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Okay, this past week illustrated just how much I need to get back on bcps. My period decided to kick in three weeks late (hey, the fact that it came AT ALL when I haven't been on bcps for months is a plus). I've decided it likes holidays; this time, it was Cinco de Mayo, last time, it started on St. Patricks Day. :-P

Anyway. Sunday and Monday, I had a very, very bad episode. It was about as bad as when I was on wheat all the time; Matt and I kept going back over what I'd eaten to see if there was any way wheat got in. Nothing. I had to leave meeting early on Sunday because I was trying to scratch the skin off my arm, and I couldn't handle a medium-sized gathering of friends. Just wasn't working. Monday, I actually had to leave work early because I could NOT get my arms to behave and get my hands to do what I needed them to. I kept clawing at my skin, pulling at my hair, and just felt myself spiralling out of control. I don't like those episodes; they scare the living daylights out of me because I know that is NOT normal.

The reasoning was made evident to me around midnight Monday/Tuesday, when an invisible sadistic clown invaded the house and used my uterus to make balloon animals. "I had cramps" is the understatement of the year. I lived on Advil Tuesday, when I wasn't falling victim to the practical jokes of my digestive system (when I have my period, the rest of my body decides not to work right). Every five to ten minutes, it'd tell me, "You've gotta go, NOW!" So I'd get to the bathroom, and "Hmm, nope, just kidding! Nothing, not even gas! Ha ha!!" Wait ten minutes, repeat. But can't ignore it, just in case it's not a joke this time. At least this job doesn't track my bathroom time.

Wednesday, still cramping.

Thursday, the hormone headache hit. Three aspirin, two Excedrin Migrane, and it at least took the edge off the pain so I could work.

Finally, it started easing up yesterday. But the damage was done, and I am wiped out from this week.

But still, I kept reminding myself, as much as I hate having my period, I'd hate most of the alternatives more.


Feb. 21st, 2006 12:23 am
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I had to pass up extra hours at work today (Monday) and called off for tomorrow (Tuesday). I feel drunk. Or at least medicated. And I'm not. I had a slight (very slight) fever on Sunday, but today, all day, I felt dizzy, and random scents made me queasy. Bleargh. And now I have an occasional prickle on the right side of my throat.

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Back when I first went to the endocrinologist (last...August? I think), I filled out some paperwork to be included in a database of PCOS patients, so that when Dr. Brown was starting a new study, I could get information about it and possibly be included in it.

Well, Friday I received an e-mail from Katy, her assistant in charge of the database, that a new study was about to start, measuring the effects of caffeine on the metabolisms of PCOS women. I called today for more information. Talked to Katy for a while, found out what the study would entail, then found out that I didn't qualify for it because I'm on birth control pills. Apparently, bcps also effect metabolism, and they're trying to keep the variables low. Oh well, at least I tried, and they know I'm interested in the studies, the next go-round.
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Don't know why this started bothering me last night, but it did. Remember those cough syrup commercials, for Robitussin or Vicks 44D, something like that, where the main point of the ad is how well the cough syrup coats? "Ooh, this one is so much thicker, look how well it coats, it must be the better one!"

A serious flaw in that logic struck me last night. Unless I've been taking cough syrup wrong the last twenty-eight years, you swallow it. So it's "coating" your ESOPHAGUS. Your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Now, I don't know about you, but when I get a cough, it's from my lungs. My RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. The whole "it works better because it coats better" thing would only really be true if I were pouring the cough syrup down my TRACHEA into my lungs. Which I don't. Should I be?

Or maybe I should just lay off the medication altogether. :-P
sailorzeo: (science is cool) that all the pharmacies close early, so if at 7 pm, I can't take my congestion anymore and want some classic Sudafed, I can't get any, as they keep it all behind the pharmacy counter. I'd give in and buy the PE, but it just doesn't work as well.

Stupid drug dealers, going and ruining it for the rest of us.

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Must have been allergies to something. Second day of Claritin, and the itch seems to have subsided. Plus, I've been doing laundry all day. Pretty much washing all the clothes and bedding in the apartment, as we have a serious problem when it comes to folding and putting away laundry. So, a lot of it spills over, and we can't tell what's clean and what's not. So, it's all getting washed again, and I'm actually folding and putting away, too! Plus, I swept the bathroom floor and scrubbed the counter. I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself today, I think.


Jan. 25th, 2006 04:28 pm
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It started yesterday at work, about/around 2:30. My boobs started itching like crazy. I thought it was the bra, maybe a frayed edge or something, but I work with all guys, so I couldn't exactly duck into the bathroom, yank off the offending article, and work braless the last hour and a half. Plus, I'm just a leeetle too heavy to do that comfortably, and I really didn't want to be readjusting the masses every five minutes or so. So, I managed as best I could, and almost as soon as I was off the clock, off came the bra. Was still itchy the rest of the night, though.

So, morning, shower and lotion, thinking maybe it was dry skin. Put on clean bra, and ITCH ITCH ITCH!!! Grr. Even with bra off, still itching like crazy. I ended up calling off work today because of the itch factor. Doing some research on WebMD, looks like it's either allergies, menopause, or chronic kidney failure. :/ Great. Well, pcos does have some similarities to menopause in symptoms, but I'm already on a type of hormone therapy (bcp). Chronic kidney disease, I don't even want to think about. So, we went to Target to get some Claratin and some new laundry detergent, without dyes or perfumes, in case it was the detergent.

Still itchy, but I just took the Claratin half an hour ago. We shall see. Plus, I'm off tomorrow as it is, so that'll be another day for the antihistamines to work into my system before I have to go back to work. I just wish as a part-timer that I had sick time to use. :( Oh well.
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Okay, I don't know if this is just the Yasmin or something else, but holy Toledo, I have not had cramps this bad since high school! Seriously! And it's not just the normal menstrual cramps, oh no. My digestive system seems to have started cramping in sympathy. So since 6 pm yesterday, I have been in PAIN. I've tried pressure, heat, cold, Motrin and sex, and no go, still cramping terribly.

When it started, I thought it was just gas, so just took some Gas-X. Nope, not gas, that made it worse. The ibuprofin helped a little with the menstrual cramps, but made the stomach cramps worse. So this morning, I'm on tea and toast (black tea with a little honey rather than my usual green tea) and half wondering if a laxative would help. I've also come to the conclusion that if I'm still in pain come 6 pm today, I'm calling a friend to take me to the Urgent Care center. Feeling like your stomach is twisted up and on fire is not normal.

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