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Hasbro and Integrity Toys are releasing a line of redesigned Jem dolls. I was super-excited about this until I saw this line from the press release:

"This first doll in this exciting commemorative collection will be JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Special Edition Doll: HOLLYWOOD JEM, one of the most requested animated-based looks. This doll will be available for purchase at the HasbroToyShop booth #3329 during Comic-Con International in San Diego at an approximate retail price of $125 and following the convention, at"

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS?????? *dies* See? This is why I'm not in the hobby anymore. I love the look of the doll, I love that she has an articulated body, but I just can NOT justify spending over a day's wages on a doll. Looking over Integrity Toys' site, I guess they don't make playline-priced dolls anymore.

Wow. From a high of "OMG I love her, I want her!" to a low of "Holy shit, really, Integrity and Hasbro? Really?" in less than five minutes.

I'm still going to watch the line, though. I've love to see the designs for the other Holograms, the Misfits, and the Stingers.

Integrity's site:

Slow going

Jul. 11th, 2009 10:53 am
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I'm working on going through my dolls and figures, to put a sale post together. It's just so tiring...once I find them all, then I have to go through and photograph them, then get the pictures online, and make the post, figuring out what to ask for each of them....I got through 2 boxes of sorting, and was ready to give up. It's hot, I don't have a tall enough table to work at without killing my back and neck, and the thought of taking pictures of them, finding a spot with enough decent light to get a good picture, is exhausting me.

What I've found so far:

"Sky" PB 1.0, broken right ankle cup.
"Sky" CG 1.0, complete
Pale-pink CG 1.0, no head, hands or feet, broken ankle cup
Numerous Max Steel figs
Numerous Power Team figs, including blonde female
Numerous Ultra Corps figs
ballerina-body Barbies
pointed-toe horserider Barbie bodies
various Generation Girls
Happy D, redhead incarnation, Flavas
Diva, from the second-line of Barbie and the Rockers
Captain Sisko, DS9
Stacey-sized knockoff, jointed arms and legs, one arm broken at shoulder pin. Held together with screws, good for Frankensteining?
Kelly and Tommy dolls

And that's just in the two boxes in the bedroom. I have more in the garage. This is going to be a long, tiring day. But I have motivation: the bank account went negative again, I don't get paid for another 10 days, we're out of coffee, and I'm going to need gas before I get paid again.
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Okay, remember a while back, I posted my preliminary list of stuff for sale? I just got the main post with pictures up at MWD.

Hopefully, at least some of these will sell before next weekend. This'll be my spending money for Ellen's visit. Or my prescriptions and a few more bucks on the M-Power card.

Nothing new

Feb. 9th, 2008 10:30 am
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It's true, there's nothing new under the sun. I just saw an ad for a new Barbie, "Braid It" Barbie. I watched the ad, looking at the device it comes with to braid her hair, and exclaimed, "It's Twirly Curls Barbie!"

I never had Twirly Curls, but my mom would sometimes do my hair by hand the same way that the Twirly Curls machine worked. I have a machine now that does the same thing.


Related, the other Barbie in the ad is a hair coloring Barbie. You could say that goes back even further to Color Magic Barbie.
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I'm going to do another doll cull.  But instead of offering them on eBay or at Men With Dolls, I'm going to give them to someone who'll truly appreciate them: one of the little girls in the congregation who's taken a liking to me.  Most of my dolls are Goodwill finds, not collector dolls or action figures, nothing really high-end.  I talked to the little one's mom today at meeting, and she was receptive to it.  

So, before they switch congregations next month, Cozy's going to get a biiig gift.  :)

And in other religion news, the pope's reasserted that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church.  Mmmhmm.  


Sep. 20th, 2006 10:21 am
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So,  I'm still trying to raise plane fare for Ellen to come visit, so I started thinning out my figure collection (something I needed to do anyway) and posted a Dollar Days sale post at MWD.  Wow.  So far, 19 of the 34 items listed have been claimed!  And I still have more to list!  Don't think I'll make all $130 or $260 from this one sale, but it's an encouraging start (as craigslist has only gotten me $15 and I have no bids yet on the eBay stuff).

I don't think I'll make what I need in time to get the tickets by mid-October so she can visit in late October, but anytime before the end of the year is good.

Odd Dreams

Feb. 20th, 2006 09:02 am
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I dreamt about [ profile] blogofstench's dolls last night/this morning. Or at least one of them. I know for sure AE was there; there's no mistaking her hair. I'm not sure who the other doll was...I think maybe her Haund? What was odd was that AE was the same scale as her Haund...and her Haund was female?

MW, if you wanna know more about this odd dream, lmk.

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