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Yesterday, I identified something that derails my routine.  After dinner, Matt and I took our dessert into the den to watch something we recorded.  When that show ended, we happened to find Blazing Saddles on AMC.  Before we knew it, it was 10 pm, the dishes weren't done, leftovers weren't put away, nothing in my before-bed routine was done.  We quickly finished loading the dishwasher, set it to running, packed lunches, did dishes, set up the coffee pot, and wiped out the sink and counters.  I brushed my teeth, set out my clothes, and fell into bed not long before 11. 

New rule:  no television until the dishes are done and put away.

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So, I may have mentioned this cookbook before, but I've started using it again this week. All the recipes made exactly two servings. It's been working well; I make the dish for dinner, and have the second portion as my lunch the next day. So far this week, I've made cheese'n'beef bundles, zucchini and beef casserole, and zucchini frittata from it. Some notes for my own reference:

cheese'n'beef bundles: since we're using very lean ground beef, I can probably leave out the egg and the bread crumbs (or in my case, flaxseed), which would make the small patties easier to handle, and not taste so "slick" when cooked.

zucchini and beef casserole: make sure to cook the ground beef finer, so it distributes more evenly. Layer the thin-sliced zucchini in the casserole dish rather than mixing it in with the beef and tomato sauce. Leave out the macaroni, as it doesn't really add anything to it.

zucchini frittata: get a new non-stick skillet so there's a better chance of it staying a frittata and not becoming scrambled eggs.

Next week, though, if I want to continue the trend, I'll have to double the recipes, so Matt can have some dinner, and lunch the next day, too. Although, with the frittata, it's going to be breakfast rather than lunch, and I'm not sure what to take for lunch. Maybe I should see if the veg soup in the fridge is still good.

A mistake

Sep. 27th, 2009 07:31 am
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I made what seems to be a costly mistake yesterday. I gave in to a craving, let myself have half of an Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard, because I had a coupon, and I oh so dearly missed Oreos and cookie dough in soft serve. I was tired last night, but that happens on the weekends, when I'm out in the heat more so than during the week.

But, I am paying dearly for that simple, forbidden indulgence yesterday. I'm trying to make gluten-free donuts for breakfast. It's a new recipe, and somewhat complicated in the procedure. I was disjointed when I started, getting easily distracted by simple things ("Oh, we never put away the new batch of paper towels....Oh, I need to clean this up in the kitchen...."). But then came the time to cut the 5x5 squares of parchment paper needed, and things blew up. The paper's on a roll. It likes to roll back up as I'm trying to measure (with a measuring tape that ALSO likes to roll back up, crushing and crunching the paper as it does). The dough is so sticky, it pulled the spatula apart. I ended up practically in tears, screaming, "These had better be the best fracking donuts EVER!" and "The next time I get the stupid idea to make these fracking donuts, I'm buying parchment that doesn't come on a fracking ROLL!!" I gave up. Matt's finishing them now.

He is so good, so patient. He knows when I have a lapse of judgment in food choices, that the next day is pretty much shot. But he lets me do it anyway, possibly hoping that this time, I'll learn my lesson, and not give in to the forbidden temptation the next time.

...and he's having fun in the kitchen. I hear him in there, giggling, before he exclaims, "You know, if you don't do it the way you're supposed to, it's kinda fun." The recipe wants you to pipe donut-shaped circles onto the 5x5 squares of parchment. He thought the dough was too thick to pipe, so he's just shaping it by hand. "How many are these supposed to make?" he asks. Two dozen. He laughs, "Then I did _something_ wrong."

I'm feeling better now, having washed my hands of the whole donut-making endeavor. I'll have a cup of coffee later, let the caffeine and sugar work their magic. Hopefully, I'll feel up to going to meeting. Right now, I don't. Right now, I just want to go back to bed and hope everything's different when I wake up.


Jul. 24th, 2009 06:33 am
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I really should be making my lunch. I just don't feel like it. What I really want to do is go back to bed for an hour or five. Not happening, though. Got work today, and a LOT of it. I'm even going in early.

Matt starts his real schedule next week, sort of. Monday and Friday are on his actual schedule times, 6-2:30. Tuesday is 8-5 for orientation, and Wednesday and Thursday are 9-5 for more training.

