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Looks like we're ringing in the new year in Tucumcari. 40's still closed; there's a 37-truck pileup not too far from here. 209's open, but 70's closed from Clovis to Roswell, so we can't go that way to pick up 10.

At least we managed to walk down to Dollar General, so I have a clean shirt and a bra (I usually go without on trips, since the strap irritates me in the car, but after five days, I need some support). We also picked up a candle to scent the room a little better, but forgot we didn't have anything to light it with.

Oh well.
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40 closed again overnight from Albuquerque to Texas. Ice caused a lot of accidents. It's open from Albuquerque to Texas, though, according to

I want to go home. I'm tired of the motel, tired of Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico. Tired of throwing the cats off every surface in the room I want to use (bed, chair, etc). I want to go HOME.
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And still, the roads are closed. 40 is closed, and 54 is closed. We reupped for another night at the Budget Inn.

The snow's deep enough that we can't even take the Mazda off the trailer and run around. There's a discount store across the street, but the snow's all piled up in the median, so there's no way we'd be able to cross it in the sandals. Which stinks, because if we could get to the discount store, we could probably pick up some inexpensive socks and closed shoes. :-P

Don't know what we're gonna do for lunch and dinner tonight. Probably Sonic, since we did the Pow Wow restaurant across the street last night, and while it was okay, it was a little on the pricy side, and I don't know if we could get across the street to Rubee's Diner. At least the cats are comfy. :-P

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