, but I'm guessing a month and a half to two months). Now, the instructions say "Three tablets every evening with a meal," but I'm pretty sure I heard the doc say three times daily, not three at once. As it is, I forgot to schedule my two-month follow-up, so I need to call back, and I can ask then.

And she confirmed that I have "classic PCOS," although the angry red stretch marks on my lower abdomen did give her worry. She had mentioned a 24-hour urine test, but I wasn't given a collection container or anything. I'll have to ask about it when I call for my next appointment.

Basically, even though I'm going to be taking met, I still need to keep up the diet and work hard at keeping a regular exercise schedule. My new goal is to be under 200 pounds by the end of the year. That's about 25 lbs in 5 months. No big. I can do it. Five pounds a month isn't an unreasonable goal.
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Okay, I don't know if this is just the Yasmin or something else, but holy Toledo, I have not had cramps this bad since high school! Seriously! And it's not just the normal menstrual cramps, oh no. My digestive system seems to have started cramping in sympathy. So since 6 pm yesterday, I have been in PAIN. I've tried pressure, heat, cold, Motrin and sex, and no go, still cramping terribly.

When it started, I thought it was just gas, so just took some Gas-X. Nope, not gas, that made it worse. The ibuprofin helped a little with the menstrual cramps, but made the stomach cramps worse. So this morning, I'm on tea and toast (black tea with a little honey rather than my usual green tea) and half wondering if a laxative would help. I've also come to the conclusion that if I'm still in pain come 6 pm today, I'm calling a friend to take me to the Urgent Care center. Feeling like your stomach is twisted up and on fire is not normal.

New book

Jul. 6th, 2005 05:03 pm
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Okay, so my MIL sent me a new book. She'd ordered it for herself a while back and liked it so much she sent me a copy, too. It's called The Sugar Solution, by Sari Harrer. I'd wondered about it, so I flipped through the table of contents, and whadda ya know, there's a chapter on PCOS. So I flipped to that chapter and started reading.

Another suprise! There's a 2-page pull-box interview with Kat Carney, the woman who started and SoulCysters,net, the PCOS message board I frequent. So I guess this is a good book/diet plan to use for PCOS.

I'll have to read it more in-depth, then adjust my food journals accordingly.

I've forgotten to take my multi-vitamins two days in a row now, and slacked off on my green tea intake over the weekend. I made it, and took it to convention, by Matt didn't like the flavored water I bought him, so he ended up drinking the tea. Well, that's fine, since he's got belly fat to lose, too. :-D Plus, it's Wednesday of the placebo week, and no period yet. I'm wondering if that's normal for this bcp, since I've read other accounts of people on Yasmin and not getting a period until month two. It's weird, though, because on the other bcps I was on, I always got a period the first month.

And I did a bad thing today...went back to bed at 11:30, and stayed there until 3:30.

Edit: just used the bathroom, and it looks like the period's on its way. Now if I can get that sharp pain in my side to abate...


Jun. 7th, 2005 09:37 am
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With new pics, I had to adjust my layout. Heh, and I just downloaded a ton of candle recolors for Sims2.

Sometimes, I really think I need to get out more. Then I realize it's already 75 degrees out and it's only 9:40. At least the humidity's dropped from 98% to 81%. Still, I think I'm gonna stay inside with the lovely, wonderful, blessed air conditioning.

Sometimes I wonder how I lasted growing up without a/c. Oh, that's right...I spent summers in the basement. Around the sixth stair going down, it was like passing through a curtain, from the hot, humid air to the cooler, drier air. Ahhh.... Too bad my mom was freaked out about the radon levels down there. Now, whenever I have any sort of health concern, she's all "It's because you spent too much time in the basement with the radon!!" I really don't think radon levels have anyting to do with PCOS, but hey, I can always ask the endocrinologist when I go in August (a good excuse to miss my 10-year reunion: the earliest appointment with the endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS is the same weekend).

