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Sometimes I think I have way too much internal snark to effectively promote my shop.  For instance, I’m currently trying to raise interest in the jellybean lip balms.  I have them advertised as “seasonal limited editions.”  “Only 10 sets available!” I keep advertising.

I’m so tempted to add on, “If you’re all trying to be polite and make sure everyone else who wants one gets one, stop!  Be selfish! Buy now!”

At least the two people who were excited for them bought theirs the day they went live (Jessica actually bought the Spice ones while I was working on the Fruit listing!).  Because seriously, if even they hadn't bought them, I'd be a lot more upset than I am.

(Plus I decided to keep a set of each for myself, because I didn't make overs of all the flavors, and I really liked that black licorice flavor)

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November 19-23: heavy-duty house cleaning and packing. Also when we start listing furniture for sale.

December 13-16: Matt flies out to Phoenix, hopefully with a few interviews lined up, and with a few houses lined up to look at.

December 22: my last day at work.

December 26: we leave Raleigh for Phoenix.

Having concrete dates set makes it even more real, and just a little scary. Not the actual "This is the day we're leaving" part, but, "Are we going to get everything done we need to get done in time?" Hence the heavy-duty cleaning and packing going on next week. We're going to start streamlining: pack up all but four place settings (I wanted to do all but two; he said four in case we have people over: like we ever have people over), start packing the summery clothing, but at the same time, start selling the heavier winter clothing. Go through that damn closet in the office and start throwing things away (like the incense that never really got unpacked when I moved into the last apartment in Ohio!). We moved down here in a 25' truck. We're renting a 16' truck to go to Phoenix. Slightly bigger than the 5'x8' trailer he initially said, but still smaller than what we have.

Furniture we want to sell:
Queen-sized waterbed with headboard and six drawers
Dining room table with three leaves
Four black leather office chairs (we used as dining room chairs)
Wooden china cabinet (I don't know if Cindy was still interested in this or not)
Oak entertainment center (with television, giant speakers, sub, stereo, amp, vcr/dvd player)
Three five-shelf 6' tall bookcases
Old typewriter desk

The couch will be tossed, as it was a freebie, and it's in pretty bad shape (the previous owner's dog used it as a giant chew toy). I'm still torn about selling the matching dressers. We're keeping my triple bookcases and my sewing desk, and I'd like to keep my corner desk. The bed in the spare room will either be kept (something for us to sleep on until we get a new one) or tossed (since the frame is frankensteined out of a basic 2x4 frame and a super-single waterbed frame). My vote is keep, at least the mattress.

I just hope we can sell what we want to sell.

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