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Jun. 21st, 2005 01:04 pm
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Okay, I'm back on the diet and exercise wagon. Yesterday and today, I went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Goes fast when there's a show I enjoy on. Yesterday it was Seven Days, today DS9. Also, the nausea and fatigue seems to be easing, but I'm starting to feel the diuretic effects of this new pill. Dry mouth. I drank all 8 glasses of water by 2 pm, then switched over to green tea, as it's supposed to help with belly fat. Heh, I'm making Matt drink it, too. He gets more honey in his, though, since he's not (as far as I know) IR.

Today, though, after getting off the treadmill, I felt lightheaded and a little queasy. I sat on one of the weight machines for a while, sipped some water (I'd taken a break after 20 minutes or so and had some, too), and waited for the world to stop spinning. Felt okay enough to walk, so walked back to the apartment, thinking, okay, I just need to get some lunch (I'd had a bowl of cereal w/milk around 10, and this was about 12:30 or so). Got upstairs, into the apartment, and my hands were shaking. Without thinking I grabbed an apple and chowed down at the sink. It was almost gone before I realized that it wasn't a particularly good apple, sort of dry and mealy. I felt steady enough to get the leftovers out of the fridge, plate them, and put them in the microwave. Ate a leftover cranberry muffin while it heated up.

And I just spilled water all over myself while checking the level in the bottle.... Guess that's nature's way of saying, "Go take a shower!!"


Jun. 17th, 2005 10:39 pm
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It totally sucks that two of the drugs listed as having possible interactions with this new pill are acetaminophen and ibuprofin. My back/neck ache has crawled up higher and blossomed into a headache that's screaming at me. And what do I have onhand to combat pain? Motrin (ibuprofin) and Excedrin (acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine).

And I still have two loads of laundry to fold, iron and put away. Laundry is the suckiest bit of the housewife gig. It's a freakin' never-ending cycle. Why haven't they made self-cleaning clothes yet?

And another thing: getting up at eight, taking meds at nine, then crashing from 10 to 2 is NOT a productive day, and it doesn't help the fatigue at all. On the plus side, though, the nausea seems to be abating...I actually baked today. Cranberry muffins. They came out a little salty, though.
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Bleargh. So I've had the nausea and fatigue for four days now. I've missed meeting once this week, and I don't really remember what went on Sunday as I was trying to keep breakfast down. And add in surprising side cramps, and well, it makes for a not-fun week so far. Oh, and I can't forget the hot-and-cold-at-the-same-time of Tuesday, and the not-good sleep all week, either.

I've read the insert information, and looked up more information on WebMD, and it all says the same thing: keep taking the medication, effects will pass after two or three packs of pills. And I keep saying, I don't want to feel this way for three months!

In other news, there must be high-quality fish somewhere on Scylla, because in the last two days, I've sold all my bait. It's not Naboo, though.


Jun. 15th, 2005 09:09 am
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I don't know if it's the pills or what, but I've been having disturbing dreams the past few nights that all deal with persecution. One had stormtroopers, and last night's dealt with me trying to write/publish a scientific paper, but getting hijacked at every step by a TA who was supposed to be helping me. One part of the dream, I was supposed to bind about a hundred copies of this paper (more like a thesis), and she wouldn't show me how to work the binding machine. Another TA felt sorry for me and showed me how to work it. But the first TA found out about it, and pointed to a few edits that had been made. Told me that since I didn't date when the changes were made, I'd have to destroy all the bound copies. I just looked at her, stunned. According to her, because the changes weren't dated, I couldn't prove they were my work, and therefore I could get sued for plagarisim. And she knew that the other guy had helped me, and threatened to involve him in this, too. And then she started tearing up the copies, filled with glee that she'd managed to stop me again.

Then there was the dream that Matt and I went to BotCon this year. We met up with Ellen, and this guy Alex she knew from online. I didn't know they were more than friends, but Matt did. When I found that out, I was a little miffed she didn't tell me she was dating someone. There was also something dealing with fake teeth, sort of. For some reason, I'd put on tooth overlays, like acrylic nails, but they weren't holding up well, so I had to go into the bathroom and pop them off so I could brush off the residue. Also in the dream, I got to meet David Willis, who writes/draws Roomies, It's Walky!, and Shortpacked. But a main part of the dream was that Matt and I slept in, or lounged around in bed for a good portion of the morning, missing about half the day's worth of the convention, which didn't sit well with me, but all my teasing and cajoling wouldn't get him out of the bed earlier.

All in all, I think I'm glad I'm awake, and I hope I actually get some pleasant, restful dreams tonight.


Jun. 14th, 2005 10:24 pm
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One of the side effects of my new medication is nausea. Boy, is it ever. Last three days I've been queasy. I'm hoping I adjust to this med soon. I don't like spending all day thinking I'm gonna throw up if I eat anything.

Edit: I read the package insert before I went to bed last night. It said the nausea could last for the first two to three packs of pills. I have to be queasy for three months???