And because you're all so interested in my reproductive health (heh), I finished my 10-day run of medroxypr ac on Sunday, so I should start bleeding any day now. Hopefully. Then Sunday I get to start the Yasmin! Yay! I hope it works as well as the flutamide did as an anti-androgen. I'm seriously sick of having to shave/pluck every other day.

Just call me Cave Woman. :-P


Jun. 1st, 2005 02:05 pm
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Had to go grocery shopping today. I had a budget of $50, and had to buy food for about 2 weeks. So, that meant a trip to Fuquay-Varina (I just love saying that name, fooo-kway vah-ree-nah. Makes me smile) and to Aldis. I love Aldis. I started off making a list of essentials at home. Grabbed all the essentials, writing down the prices, then used my little calculator to add it up. About $18. So then I could get "fill-ins." Things we could use, but didn't necessarily need. Things like, a second loaf of bread, more lunchmeat, strawberries and angel food cake, more tuna, canned broth... Only problem was, they didn't have cloves. So, my total there was about $38.

Went to Lowe's Foods for cloves. Almost $7 for a tiny jar of cloves!!! Yikes. But, since I was there, and was spending $7 on cloves, figured I'd look at the ice cream, as the Edy's was buy one get one free, plus I had a coupon for $1 off the slow-churned light. Got one of vanilla and one of chocolate. The chocolate's pretty darn good, and not just for "light" ice cream, for chocolate ice cream in general.

While putting groceries away, got a call from my doctor about my test results. All the blood work from Thursday came back absolutly normal. The glucose test had one elevated glucose level, but needs two to be serious, but all the insulin levels were elevated. She recommended seeing an endocrinologist she'd mentioned before, one who specializes in PCOS. So now, while still sort of "on-hold" insurance-wise, at least I know I'm insulin resistant, for sure, and I have a name and a starting point for when I know about my insurance situation.


May. 30th, 2005 12:18 pm
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Today was my fasting glucose tolerance test. So, no eating after midnight. Test at 8 am. No peeing when I got up, since I'd have to pee in a cup when I got there, and I didn't know if I could pee again. So, I got there a little before 8, and I HAD to go. But could hold it the ten minutes or so it took to check in.

After the paperwork was ready, I had to pee in the cup, then they took a baseline blood sample. The girl stabbed me first in the left arm, but couldn't get the vein to hold still, so she called for Crystal (who I've been told is the best blood-drawer there). The first girl (whose name I canNOT remember for the life of me) took the needle out of my left arm, and Crystal jabbed me in the right arm, to the side of where I'd been jabbed Thursday. Got the blood. Then I got to drink the glucose.

Now, my aunt had one of these tests done on her a few years back, and she'd told us the glucose she'd had, lemon-lime flavored, was like thick, flat 7-Up. I got something different. 10 oz of fizzy orange. Same consistancy as orange pop, but sweeter. It sort of burned on the back of my throat. Remember, I haven't eaten or drank anything for 8 hours at this point. And I had 5 minutes to drink the whole thing. Talked with the two for a bit about Star Wars, as I'd brought a SW novel, Shatterpoint, with me, since I was going to be there three hours. Then the wait began.

I don't know why, but the doctor ordered this to be done like an ob test, ie, like I was pregnant, even though I'm not. And I think I'm a little glad. It saved me another stick, at the half-hour mark. As it is, I was stuck three times after the initial stick: right hand at the one hour mark, left hand at the two hour mark, then left arm again at the three hour mark. Crystal did two of those three. The other girl did the left hand stick, and it DID hurt more than when Crystal stuck me. I got about 120 pages read between each stick, so very nearly finished the book. I have a bruise from the Thursday blood draw; I'm wondering how many of today's sticks are going to bruise.