Six am he has to be there. I don't start work until 9. We carpool. It looks like it's going to be back to napping in the car in the morning.

Blah. It's already 90 degrees that early in the morning. Although, once October or November hits, it should start cooling off, making those mornings easier.

Also, I started researching Sedona hotels last night, half-heartedly planning an anniversary trip. When $119 is listed as a "low nightly rate," I know I'm in for trouble.

ETA: I got paid Tuesday, and we do have coffee in the house again...that will make it all better.


Mar. 7th, 2009 05:40 am
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It's five-forty am. Matt and I've been up since 4. We're getting ready to head out to the grocery stores. The alarm, set for six, won't go off for another 20 minutes.

I don't know why we woke up at 4. We just did. Well, no, amend that. Patch was rattling the bedroom door something fierce to try to get in, so that woke us up, but after that, we were just awake. So, we're going to get a head start on the day. We went through the grocery ads last night, making lists and marking out our route. Seven stores in all, most likely. I don't like price matching. I hated it as a cashier, so I try not to do it as a customer.

I don't think the sun's quite up yet. For some reason, this feels like folly, this early-morning foray into the world. But it must be done.
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Whee! As of today, Matt & I've been married for four years. We went away Fri night through Sunday, and today, I get to celebrate by having an upper GI test and an abdominal ultrasound, for the pain I've been having just under my ribs for the last week. :-P

We went to Northern AZ and took in some of the amazingness there. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, the Wupatki ruins, Petrified Forest National Park, and some of the Painted Desert National Park. Drove through Winslow, but didn't get a chance to stop. Lots of pictures and commentary after I go drink the barium. :-P
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Yesterday, Matt and I decided to go see a movie since he got out of work _really_ early. We decided on Star Wars: Clone Wars, checked the online listing, and got to the theater. Since it was close, I went to get the popcorn and soda, and he went for the tickets. Turned out, their online listings were wrong: Instead of starting at 10:50, the movie started at 10:30. The ticket girl had said we should be getting in just at the end of the trailers, and there should still be half the seats open, but if not, they could exchange the tickets for another show, or just refund the money.

So we hustled. And found that the movie had already started, and there weren't any seats open. So, we decided to see something else. Decided on Mamma Mia. I sat with the popcorn and soda while Matt went to exchange the tickets. Turned out, there were only 2 seats left in that showing. Nothing else we wanted to see that started soon, so we gave up and just got our money back on the tickets, took the popcorn and soda, and went home.

Later, we went back out. Goodwill was having a 50% off day, so we decided to check it out. I ended up picking up three books (slow cooker cookbook, a thrifty guide, and Griffin and Sabine, a book I'd wanted to read since high school), four dresses (2 purple, one blue and purple, and one green), and an aqua housedress with a big ol' parrot on it that I just thought was wonderful. Matt got a motherboard with the type of processor he needed to work on a friend's computer.

I really wish I'd had my camera, though, especially since [ profile] blogofstench pointed out [ profile] thrifthorror. Oh man, did I see some things that would qualify. Eyeless (soulless?) ceramic dancing girls, a pair of shell lamps, a wonderfully tacky beaded top....

Good news for me, though, I found the keychain camera I'd wanted at WalMart later that night. So maybe my next trip, I can document the horror.
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I woke up this morning to the sound of ceramic breaking.

Matt was cold. He'd gotten up to spread the comforter back over the bed for the few minutes we had before we absolutely had to get up. As he flung the blanket over the bed, I'm not sure exactly what happened. I heard the crash, and suddenly smelled plumeria a lot stronger. The small reed diffuser I had atop the television on the dresser had crashed to the bare concrete floor and shattered. I'm guessing either the corner of the blanket caught on one of the reeds or the sudden gust of wind knocked it off. Either way, I'm out a $5 diffuser (no big deal). Plus, Matt got to start the morning in a pissy mood because of it. Not only did he not get the extra ten to fifteen minutes of under-blanket warm-cuddle, but he then had to clean up broken ceramic and spilled oil.

