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Well, according to, a site we've been watching religeously since yesterday morning, 40's open across the state. Still snow-packed and icy, but open, both lanes. Since we're paid up for the night, we're gonna go ahead and give the road crews another night to work on it and leave in the morning. 54's still closed, so it looks for now like we're gonna keep to the northern route rather than heading south to I-10.

One of the amusing things on this trip was this motel's "continental breakfast." They basically have coffee (regular only), Little Debbie sweet rolls and donut sticks, toast/bread, Cheerioes and corn flakes. This morning, we got there and it looked like they hadn't restocked anything since the day before: and the coffee urn was empty. We hung out, chatted with a few of the other stranded motorists (many of them folks originally from up north who are used to snow being cleared a lot faster than this!). Matt went down to the office to let them know they were out of coffee. I decided to skip coffee, just getting a cup of milk, toast, and a pair of donut sticks. But when I opened the jelly packet for my toast, the jelly had the consistancy of leather. I just sort of giggled. I was surprised, though, that it didn't look like they offered decaf coffee or hot water for tea. Yes, this is a family-owned motel, but two more urns and a box of teabags aren't that expensive. I wonder if I should let them know their jelly's dried out.
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