The whole thing was done around 11:30. By this time, I was a little shaky. The last time I'd eaten was 12 hours before, when I had a bowl of cereal, and then the glucose at 8. And Matt had to work today, so he couldn't drive me home. I was hoping there was a McDonald's close, so I could grab a cheeseburger or something before driving back, but no such luck. So, I drove back, and went to the McDonald's in Cary. Got 2 double cheeseburgers, value fries, small Diet Dr Pepper, and one of those new fruit and walnut salads. Probably not the best thing to drop on an empty stomach, but boy, was it good. I haven't had McDonald's food since before we moved, five months ago.

And a note about that fruit and walnut salad. It's $3 for what amounts to a small apple, five to seven grapes, and maybe two tablespoons of really sweet vanilla yogurt. And I didn't even get any of those candied walnuts on mine. I thought about complaining, but by the time I sat down with my food, my legs were really shaky, so I just ate it. I might complain on the website, if I think about it.

I also made the mistake of looking at the back of the tray liner, where the nutritional information was. In that one lunch, I had nearly all of my daily calories (well, going by the diet guidelines, anyway). IIRC, 1300 calories in those 2 burgers, fries, and salad. And my diet guidelines are 1500 calories daily. So I guess if I just have a light dinner, I'll be okay. As it is, I'll be getting more water in soon, when I take my meds in a few minutes.

I have three holes in each arm. Bleargh. I think I'm entitled to a lazy day because of that. Maybe I'll nap on the new couch.


May. 26th, 2005 05:22 pm
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Well, I had my appointment today. Got the pap, and talked to the doc for a bit about PCOS and stuff. She gave me two prescriptions, one for Yasmin, a bcp that also acts like an anti-androgen, and a ten-day run of medroxyprogesterone, to bring down my period so I can start taking the Yasmin.

Yasmin is actually a bcp I asked my then-doctor about 5 years ago. He'd shook his head and said I didn't need it. I think it was still fairly new then, but I was reading all about it on the PCOS support groups online. I was going to ask for it, but found it wasn't a "preferred" prescription on our medical plan. It costs $25 instead of $10 for the ortho-tricyclen that I had been taking. But, if it'll help with the hair growth, I'll be thrilled.

Another thing that irked me was that it cost $40 for the doc visit. Now, every other medical plan I've been on charged a gyn visit the same as a PCP visit, reason being that, well, women HAVE to see a gyn every year. So I was expecting a $20 copay, then to be told at the desk $40, the specialist price, it was a huge shock. And it cut into the funds I had for prescriptions. Not happy. Cyn told me that they did the same for her, charged her $35 when she went, but Blue Cross Blue Shield reimbursed her the $15 difference. I'm going to hope for the same.

I also got to talk to the doc about some of the issues Jessica mentioned when she visited. So, blood was drawn today (four vials), and a number of tests will be run, including a preg test, just to be sure. Can't start taking the progesterone till I get a negative on the pt. Also, I was scheduled to come in for a fasting glucose test on Monday. Eight a.m. We'll see how awake I am. Have to remember not to pee, as they'll need a fasting glucose urine at the start. Nothing after midnight. Come in at eight, pee in a cup, blood drawn. Given a dose of glucose. Then blood drawn at the hour, 2 hour and 3 hour mark. So, I'll be there until noon, at least. Definitely bringing a book. But, if it helps determine if insulin resistance is part of my PCOS, I'm willing to go through it. I want to lose weight and be healthy.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year again.  Tomorrow I get to go for my annual poke-n-prod at the gyn.  I'm actually really looking forward to it, because I can get drugs!  I'm hoping for three prescriptions: 1) birth control pills, to keep my cycles regular and prevent an uh-oh, 2) flutamide, to take down the extra androgens in my system, and 3) glucophage, or the generic equivelant, to help with the insulin-resistance part of PCOS.  Plus, I'm going to a good doctor (according to friends down here), so maybe they'll actually TALK to me.  That's one thing that annoys me.  Doctors never seem to want to tell me anything, not my test results, not how to deal with the conditions they diagnose me with, nothing.  This is why I'm bringing Cyn along (well, also since she knows where it is).  She's been going to this place for years, and she's a little older than I am, so she knows what to ask.  I know I need to ask/request the flutamide and the glucophage, but she might think of something I've missed.

