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We watched Bedtime Stories last night. It was cute, but I'm glad we caught it on a Starz free weekend rather than paying to see it in a theater.

One thing in it _seriously_ bothered me, and it's something I'm seeing more and more of. Apparently, "gluten-free" has joined the ranks of rice cakes and tofu as comedy shorthand for "healthy but disgusting." Bedtime Stories and iCarly both used "gluten-free" as a punchline for food, and Bedtime Stories seriously Did Not Do The Research: the cake at the girl's party in the beginning is called a "gluten-free wheat grass cake." Um, for the most part, wheat grass isn't considered gluten-free because it can contain seeds that CONTAIN GLUTEN!! Also, same character also regularly fed her kids WHEAT GERM. Um, yeah, GLUTEN.

Also, on Facebook, twice now I've seen the initial reaction to something gluten-free being automatic disgust. Food2 posted a link to Alton Brown's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and people were replying, "Ewww, why would you do that?" Several people with celiac or gluten intolerance gave well-worded replies, but the "Eww" reactions continued. A friend of mine posted that she made gluten, dairy, and egg-free cupcakes for her daughter's preschool class. First reply? "I hope you made her some real ones later!"

Just because something is gluten free, dairy free, and/or egg free does NOT mean it's disgusting! I've been living gluten-free for three years now, and when I make a dish or dessert to take to an event, it's going to be gluten-free. I have a co-worker with dairy and peanut allergies, and we trade recipes back and forth. He's made a few gluten-free dishes (including that Alton Brown cookie recipe!), and he likes them. I subscribe to multiple mailing lists and a magazine devoted to allergy-free cooking. Very rarely do I come across a dish I'd label as "disgusting." The fact that I haven't really lost weight on a gluten-free diet must mean that the food's pretty good. :-)

And as for whether or not they're "real," think of it this way. If you were to make a wheat-flour, butter, and egg-based cupcake for a child with celiac, dairy allergies, and/or egg allergies, that would be tantamount to offering that child a pretty little cup of poison. For him, that gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free cupcake IS "a real cupcake." And I know the mix my friend used. It's as good as a standard mix. I've had a gluten-free cake mix, Pamela's Decadent Chocolate Cake, that I think is better than a wheat-based mix, and several non-allergic friends have said is the BEST chocolate cake mix they've ever had. It's very moist, very rich, very dark chocolate.

I know my ranting won't stop the world from thinking alternate baking methods are "weird" or "disgusting." But it helps me get it off my chest.

But for now, I think I'm going to have some gluten-free biscuits with turkey and gluten-free gravy.
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Okay, so like 2 years ago, we went to the Glendale 9 Drive-In, and saw Surf's Up and Spiderman 3. I've been wanting to go back to the drive in ever since, and last night, we did. Monsters vs Aliens and Star Trek.

Monsters vs Aliens was cute and fun, but probably not one I'll rent or see again unless it's on cable as I'm flipping through.

Star Trek, though.... Wow. As [ profile] kane_magus put it, "Continuity is well and truly FUBAR, and I'm okay with that." I did tend to point out tropes, and the whole time-travel aspect was done in a somewhat less headache-inducing way than most. I thought all the main crew members were honest to the original portrayals without being impressions or caricatures of the original performances. was the little things. The way he sat in the chair! THAT was Kirk.

When it finished, I looked at Matt, and said, "I will DEFINITELY see more in this series with this cast."

As for the drive-in was still a blast. When I was a kid and we went to the drive-ins back in Limestone and Allegany (both now out of business), it was still the speaker-on-door setup, and everyone still pulled into the spaces, and watched inside the car through the windshield. In high school, the Limestone Drive-In was already out of business, but Allegany was still open, and had switched to the local fm-broadcast for the sound. But still, everyone still pulled in.

Now, out here, with the prevalence of SUVs, minivans, crossovers and pickups, about 95% of the vehicles were _backed_ into their spots, back doors/gates open. Having a wagon, we were no exception. We just put the back seat down, and filled the back of the car with pillows and blankets. The sound is fm-broadcast, and they even have music playing before the movie and during intermission (although I think we heard the whole loop twice). The funny thing is, that with everyone's back gates and windows open (good cross-breeze as we're starting to hit triple digits during the day and it's still a wee mite warm at night), we hear not just our own sound system, but everyone else's, too.

I had signed up for their e-mail newsletter, and had a coupon for $1 nachos (not a bad deal, they're normally $3.75), so we got to check out the snack bar/arcade. It was clean and well-lit, always a plus.

So while I'll be getting their weekly newsletter, we most certainly won't be going weekly. For one thing, Matt's still out of a job, so we scraped to get the $13 to go last night. For another, we didn't get out until 1 am, so even if we _could_ afford the admission weekly, we couldn't afford the sleep-loss.

All in all, I'm glad we went, as we haven't really done anything fun since Matt lost his job.

80's fun

May. 5th, 2009 07:16 am
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Last night on Encore WAM, we ran across Earth Girls Are Easy. I loved that movie in high school, and I still enjoy it. Yes, it is VERY 80's, with a very young Jim Carrey and Damon Wayan, but it is still a FUN movie. Didn't know Larry Linville was in it, but then again, it might have been too small a part.

