Dec. 6th, 2007 12:23 pm
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After living in Arizona for almost a year now, I can empathize with my great uncle who lived in Tucson. He called my grandmother (who lived in PA) one winter, complaining of the cold. She asked him how cold it was. He replied, "It's only seventy!!"

She hung up on him. :)

Right now, it's "only" 66. I still have a few windows open here, because I'm cleaning and I overheat, but yeah. I've had a few days of "Wow, it's cold!" and it's still been "summer" temperatures for what I grew up in.

Also, I quit my job at 2Wire Tuesday. I start as a key operator (production only) at AlphaGraphics on Monday.
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Summer in North Carolina:

91 degrees
41% humidity

And it's only June.


Mar. 31st, 2005 05:17 pm
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Okay. Almost all week up to now it was sunny, bright, and 70 degrees. Now that I have a friend coming down for the weekend from Ohio, it's overcast, rainy and 59 degrees. And will be all weekend. :-P In Ohio now, it's sunny and 70. How'd that happen?
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Okay, now I know Cyn wasn't lying about how people here react to snow. I'm in Cary, NC. There was a frickin' HALF-INCH of snow. There is a state of emergency declared, and the roads were gridlocked.

I'm from NY and OH. Half an inch is NOTHING. Hell, most days, half a FOOT is nothing! Matt (my husband) and I went out to Sams Club to renew our membership and get some stuff. It was about noon. We saw school buses taking kids home early. People slowed down to a crawl on the roads (which at that time were fairly clear). Students are stranded overnight at schools because their parents can't get out to get them.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to last down here. Then I think about moving to AZ, where people freak out driving if it _rains_. Whoo boy....
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First full day without the inlaws starts today. It was weird, when we left Ohio on the 27th, I though for sure, when we dropped them off at the airport on the fourth, that I'd be bawling. Instead, I just felt relief, and a mild guilt at feeling relieved. Husband and I went to Super Wal-Mart (about the only place we can afford to shop now, and slowly wearing down our supply of gift cards we got for the wedding) to get food for dinner, came home, and had a lovely dinner with our roommate.

Today, we had breakfast. Eggs, buttermilk biscuits from scratch, and sausage gravy. Had to make another trip to Wal-Mart for the sausage, shortning, and some Pepcid Complete. I thought I had heartburn before. Now that we're eating "southern," it's just gonna get worse.

Plus side, it's not yet noon, and it's 63 degrees. Mmm. So far, liking NC.

Oh, and another thing I've noticed, comparing Raleigh to Youngstown, OH: people here are nice. They let you into traffic, they let you cross the parking lot, they apologize! Heck, they say "Hi," when you meet them in the apartment complex!

Now to get a few boxes of books unloaded before my husband blows up. :)


Jan. 4th, 2005 01:55 pm
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A new year, a new husband, a new home, a new roommate. In the past week, I've packed up my life and moved from Ohio to North Carolina. Have to like the temperatures, though. Weatherbug says it's 74F outside. In JANUARY.
The hubby's parents go home today, and then I can truly start to work on the apartment. Don't get me wrong, I love my in-laws, but....I'm ready to start my married life with my husband.
As for the roommate, he's my husband's best friend (and currently the only one of the three of us with a job). Nice guy, stays in his room a lot because of our three cats.

I'm ready for this.
I think.
I hope.

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