Collateral damage: the diffuser hit my electric razor on the way down and broke it, too. So I'm out a $5 diffuser and a $20 razor.


Nov. 27th, 2007 05:34 am
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Dante's foot is doing well, but he may be permanently short a claw. That's fine; he's got 17 others. Still needs to be on antibiotics for another week or so, which is REAL fun, as he's something of a squirmer. He doesn't have to go back to the vet for another checkup unless he starts limping again or we notice something changing about the foot.

Yesterday, I had half a pot of coffee. I also tried to clean the kitchen, ran 2 dishwasher loads, and 4 loads of laundry (three folded and put away; last one was towels and a blanket, in the drier as I went to bed). I think there's a link; maybe I should keep drinking lots of coffee on the weekend, so I keep cleaning. ;)

My water intake's dropped since starting here. I think last week, I had the same bottle of water all week, and only drank half of it (a 750 mL bottle). I know I need to step it up again, especially with the dry season upon us.

My haircut from October has finally grown out to the point where I kinda like it. Only took a month. :-P I need to trim my bangs, though. They're starting to obstruct my vision. I'm tempted to just let my hair grow out over the winter, then get it cut again in April or May. I really don't like paying for haircuts that may or may not be what I wanted. What I need to do is get a copy of the picture I used in July for that haircut.

My other hair problem is that when they did the highlights last time, she didn't do them well. In July, when I had them done at Kate's, Kate put the main color in first, then Jocelyn (I think?) put the highlights OVER that color, so it wasn't "OHMIGODBLONDE!!!" it was a lighter red-copper. When I went to Fantasic Sam's in October, Lily put the highlights in first, and tried to do the main color around them. As a result, she missed a spot around the highlights. I have one spot on the left side that is really dark brown compared to everything else.

I think I may have to give in and just start coloring my hair at home again. It should work out cheaper than a salon, even if home hair color is supposedly more damaging than salon color.

I picked up a cookbook at a thrift store, called "Cooking for Two." I've been planning meals out of it for the past few weeks. So far, no "Blecch, don't make this again," a few hits, and a few, "Eh." What it's really helping with is portion control. Each recipe makes just 2 servings. No leftovers, and no overeating (hopefully). Plus, menuing in advance helps when it's grocery shopping time. No more, "Well, maybe we could use that..." so not as much overspending. Also helps with the "What do you want for dinner?" "I dunno, what do you feel like making?" frustration. On the one hand, having a husband with few food dislikes is great. On the other, I get virtually no input on meals. The usual answer to "What do you want for dinner?" is "Whatever, you know me, I'll eat anything." That's not the answer I want. I don't want "What will you eat?" I want, "What do you WANT?"

But then, he does make waffles for me on the weekends, so I don't complain too overly much.
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As of today, Matt and I have been married for thirty-seven years.

No, wait.


Three years.

I always get those two numbers confused.

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Okay, so Matt and I've gotten into Voyage Century Online, a free MMO, based in the real world, I'm guessing around the turn of the previous century.   We spent ALL DAY yesterday just running merchant missions around Alexandria, back and forth between there, Athens, Istanbul, and Beiruit.  Once we wrapped those up, I decided to go exploring outside of the Mediterranian.  Got as far as Mogadishu before stopping for the night.

Friends of ours back in NC had started playing, and sent us the link to it oh, several months ago, but we didn't start playing until recently.  When Matt asked them about it, "Oh, we stopped a while back, too much grinding."  :-P  Seeing as I played Galaxies as a crafter, I don't mind grinding.

In other news, we went to the drive-in Saturday night, saw Surf's Up and Spiderman 3.  I was "eh" about both of them, but enjoyed the drive-in experience.

Also, today starts my new schedule at work: M/W/F 7-5, Sat 8-6.  We'll see how this works.


Mar. 19th, 2007 10:40 am
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Saturday night, on our way home from work, Matt and I stopped at WalMart to get a small grill. Matt's been wanting to try his hand at charcoal grilling, since he's very good at propane, but never really had a chance to use charcoal before.

So, after a lot of debate, we picked up the least expensive non-tabletop charcoal grill ($20), a small bag of briquettes ($3), and a small bag of hickory chips ($2). We did not pick up lighter fluid, because I don't like the smell or the taste.