A comment during the movie, after the "unveiling" of the aliens: "Ah, Jeff Goldblum in his sex-symbol days." Matt's reply, "He had those?"

And now I have "Cause I'm A Blonde" stuck in my head. On repeat.
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Yesterday, Matt and I decided to go see a movie since he got out of work _really_ early. We decided on Star Wars: Clone Wars, checked the online listing, and got to the theater. Since it was close, I went to get the popcorn and soda, and he went for the tickets. Turned out, their online listings were wrong: Instead of starting at 10:50, the movie started at 10:30. The ticket girl had said we should be getting in just at the end of the trailers, and there should still be half the seats open, but if not, they could exchange the tickets for another show, or just refund the money.

So we hustled. And found that the movie had already started, and there weren't any seats open. So, we decided to see something else. Decided on Mamma Mia. I sat with the popcorn and soda while Matt went to exchange the tickets. Turned out, there were only 2 seats left in that showing. Nothing else we wanted to see that started soon, so we gave up and just got our money back on the tickets, took the popcorn and soda, and went home.

Later, we went back out. Goodwill was having a 50% off day, so we decided to check it out. I ended up picking up three books (slow cooker cookbook, a thrifty guide, and Griffin and Sabine, a book I'd wanted to read since high school), four dresses (2 purple, one blue and purple, and one green), and an aqua housedress with a big ol' parrot on it that I just thought was wonderful. Matt got a motherboard with the type of processor he needed to work on a friend's computer.

I really wish I'd had my camera, though, especially since [ profile] blogofstench pointed out [ profile] thrifthorror. Oh man, did I see some things that would qualify. Eyeless (soulless?) ceramic dancing girls, a pair of shell lamps, a wonderfully tacky beaded top....

Good news for me, though, I found the keychain camera I'd wanted at WalMart later that night. So maybe my next trip, I can document the horror.


Aug. 27th, 2006 10:55 pm
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I got my Netflix reactivated, back on the one-at-a-time unlimited plan! First up: Foxfire, a movie I watched years ago and remember liking, so I want to watch it again with Matt. This is the one with a young Angelina Jolie (1996), not the one about retirees and widows (1987?).

work stuff )
But yeah. Movies starting again in a few days. This is a good thing.
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Spiderman 3 teaser trailer. At Very nifty.

Speaking of Spiderman, was there ever a second season to the MTV animated series? The first season was so good....
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I found my old blog yesterday, and went ahead and transferred almost all those posts to here. It's funny, back in January of 2004, I'd made the comment:
The fact is, I have a boyfriend who's becoming more than just a boyfriend, and I'm hoping by this time next year to have a _real_ band on my left hand.
And sure enough, by the end of September of 2004, we were married.

On the health front, my blood sugars are all over the place. I hit 150 at my two-hour post-meal test last night, and this morning, my fasting sugar was 68. I got out the control solution, and ran a control test. It was fine, so it's not the meter. I just have some wacky blood sugar action.

Matt faxed in his insurance paperwork Thursday night, so it should be active by the 3rd, which is when I see my endo again. Another reason I'm sort of hoping to get the production supervisor position at work is that it's a full-time position, so Matt will be able to change his insurance coverage to just him, and I can get coverage for just me. The same level of coverage he's paying $260 a paycheck to cover both of us, is only $80 a paycheck for individuals. If I can get a full-time position, we can save $200 a month on insurance by just getting individual coverage. I haven't heard anything either way about it, though. So I'm not counting on it.

We're going to Sweet Tomatoes and a movie with John and Aaron today. Not sure which movie, either Chicken Little or Good Night and Good Luck. Depends on what we feel like, comedy or not-funny. They're both at the cheap theater. I wanted to see King Kong, but John's already seen it. (shrug) Ah well, at least I know one of my meals today will be a good one. :)
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Can someone explain to me why the local dollar-fifty theater is showing Cheaper By the Dozen 2, Last Holiday, and Big Momma's House 2 in DTS, but King Kong is just in surround???

Good Day

Nov. 20th, 2005 08:56 am
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Yesterday was a good day.  Matt and I spent the morning sleeping, then watched a movie from Netflix (Raising Helen; I got bored about half an hour in and skipped to the end), showered, and went out to Crossroads Plaza.  I had a bunch of coupons, so we went to Great Steak and Subs for lunch (philly cheesesteaks, fries, onion rings, and 2 sodas, about $10 for both of us), walked around the  plaza some, going to TRU and Barbecues Galore, then to Coffee N Crepes to use the free coffee coupons, then Coldstone Creamery for the buy one get one free coupons.  It was a nice enough day, not too cold, not too hot, that we could sit outside and drink our coffee and eat our ice cream.

We came home, finally took pictures of the car.

