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Sometimes I think I have way too much internal snark to effectively promote my shop.  For instance, I’m currently trying to raise interest in the jellybean lip balms.  I have them advertised as “seasonal limited editions.”  “Only 10 sets available!” I keep advertising.

I’m so tempted to add on, “If you’re all trying to be polite and make sure everyone else who wants one gets one, stop!  Be selfish! Buy now!”

At least the two people who were excited for them bought theirs the day they went live (Jessica actually bought the Spice ones while I was working on the Fruit listing!).  Because seriously, if even they hadn't bought them, I'd be a lot more upset than I am.

(Plus I decided to keep a set of each for myself, because I didn't make overs of all the flavors, and I really liked that black licorice flavor)

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We watched Bedtime Stories last night. It was cute, but I'm glad we caught it on a Starz free weekend rather than paying to see it in a theater.

One thing in it _seriously_ bothered me, and it's something I'm seeing more and more of. Apparently, "gluten-free" has joined the ranks of rice cakes and tofu as comedy shorthand for "healthy but disgusting." Bedtime Stories and iCarly both used "gluten-free" as a punchline for food, and Bedtime Stories seriously Did Not Do The Research: the cake at the girl's party in the beginning is called a "gluten-free wheat grass cake." Um, for the most part, wheat grass isn't considered gluten-free because it can contain seeds that CONTAIN GLUTEN!! Also, same character also regularly fed her kids WHEAT GERM. Um, yeah, GLUTEN.

Also, on Facebook, twice now I've seen the initial reaction to something gluten-free being automatic disgust. Food2 posted a link to Alton Brown's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and people were replying, "Ewww, why would you do that?" Several people with celiac or gluten intolerance gave well-worded replies, but the "Eww" reactions continued. A friend of mine posted that she made gluten, dairy, and egg-free cupcakes for her daughter's preschool class. First reply? "I hope you made her some real ones later!"

Just because something is gluten free, dairy free, and/or egg free does NOT mean it's disgusting! I've been living gluten-free for three years now, and when I make a dish or dessert to take to an event, it's going to be gluten-free. I have a co-worker with dairy and peanut allergies, and we trade recipes back and forth. He's made a few gluten-free dishes (including that Alton Brown cookie recipe!), and he likes them. I subscribe to multiple mailing lists and a magazine devoted to allergy-free cooking. Very rarely do I come across a dish I'd label as "disgusting." The fact that I haven't really lost weight on a gluten-free diet must mean that the food's pretty good. :-)

And as for whether or not they're "real," think of it this way. If you were to make a wheat-flour, butter, and egg-based cupcake for a child with celiac, dairy allergies, and/or egg allergies, that would be tantamount to offering that child a pretty little cup of poison. For him, that gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free cupcake IS "a real cupcake." And I know the mix my friend used. It's as good as a standard mix. I've had a gluten-free cake mix, Pamela's Decadent Chocolate Cake, that I think is better than a wheat-based mix, and several non-allergic friends have said is the BEST chocolate cake mix they've ever had. It's very moist, very rich, very dark chocolate.

I know my ranting won't stop the world from thinking alternate baking methods are "weird" or "disgusting." But it helps me get it off my chest.

But for now, I think I'm going to have some gluten-free biscuits with turkey and gluten-free gravy.
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I did not get my hair cut or anything yesterday.  We paid bills, and it just wasn't in the budget.  What I wanted to have done would run close to, if not over, $100.  At that salon with that stylist, anyway.  It's just too much to pay for too much frivolousness.  

I may look into Great Clips or Fantastic Sam's or some other chain place, to see if their prices are more reasonable.

See, what really concerns me is upkeep.  If I get the haircut I _want_, if I get the coloring I _want,_ then I'm going to have to KEEP going back for touchups.  This isn't necessarily a one-time charge.  And that bothers me, because I don't want to have to budget a large chunk of money every month for something as stupid as hair.  

I knew I wasn't going to be able to afford the hair appointment, but I showed up anyway, to at least know how MUCH I wouldn't be able to afford it.  Forty dollars for a haircut.  FORTY.  I almost started crying.  Yeah, I can't afford a "real" salon.  

And BTW, I have colored my own hair in the past, in case anyone was thinking about suggesting it.  Several years in college.  It's messy and time consuming and never what I want.  

I think I'm just going to have to accept that I'm not meant for anything resembling style.  Long with bangs, long without bangs.  That's all I can handle.  I can't be stylish, I can't be pretty, I can't be girly.  I WILL NEVER BE THE PRETTY, STYLISH DAUGHTER MY MOTHER HAS ALWAYS WANTED.  I will always be the ugly one in the corner, the nerd, the joke, the "I-double-dog-dare-you" one.  I will always be the collector of hair appliances and products, never the user of said items.  

I hate my hair, I hate my image, I hate my situation, and somedays, I really truly hate myself.  And on days like today, I think I should try to get in to my doctor to seriously talk about antidepressants. 
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What's it say about us that we've been in Phoenix for five months now, and I only just got around to finding the iron?

Plus, I can't seem to find the foot pedal for my sewing machine.  It must be in the garage somewhere.  Makes it tough when my plans for today involved, well, SEWING!!

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Just to ease minds, I went out this morning to get a pregnancy test from the grocery store. (I didn't take my pills the two weeks I was sick, since I was throwing everything up anyway, and the monster fatigue since then had certain individuals worried)

The grocery store keeps its pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, condoms, other contraceptives and lubricants locked up.

I had to blink at that. I've NEVER seen the "family planning" section under lock and key before. Matt and I talked about it a little while waiting for the girl with the key to show up, and we came to the conclusion that yeah, it could be considered "high risk" merchandise: teenagers and others too embarassed to take it to the checkout just pocket it. But still....the girl unlocked it, asked me which one I wanted, and took it to the register. We weren't even allowed to carry it around while we finished shopping.

I mean, come on. I'm practically thirty, there with my husband, and I ASKED to get this thing out. It's not like I'm gonna pocket it then. I didn't even have any pockets on me! It was...irritating, I guess is the word I'm looking for. I wasn't embarassed to be buying a preg test when I went in, but with having to have it unlocked, and then having to go to a specific register, "Yeah, that's mine," I felt like I was sixteen and doing this illegally!!

And y'know, locking up the condoms might keep kids from stealing them, but it's not going to stop them from having sex. The theft rate might go down, but the teen pregnancy rate will go up. (That said, I don't know what Phoenix's teen birth rate is)

Oh, and it was negative, like I expected. No worries on this end.
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Good: being on a later time zone means I get to check webcomic updates "early," as most update at midnight Eastern time (which is either nine or ten Mountain time, depending on the time of year).

Bad (or at least annoying): Those that don't update at midnight Eastern time...or midnight Central time, or midnight Mountain time, or midnight Pacific time. The ones with totally random update times (I'm talking about you, PVP, which seems to update around 5 pm no matter what time zone I'm in).

The main reason I like being able to check the updates around nine pm is so that I can save time in the morning. Yes, totally selfish reason. I know. So what.

Other things I've recently discovered I like:
uncrystalized candied ginger
Trader Joe's

I need to go to bed, but my neck hurts. It's been hurting all day. I don't know if I slept odd, or if it's from the rain, but it hurts. And my cat is currently loving on a container of ground coffee. She's an odd one.

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