The primary reason we picked up the grill Saturday was because I'd found a few NY strip steaks on decent markdown at Safeway, and those were just begging to be grilled.

We got home, and Matt started assembling the grill. He was impressed that all the small parts were blister-sealed to a card backing and labeled. Plus, they even gave you an actual screwdriver, not just a small hex wrench. Not bad for $20. Once assembled, he got to try lighting it without the help of lighter fluid. And...we realized we don't know where the long lighter went. So he's out there, with charcoal, newspaper, cardboard, and matches, trying to get it lit. Wine is not a good firestarter. The vodka didn't help much, either. Eventually, though, he got enough going to get the steaks on.

Wow. Those were so good. The steaks were good, the boiled red potatoes with butter, salt and pepper were good, and the Santa Fe mix of beans and corn was good. All in all, a very good dinner.

But I relented, and let him buy a bottle of lighter fluid for the next attempts. He swears that if used correctly, you can't smell or taste it on the meat. We'll see, as he has the grill going to make some burgers for lunch.

Last night

Mar. 16th, 2007 08:40 am
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The third Thursday of every month, downtown Glendale has "That Thursday Thing," a free, themed event with music, activities, and extended hours in the shops. This month's thing was "The Bead Trail." You started at the Glendale Visitors Center, where you received a bag with a map, a coupon sheet, a small bar of Cerreta's chocolate (local downtown chocolate factory), and a zippy bag with one bead. The map had the locations of the beads, as well as where the musicians and other events were (such as free massages, cariacatures, half-price wine tasting), and which locations were restaurants.

I think there were ten bead stops, not counting the start (Visitors Center) and end (The Bead Museum, naturally). At the final stop, you got to assemble your beads into a bracelet (nothing special, just stretchy bead thread, with black wooden beads you could use as spacers). It wasn't as crowded or as centrally-located as Glendale Glitters and Glows (January, crowded with college football fans) or the Glendale Chocolate Affaire (February, all contained in the park). It was more spread out across both Historic Downtown and the "trendier" Catlin Court areas. It was neat to walk around, see what I recognized from the other times we've been down there, and hear Matt comment on how much of it has changed in the five years since he lived down there (his coffee shop is now a "lounge").

There are a couple tearooms, lots of antique stores, collectibles and knick-knack stores, and a lot of specialty restaurants. We might take some time today to go back downtown and just walk around, maybe get dinner since today's payday.

We're probably going to try to go again next year (I gathered, from comments at The Bead Museum, that The Bead Trail is a yearly thing). They haven't posted what next month's Thursday Thing is yet.

The only problem is that Thursday is book study, and we'd hoped to be able to finish before we had to leave, but I had to stick around an hour later at work, and we didn't get home until 6. So we ended up missing book study, which is Not A Good Thing. Plus, since we were trying to rush, I didn't take the time to remember what each bead was. There was a blue fish at the start and an irridescent fish at the end, a bone bead, a horn bead, a clay bead, a porcelain bead, a glass bead, an "eye" bead, a fimo bead, a mother of pearl dove bead, a glass heart, a berry nut (I think) bead, and two beads I can't remember: a little green one (Matt's was bigger and orange), and a big crackly yellow bead with red flecks.

Plus, to my eye, the beads were't "cohesive:" there wasn't a logical or a "good" way to string them together. After three different attempts, I finally gave up and just stuck them all on the cord. High fashion it ain't.
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As we approach Daylight Savings Time tonight/tomorrow, I give great thanks that I now live in a state that doesn't observe it. Switching into and out of DST always knocked me off-kilter for at least a week, and I hated it.

Of course, this means I'll probably miss my a.m. chats with Ellen, as I'm probably NOT going to get up at 5 am to catch her coming home from work. :-P

In other news, Dante's been terribly needy of late. I think the black cat's got him worried that he won't be my baby boy anymore. Dante will always be my baby puppy-cat. Heck, he's been immortalized on MWD as the cat who gets to sleep in my shirt while I'm on the computer (with pictures to prove it). It keeps him happy and keeps the cat hair off my keyboard. He's there currently, purring away, tabby head poking out the v-neck, eyes closed in bliss. He's getting mama-time.