Piccies here! )

Then, around 7, we headed into Durham to meet John and Aaron at the Apple Store in Southpoint, before going to see Harry Potter.  Quick, non-spoilery thoughts?  I got bored halfway in.  I don't mind some of the subplots being left out, but there was one that leads to a fairly major plot point in book 5 that was left out.  So I'm wondering how that's going to be handled.

Visually, the movie was well-done, although it looks like they changed Flitwick's character design.  And yeah, I agree with the person who commented "They seem to have gotten Hermione confused with Pansy Parkinson!" in the Yule Ball scene.  But boy, did the hall look gorgeous. 

Overall impression?  Don't think it was worth $8.50, or however much the ticket was.  I would have been content waiting for the $1.50 theater.

After the movie, we went into Durham proper to get food at Cosmic Cantina.  At midnight.  It was good, and cheap.  $5 for a big plate of steak nachos, although I did ask for no tomatoes, and it came with something tomatoey on it (John thought it might be pico de gallo, which wasn't mentioned when they said what came on the nachos).  Didn't want to make a fuss, so I just ate around them, gave the big chunks to Matt.  It was a little smokey and a lot loud in the main room, so we went out to the patio, braved the chill.  Not sure what the actual temperature was at midnight, but it was chilly enough that I started to lose feeling in my fingers.

All in all, a good day out with my hubby.  :)

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We went to a midnight showing of Return of the Sith last night. 

Long, non-spoilery notes about the movie and the experience )

My closing thought, having watched ROTJ a few days ago: Damn, but Leia has a long memory.  :-P


Apr. 4th, 2005 01:44 pm
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Well, this past weekend a friend of mine flew down to visit. So, a recap of the past few days.

Thursday: Jess calls me around 4 pm. Her plane, which is supposed to leave Columbus at 5, is still in Raleigh. Mechanical problems. Long story short, she finally got in at 9 pm. We stayed up talking until midnight, at which point I had to crash.

Friday: Spent morning talking until it was time enough that I could go to S&K and pick up my 3-day paycheck. So, we wandered around the Prime Outlets for a while. When I get to S&K, Franc, the manager, comes out and apologizes, saying payroll just mailed the check to my house instead of the store. Grumble, as that check was to be my spending money for the weekend. So, moneyless, Jess buys me lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a soup-and-salad buffet in town. It's a limited chain, so there aren't any in Columbus. She loved it, and I think that turned out to be the high point of the visit. :-P Friday night was Battlestar Galactica's season finale. Now, Jess doesn't have cable, so she didn't know much about the series, but what she saw of it, she thought was okay, and I'd explained a lot of the backstory for her.

Saturday: Went to Latte Da!, a "retro cafe" and coffee shop for lunch. It's fairly new, and they've just started carrying sandwiches as well as their pastries, cheesecake, coffee/tea drinks and smoothies. It's a teenytiny cafe, and I really love it. It's a comfortable little shop to visit and the owner and the other girl that work there are really friendly and love to chat with the customers. After lunch, we went with Jay and Cyn to the $1.50 theater that just reopened. Saw Finding Neverland, which we all enjoyed, then went to Cici's Pizza for dinner ($3.99 pizza buffet). Later that night, she and I went to Jay and Cyn's to watch the second Bridget Jones while Jay went over to our place to watch Star Wars Ep 2 with Matt and Chris. Bridget Jones was a painful, painful movie. I'd have preferred seeing Star Wars. :-P

Sunday: Matt made honey-wheat waffles for breakfast, and I made a cinnamon syrup for them, since we were out of maple-ish syrup. Also had hot chocolate. He and I went to meeting from 12-2, Jess stayed at the apartment, talked to her parents on her cell and watched Animal Planet. We were going to try to go to one of the museums here with a butterfly room, but most closed at 4. So, we ended up just watching Animal Planet and talking most of the day. Matt and Chris went grocery shopping, and somehow it wound up that we went to Ash and Ryan's for dinner, which Matt cooked. Cheesesteaks, mmmm.

Monday: We sat around and chatted for a few hours, walked over to the office so I could pay rent and sign up for the community yard sale. I'm still shocked that it's only for three hours, 7 am to 10 am. I'm used to all-day yard sales. Go fig. But Jess decided she wanted to go for ice cream, so we went to Maggie Moo's. It's similar to a Coldstone or Marble Slab Creamery. I got the dark chocolate ice cream with cookie-dough mix-ins, and she got the raspberry sorbet with chocolate chunks and coconut. And she found out that yes, there is a Maggie Moo's in Columbus. ;) Then, she had to go to the airport, as her plane leaves at 3:25. And she's warned me that if the plane is 3 hours late again, she's not coming to visit again; we'll have to go visit her. :-D

All in all, it was a really nice, long-overdue visit with Jess. For some reason, Chris was telling her all the good points to moving down here, like he was trying to recruit her or something. We've decided it's just become second-nature now. And now I have a week to recuperate before my parents come visit. o_O


Mar. 25th, 2005 05:46 pm
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I got movie today! Matt surprised me by taking me to see Robots. We also went to Applebees afterward. So, I got anniversary celebration, even though I thought we were too broke.

Happy happy. I have such a wonderful husband. :-D

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