Jun. 7th, 2005 09:37 am
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With new pics, I had to adjust my layout. Heh, and I just downloaded a ton of candle recolors for Sims2.

Sometimes, I really think I need to get out more. Then I realize it's already 75 degrees out and it's only 9:40. At least the humidity's dropped from 98% to 81%. Still, I think I'm gonna stay inside with the lovely, wonderful, blessed air conditioning.

Sometimes I wonder how I lasted growing up without a/c. Oh, that's right...I spent summers in the basement. Around the sixth stair going down, it was like passing through a curtain, from the hot, humid air to the cooler, drier air. Ahhh.... Too bad my mom was freaked out about the radon levels down there. Now, whenever I have any sort of health concern, she's all "It's because you spent too much time in the basement with the radon!!" I really don't think radon levels have anyting to do with PCOS, but hey, I can always ask the endocrinologist when I go in August (a good excuse to miss my 10-year reunion: the earliest appointment with the endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS is the same weekend).

And because you're all so interested in my reproductive health (heh), I finished my 10-day run of medroxypr ac on Sunday, so I should start bleeding any day now. Hopefully. Then Sunday I get to start the Yasmin! Yay! I hope it works as well as the flutamide did as an anti-androgen. I'm seriously sick of having to shave/pluck every other day.

Just call me Cave Woman. :-P


May. 26th, 2005 05:22 pm
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Well, I had my appointment today. Got the pap, and talked to the doc for a bit about PCOS and stuff. She gave me two prescriptions, one for Yasmin, a bcp that also acts like an anti-androgen, and a ten-day run of medroxyprogesterone, to bring down my period so I can start taking the Yasmin.

Yasmin is actually a bcp I asked my then-doctor about 5 years ago. He'd shook his head and said I didn't need it. I think it was still fairly new then, but I was reading all about it on the PCOS support groups online. I was going to ask for it, but found it wasn't a "preferred" prescription on our medical plan. It costs $25 instead of $10 for the ortho-tricyclen that I had been taking. But, if it'll help with the hair growth, I'll be thrilled.

Another thing that irked me was that it cost $40 for the doc visit. Now, every other medical plan I've been on charged a gyn visit the same as a PCP visit, reason being that, well, women HAVE to see a gyn every year. So I was expecting a $20 copay, then to be told at the desk $40, the specialist price, it was a huge shock. And it cut into the funds I had for prescriptions. Not happy. Cyn told me that they did the same for her, charged her $35 when she went, but Blue Cross Blue Shield reimbursed her the $15 difference. I'm going to hope for the same.

I also got to talk to the doc about some of the issues Jessica mentioned when she visited. So, blood was drawn today (four vials), and a number of tests will be run, including a preg test, just to be sure. Can't start taking the progesterone till I get a negative on the pt. Also, I was scheduled to come in for a fasting glucose test on Monday. Eight a.m. We'll see how awake I am. Have to remember not to pee, as they'll need a fasting glucose urine at the start. Nothing after midnight. Come in at eight, pee in a cup, blood drawn. Given a dose of glucose. Then blood drawn at the hour, 2 hour and 3 hour mark. So, I'll be there until noon, at least. Definitely bringing a book. But, if it helps determine if insulin resistance is part of my PCOS, I'm willing to go through it. I want to lose weight and be healthy.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year again.  Tomorrow I get to go for my annual poke-n-prod at the gyn.  I'm actually really looking forward to it, because I can get drugs!  I'm hoping for three prescriptions: 1) birth control pills, to keep my cycles regular and prevent an uh-oh, 2) flutamide, to take down the extra androgens in my system, and 3) glucophage, or the generic equivelant, to help with the insulin-resistance part of PCOS.  Plus, I'm going to a good doctor (according to friends down here), so maybe they'll actually TALK to me.  That's one thing that annoys me.  Doctors never seem to want to tell me anything, not my test results, not how to deal with the conditions they diagnose me with, nothing.  This is why I'm bringing Cyn along (well, also since she knows where it is).  She's been going to this place for years, and she's a little older than I am, so she knows what to ask.  I know I need to ask/request the flutamide and the glucophage, but she might think of something I've missed.

Girly stuff )

So, in preparation for this event, I shaved.  And I will be shaving.  While in the shower, I came up with a silly bit of rhyme:

My husband has a wife who's rather hairy
I find the sight of her appalling, even scary!
I can't avoid her to avoid the scare, you see
For that hairy, scary woman there is me!

I've been reading short novels by Effie Leland Wilder, who started writing when she was 85, and in a retirement community.  She peppers the diary-style novels with little rhymes she's written, and I think she's rubbing off on me.  Very cute novels, quick reading, and great when you just want something nice to read.  I suggested them to my mom, with a note that my grandmothers might even like them.  It's hard to tell about my grandmother Mooney anymore, what she'll like and dislike.  She may love them, or she just might look at them and say, "I'm already old, I don't need to read about other old people."  So who knows.

I'll just end with this thought: when parts other than fingers and toes turn pruny, it's time to get out of the tub!

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