And I think I'm gonna get me another 45 minutes of sleep before work. I had to get up early and take Matt to work, since he had to replace the spark plugs and wires on the truck, and didn't quite finish.

Two years

Sep. 22nd, 2006 11:14 pm
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Two years ago, Matt and I joined our fates, spoke our vows, exchanged rings, and for better or worse, decided to make a life together.

Today, we celebrated that union by pretty much just spending the day together. We didn't do anything too out of the ordinary. Didn't go out for dinner (we went to Qdoba for lunch and we're still not hungry!), didn't make special plans or anything. Just hung out and enjoyed each other's company.

He works tomorrow from 4 am to 8 am, then has class until 1 pm. I work 2 pm to 9:30ish pm. So we won't see each other much tomorrow. So it's good we got to just hang out today.

Two years down, a zillion more to go. :)
sailorzeo: (bath relax) more ways than one today.

To start with, I did something I haven't done in at least a year: painted my nails, both fingers and toes. I wear sandals here almost year-round on my days off and when I'm not at work, and in Arizona, I got very self-conscious about my feet. They're horrid. Big callouses on my big toes and the sides of my heels. When I was a kid, and was barefoot all the time, I couldn't WAIT to get callouses. I thought of them as shoes that God gives you. Now, I have them, and probably because someone close to me pointed them out to me at one point or another, I hate them and want them gone. So, after shower today, I got out the pumice stone and ground away on the dead areas for a while. Then, satisfied that they were done for the moment, I got out my big baggie of nail polish and found one I liked. I'm planning on getting rid of most of them, since, well, I haven't used them in at least a year, but I'm going to keep a few. Like the color I used today. It's Avon Nailwear, color Dreamy, and I have the matching lipstick (and wear it pretty much anytime I wear lipstick). It's kind of a darker rose pink, and the polish has little gold flecks in it, too. I didn't do the whole regime I used to do, back when I polished my nails more often (base coat, two thin color coats, top coat), just a single thin coat, but it made a ton of difference, IMO.

We were supposed to meet John in Chapel Hill for lunch, but when we called before leaving, he let us know he was dealing with some family issues that were bothering him, and he wouldn't be able to make it. We still went into Chapel Hill, so Matt could get his Jeep legal for another year. Didn't go to eat there, but went to the Streets of Southpoint mall in Durham. Walked around, Matt got a smoothie, but we decided not to eat there, either (lunch princes were ridiculous at most of those places). So, into Raleigh, and decided to try Chipotle, since [ profile] sapphirerose924 has been raving about it for a year or three. It was very good, and VERY filling. Something in mine had a hell of a kick to it, though. Not that that's a bad thing, but halfway through my burrito bol (that's how it's spelled, not a typo!) I couldn't feel my tongue anymore.

Chipotle is over by Big Lots, so we wandered a bit, picked up a knife set with a big wooden cutting board for $10 (even if we don't like the knives, the board's worth the $10), and I picked up a watch. It had all the numbers and a calendar, but the band was sort of crappy. We figured we'd pop over to WalMart (same plaza) and get a new band. Well, on the way there, I discovered the watch battery was dead. Wasn't worth it if I had to get a new battery AND a new band. Back to Big Lots, returned the watch. Then it was on home.

And here's the second way I've been "tickled pink" today: the outside of my right arm, and part of my right leg, are sunburned from riding around in the Jeep with no doors all day. :) Good thing we've got a bottle of aloe. And I think this beats into my head that when we move, we're keeping sunblock in both cars. Just in case.


Aug. 27th, 2006 10:55 pm
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I got my Netflix reactivated, back on the one-at-a-time unlimited plan! First up: Foxfire, a movie I watched years ago and remember liking, so I want to watch it again with Matt. This is the one with a young Angelina Jolie (1996), not the one about retirees and widows (1987?).

work stuff )
But yeah. Movies starting again in a few days. This is a good thing.
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Matt picked up the toothpaste from the bathroom counter. "Is this the good one or the bad one?"
I looked up to see which one he was holding. "That's the bad one."
"Oh, okay." He put the toothpaste back on the counter.
"No, no, throw it away, don't put it back!"

