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So, a week or so ago, our friend Chris was all, hey, we're back in SWG, you gotta come back, it's fun again, etc etc etc. After some research, Matt and I decided, why not? Last weekend, we reactivated our accounts, and set up to have our characters transferred from the old, closed server to the new one our friends were playing on.

Characters are available last night. I logged on, looking forward to playing with my Master Chef character again. But, now, she's just a level 7 Domestics Trader. WHAT??? That can't be right. I figured something got messed up in the move, so I e-mailed SOE to ask, "Hey, what happened?"

I am so, so ticked off. They claimed that looking at the logs, they couldn't find any record of any masteries at the time of the NGE (whatever that is). So my "level 7" stays put. What really ticks me off? Matt had an alt that would have only translated to level 7 in the transfer, and they, without him asking for more than a transfer, bumped that character up to level 10!!

I've already responded, asking them to check again. I would not have given up my Master Chef title, not after it took me a year of grinding to get there. If they come back and say again, "Nope, sticking at level seven," then I'm going to have to say, "Okay, then, I want to cancel my account and I want my money for this month back." No way do I want to go back to grinding my ass off.

Add this to the way I've been feeling the last two weeks, and that comes out to "sick day." I just can NOT handle anything today. I'm going back to bed before I throw up.
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Okay, so....back when I worked at OMax, the CompUSA in the same plaza closed, and I picked up City of Heroes for about $5.  Almost a year ago, I think.  I've yet to install it.

Today, Matt picked up City of Villans at Big Lots for $10 (deluxe version with cards and figures and other miscellaneous stuff).  

We'd been looking for another MMO we could play together, but...we're down to one computer.  We'd been playing Voyage Century Online, since it's free, but the lag's been painful, and well, it was a lot a lot a lot of grinding.  I mean, I would set my character to mining, come back in ten minutes, move her to another ore stack, and start over.  And hope there were no "locusts," ie, swarms of guild alts all doing the same thing, exhausing the resources in no time flat.  Kind of took all the fun out of the game.

But, he wants another RPG.  He even reinstalled Once Upon a Knight, because he's always enjoyed it, and has yet to reach the level where you can catapult cows.  

So, some questions, directed primarily at <lj user="alessar">.  Are they completely separate games, or do they intermingle (ie, can a Villans chara meet up with a Heroes chara)?  Actually, that's the only question he had.  :-P

I'm going to go watch a movie now.

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Okay, so Matt and I've gotten into Voyage Century Online, a free MMO, based in the real world, I'm guessing around the turn of the previous century.   We spent ALL DAY yesterday just running merchant missions around Alexandria, back and forth between there, Athens, Istanbul, and Beiruit.  Once we wrapped those up, I decided to go exploring outside of the Mediterranian.  Got as far as Mogadishu before stopping for the night.

Friends of ours back in NC had started playing, and sent us the link to it oh, several months ago, but we didn't start playing until recently.  When Matt asked them about it, "Oh, we stopped a while back, too much grinding."  :-P  Seeing as I played Galaxies as a crafter, I don't mind grinding.

In other news, we went to the drive-in Saturday night, saw Surf's Up and Spiderman 3.  I was "eh" about both of them, but enjoyed the drive-in experience.

Also, today starts my new schedule at work: M/W/F 7-5, Sat 8-6.  We'll see how this works.
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Okay, so on The Wolfpack, I asked for recommendations for DS and GBA games suitable for a cross-country trip. I also asked a local friend with a DS for suggestions, and this is the list so far:

Metroid Prime Pinball: local suggestion, and got to play with it. I like pinball, it only takes two buttons to work, and it brings out the same self-competitiveness as solitaire does (for me, anyway). So I'll look for a used copy of this.

Elite Beat Agents
Super Mario 64 DS
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Lunar: Dragon Song
Trace Memory
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Super Peach Princess
Warioware Touched

Zelda: Minish Cap
Super Dodgeball
Fire Emblem
Tales of Phantasia,
Yoshi's Island,
Sonic Advance 3

Animal Crossing is one I had on my want list, but as it's running $40, it's a waiting game.
Polarium is one Laura had, she liked it, but I didn't get to play around with it.
Finally figured out Elite Beat Agents (helped that the Target display actually had the directions for it!) and found it kind of fun. But it's $30.

I'm also wondering if the Game Boy Advance Video units work on the DS. TRU has a sale on GBA Videos, including Shrek/Shrek 2, which might be fun to pick up.

Yay games!