Girly stuff )

So, in preparation for this event, I shaved.  And I will be shaving.  While in the shower, I came up with a silly bit of rhyme:

My husband has a wife who's rather hairy
I find the sight of her appalling, even scary!
I can't avoid her to avoid the scare, you see
For that hairy, scary woman there is me!

I've been reading short novels by Effie Leland Wilder, who started writing when she was 85, and in a retirement community.  She peppers the diary-style novels with little rhymes she's written, and I think she's rubbing off on me.  Very cute novels, quick reading, and great when you just want something nice to read.  I suggested them to my mom, with a note that my grandmothers might even like them.  It's hard to tell about my grandmother Mooney anymore, what she'll like and dislike.  She may love them, or she just might look at them and say, "I'm already old, I don't need to read about other old people."  So who knows.

I'll just end with this thought: when parts other than fingers and toes turn pruny, it's time to get out of the tub!


May. 4th, 2005 02:29 pm
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Whee!! I got my period, FINALLY! Gah, I hate PCOS. First period since November. This is gonna be painful...

Free Razor

Apr. 22nd, 2005 03:54 pm
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Remember me raving about that free Schick Quattro for Women razor?  They're running the promotion again.  Just click here and fill out the form.

Free is good.

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When I was in high school, I wanted lots of kids, six at least. Then, after my last boyfriend in 1997, as I went through my self-imposed "dating hiatus," I kind of evolved around to not-wanting kids. But I was obsessed with pregnancy. Then in 1999, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was told that it would make it incredibly difficult to have children. And I was sort of relieved.

When Matt and I started dating, he told me that he wasn't interested in having kids in this system. The thought of raising them in this system of things scares him silly, and honestly, it scares me, too. But my friend put it, "the door has been opened." There was a scare, back when I quit my job. We had to talk about the possibility. And scary though it was, the decision was, if it happened, if I was pregnant, we could deal with it. It would be hard, the timiing would definitely be wrong, but we would find a way to manage. I was sort of disappointed when the hpt was negative. And that scared me.

I have a friend here, Cyn, who is trying to conceive (ttc). And has been for 14 months. We go walking every day, and yesterday we talked for a long while. And the possibility of Matt and me having kids came up. She's all ready to give me all her ttc info. And THAT scared me. I couldn't convince her that I DIDN'T want kids. I told her to wait until May, when our insurance kicks in. And I told her in May, as soon as I could, I was going back on birth control.

I haven't had a period since November. Par for the course for the PCOS, but scary as hell when you're having an active sex life as a newlywed. I have two of a three pack of hpts in the bathroom. We are nowhere near financially secure enough to have a baby. And I really don't want to bring a child into this world. But...

I look at my friends' children, hear the screaming, see the misbehaving, and think, "Lord, please don't ever let me have to deal with that." But then I see the well-behaved children at the Kingdom Hall, and I start to soften.

I think part of it is the whole, "I'm 27, the same age my mom was when I was born." My mom still has all my baby clothes, still has my high chair in the basement. She'd be thrilled if I had a baby, because I don't think my brother's going to get around to siring any anytime.

And the whole thought of carrying Matt's child, something that's part of both of us, is becoming incredibly appealing. But the thought of dealing with what comes after the nine months of carrying is still incredibly scary. Part of me wants to wait until the new system, when childbearing is a joy. But an ever-niggling small part of me wants it now. And that scares me to death.
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Okay, so I've dug out all the books and journals again, and once more I'm trying to lose weight. I have a workout buddy. No workout today, as I'm waiting around for the wireless people to come and upgrade the access points.

Oh, and just so no one thinks I'm like, super-skinny and just want to lose a pound or two, I'm 5'6" and 250 lbs. I need to lose like 100 lbs to be healthy. Weights, aerobics, stretching, and reduced-calories. Increasing my water intake.

I'm hungry and I have to pee. :-P

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