(earlier that week)
"Wow, the milk is bad. If I can smell it through this," he motioned to his stuffed-up nose, "it must be really bad."
A few hours later, I opened the refrigerator and spotted the gallon jug still in the door. "Matt? I thought you said the milk was bad."
"It is."
"So why is it still in here?"

Is it just a guy thing, "Oh wow, this is bad," put it back where it was. If I notice something's gone bad, I pitch it. I don't wait until the trash is being taken out, I just dump it, then and there.

And on a random note, do kids actually _like_ those Kidz Bopz cd compilations?
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...and back into the soup that is NC. Average temperature in AZ was around 103F, average humidity was around 40%. According to Weatherbug, it's 88F and 67% humidity in NC--AZ felt so much better.

We got in to AZ (Sky Harbor airport) around 5:30 MST. Arizona doesn't do daylight savings, so we were about three hours behind NC. We flew Southwest Airlines, which is a no-frills airline: no assigned seatong, no meal, no movie, etc. They seat in groups: we got our boarding passes at the airport and were in the last boarding group. I ended up sitting two rows from the back of the plane, between two women about Mom's age, and Matt was three rows from the front of the plane.

The Plane Trip and Friday Night )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Tuesday, home again )

So when people at work ask me how the trip was, overall, it was positive, and I'm looking forward to moving there, hopefully in late December/early January. Matt really didn't want to fly home today; he was leaning against me yesterday, and said, "Jen, I don't wanna go back to Raleigh tomorrow. I AM home."


Jul. 20th, 2006 05:45 am
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Since Tuesday night, the left half of my head has been congested. Bleargh. Sudafed isn't making a dent. It's making it hard to sleep, because 1) I like to sleep on my left, 2) it HURTS, and 3) it HURTS!!!! I tried sleeping on my right side, and that worked from 1 am to 4 am, but now it's aching again. I have one of those neck chiller things, the tubes filled with the powder that turns to gel when you get it wet, that you're supposed to soak in cold water and wear around your neck to keep you cool on hot days. Instead, I soaked it in hot/warm water, and am pressing it to my face for heat therapy. Trouble is, it doesn't hold warmth as well as cold. :-P

I'm hoping the mail comes quickly today, and has the check from the savings account in it, so I can go look for meds that might work better at breaking up the blockage. My dad said it sounded like I had a nasal polyp. Joy and rapture, yet another "wonderful" thing I inherited from his side of the family along with allergies, PCOS, and bad eyesight. He suggested nasal spray, with tilting the head back to let it work in around whatever's in there. It's what he has to do with his Nasonex to get it in around the polyps. Unfortunately, all I have at the moment is non-medicated saline spray, which I'd hoped would maybe flush out the sinus enough to let me breath. No go. At the moment, I'm even willing to try a neti pot. My aunt says it works well for her sinuses. I'm still hesitant at the idea of pouring about a cup of warm salt water up my nose.

If my face is still aching at 7:30, I'm not going to work. I can't concentrate on my work or customers when I feel like this. I told Matt, "I know, you went to work all last week when you were feeling crappy, but I just don't have your work ethic." He said he also didn't have to deal with customers or be seriously focused on what he was doing, so I don't think he'll have an issue with it.

The one thing I really hate about having to call off sick is when Matt says, "It's up to you," in that tone of voice that makes you feel like, "Well, SHIT, now I CAN'T call off!" Sometimes, I'd like him to just say, "Poor thing, yeah, there's no way you can work today." But seeing as the man still goes to work at a job he hates and works a full eight-to-ten hours when he has the flu and a raging fever (sometimes I really hate him), I feel guilty for calling off work for something like rampaging sinus congestion and pain, especially since I LIKE my job.

My heat-thing is cold. Time to go recharge it. I wonder if I can microwave it....

ETA: Yes, I can nuke it. 20 seconds gets it nice and toasty warm again. Also, I called off sick. Matt was supportive, given how little sleep I got. And TheraFlu, at first, tastes like warm lemonade, but as it cools, it tastes like a lemon candle. Bleaaahhhh.

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