Dec. 3rd, 2006 10:29 pm
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I sold my older Kodak digital camera for about $100, which tipped the scales enough for me to get my DS Lite (so now I can stop whining about it). Also picked up an accessory kit, Brain Age, Cooking Mama, Meteos (display copy) and Need for Speed Most Wanted (used, for Matt). Meteos and NFSMW are going back, though. Not too interesting. I found it's almost more effective in Meteos to just repeatedly, rapidly scribble the stylus back and forth across the screen and just forget about strategy. Lost interest real fast. Matt prefers his digital crack on the computer (bigger screen, better control for him).

I was a little dismayed to receive an initial brain age of 50. FIFTY!! Yegads. The trouble I'm encountering with the game is it has trouble recognizing some of my numbers (hurting me in the calculation exercises: I'll get the answer right, but it reads it wrong), and it can't read my "k"s. I spent most of the time in the word memorization trying to get it to recognize "punk". But I'll learn to create letters it can recognize.

Cooking Mama is cute, but I have some trouble controlling the speed/whatever of the stylus. Peeling carrots is tough; I haven't gotten the whole way through a practice session yet!

Oh well

Nov. 6th, 2006 10:18 am
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I was outbid on the eBay auction; it ended around $200. I'm watching a few others right now. Not going to bid until they're closer to the end.

Had a few inqueries about the china cabinet I listed on craigslist. One couple came by last night to take a look at it. They need to remeasure their chair rail. So I'm not expecting much from that.
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Why have I suddenly and without warning developed an insane desire to own a Nintendo DS Lite? I've never really been interested in game systems before, and I'm almost violently opposed to getting a PS2, but for the last week or so, the idea of a DS has gripped my mind. We even went by Target last night after dinner to see if they had a display model I could toy around with (they did, with a demo of Big Brain Academy, one of the games I'm interested in). I even went to Amazon and compiled a wishlist of games I'm interested in (mostly things like BBA, Sudoku, and other puzzle games). In fact, I even went around to eBay and found one with four games and accessories, and have a bid on it. The bid's only to fifty, and it still has three days on the auction, so I'm fully expecting to be outbid, but the fact that I even MADE the bid boggles my mind.

I don't know. It confuses me.

Plus, there's a temp agency calling me about a job. Apparently it's something that needs my "skills" in print and document services. When they first called, it was for third shift. Not what I want to do. They asked about second shift: not something I CAN do, since I have meeting twice a week. But now, they're calling with a first-shift position. When they'd asked before about salary requirements, I told them $10 or more an hour. If this job they're calling about is first shift, $10 or more an hour....the only things that would keep me at OfficeMax would be a) insurance, and b) company loyalty. And truthfully, since my endo appointment went really well this past Monday, the only thing I need my insurance for is prescriptions.... But I'm not going to get ahead of myself. If they call back today, after I get home from work, I'll get as much information as I can out of them (like, what company is it for, and what's the pay rate. It may be crude, but I _have_ a steady job, and I need to know ALL the facts before making a decision to leave it).

ETA: I got outbid at the $50 level, went up to $75, was outbid again (same person), and tried $85, proxy outbid. The retail value of the auction is over $200, so I wasn't surprised. Saddened, but not surprised. I'll have to wait until after work, see if it went up anymore, then ask Matt about increasing a bid when I get home.


Aug. 22nd, 2005 11:31 am
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Well, Saturday we ended up going over to Jay and Cyn's, just hanging out and talking. Sunday, our book study had hospitality, so the whole group went over to Joe and Leah's, ate, played games, talked, had fun. Darren taught us a dice game called Farkle. I had a met attack, so Matt and I went home, after Leah made us promise to come back later. So we did, and watched an Italian movie (Everybody's Fine), and played an Italian card game, Scopa. Hee, I won. :)

Once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too hard. The scoring is the hardest part. You get a point for having the most cards, a point for having the most coin cards, a point for having the 7 of coins, a point for having the highest cards of each suit, and a point for every sweep (scopa) you make. Oh, and we didn't play with a traditional deck. We played with a 40-card deck, with different suits. Swords, Clubs, Coins and Cups. Sound familiar to anyone? Ace through 7, Page, Knight, and King. And for figuring out the "higest point value" cards, it goes 2-3-4-5-Ace-6-7. Face cards are only worth ten, while the others are face+10, I think. I still don't quite get that. Plus I had a major headache yesterday. I think it might be from having so much Italian around. See, Leah is Italian, and Maria, the older woman who was there, speaks mainly Italian, plus the movie was in Italian, which is a language I'm not familiar with. So I think the headache may have been from having the language center in my brain stimulated. Or not. Just a theory.

But Scopa was neat. I found a freeware version for the computer. :)

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