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Yesterday's BabyStep was to get dressed, complete to lace-up shoes, before starting the day.  I joked on Facebook that it has to be my second thing of the day, because first thing? PEE.  I got dressed in the dark, since Matt was still in bed.

This BabyStep won't be hard on the weekdays, as I have to get dressed for work, but on the weekends, it just might be torture.  The reasoning behind it is that if you're dressed to shoes, you'll be in the mindset of working more.  Lace-up shoes rather than sandals or slip-ons, because it takes a little more work to take them off, therefore, you're more likely to think, "Oh wait, there's one more thing I can do," before you take off your shoes.

My sink is still shiny:

I moved the knife block off its former perch atop the microwave, over to the counter.  I actually had to shine out the sink three times yesterday: after doing dishes and thinking I was "done" for the night; after Matt rewashed the wok because despite my best efforts, it still had a film of sauce on it; and after tipping the dish drainer into the sink to drain it.  This is the final effort.  At this point, the leftover sweet and sour chicken and rice is divided up for lunch portions in the fridge, my water bottle is filled and in the fridge, dishes are done and put away, and the coffee pot is prepped and programmed for the morning.  I then took my shower (not washing hair, it was just washed the night before), brushed my hair and teeth, and collapsed into bed.  It was close to 10:30

While doing dishes, I thought for a while about my paternal grandmother.  My mom trained me, when at Grandma's, to offer to help with the dishes after meals.  Grandma always accepted the help, but in later years, the helpers would be relegated to drying and putting away, as she liked washing.  The hot water helped with the arthritis pains in her hands.  I remembered some of the things she talked about, like her brother's Army friend teaching her how to do dishes: silverware in to soak first, then glasses, plates, bowls.  By then, the silverware would have soaked long enough and could be washed easier.  Always work from less dirty to more dirty.  I remembered when she'd first have the sink filled with hot, soapy water, one of us would be sent to gather eyeglasses from anyone who wanted them washed.  I remember how warm the glasses always were when I'd put them back on.  And I remembered something she told me that had nothing to do with dishes, but she told me the story in the kitchen.  One day, when my dad was about three, she was sifting cake flour.  She'd just finished, when my dad took a deep breath...and blew cake flour all over the place.

Lying in bed after the long day, I kept thinking about time.  My basic schedule is this:

6 am: up
7 am: leave for work
7:40 am: drop Matt off at his work, continue on to mine
8 am: read in breakroom
9 am: clock in for my shift
4:30 pm: clock out
4:50 pm: pick up Matt
6 pm: get home
9:30 pm: bed

In the hour between 6 am and 7 am, I have to get up, get dressed, make coffee (if I forgot to program it the night before), pack my lunch, check e-mail, eat breakfast, and get out the door.  Between 6pm and 9:30 pm, I have to make dinner, eat dinner, program coffee maker, do dishes, shine sink, shower, brush teeth.  Those are the "have-to-dos."  I also need to budget in the "want-to-dos:" Facebook, LiveJournal, Galaxies, tv, reading, exercise, other cleaning.  I'm hoping once I get deep into the FlyLady system, that the rest of the cleaning will start to fall in line, and won't take up so much time.  I only have five months left to play Galaxies, so I'd like some good gaming time.  If I don't get beckoned in to work early, I can get an hour and a half of reading time at work (hour before my shift, lunch break).   I never feel like there's enough time to get everything done.  Then again, between back pain and my arm dropping numb periodically, I can say I'm doing the best I can.

Today's BabyStep: keep doing what you've already done.  I got up when I woke up (around 5:30) and got dressed to shoes after I peed.  I packed my lunch and put it in the car.  I gathered the trash in the bathroom and den, since they needed it.  Coffee was programmed last night, so I got my coffee, and sat down to check e-mail and post this.  I still have half an hour before we have to leave.  Matt's up and making breakfast.  So far, so good.

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Bleargh. So I've had the nausea and fatigue for four days now. I've missed meeting once this week, and I don't really remember what went on Sunday as I was trying to keep breakfast down. And add in surprising side cramps, and well, it makes for a not-fun week so far. Oh, and I can't forget the hot-and-cold-at-the-same-time of Tuesday, and the not-good sleep all week, either.

I've read the insert information, and looked up more information on WebMD, and it all says the same thing: keep taking the medication, effects will pass after two or three packs of pills. And I keep saying, I don't want to feel this way for three months!

In other news, there must be high-quality fish somewhere on Scylla, because in the last two days, I've sold all my bait. It's not Naboo, though.
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SWG is giving its players double-xp this week as a "thank you" for putting up with the server downtime and whatnot during the cu. It's for everyone, so great for crafters trying to make Master.

I started 2xp week 4 boxes away from Master Chef. I've gotten two of those boxes so far, even taking breaks to visit my harvesters and run a few missions.

It's now Wednesday. I only need two boxes to Master! But....

I'M SO BORED. Grinding is not "fun." It's pick a schematic (in this case, kiwik clusjo swirl) that gives the most xp, run it on "practice" mode so you don't end up with 300 units in your inventory, use 8 or more crafting tools, all on hotkeys so you just have to go down your F-keys, crafting one after another after another, burning through stacks of resources, until your eyes blur, your head is pounding, and your wrist and elbow are burning from the hours of click-click-click-click-click with the mouse. Then once your status bar goes green, find/beg/steal/borrow enough credits so you can go train in your skill, then it's back to your grinding spot, after a quick run-through of your new schematics, to see if any give more xp, or what resources you'll need to run them, and back to the click-click-click-click of grinding away to hit that next box.

Part of me is saying, "C'mon, just two more boxes and you can master!" And part of me says, "And then what?" There are no special chef missions, no real need for chefs other than to run crates of food. And even then, there's only a market for a few items out of the dozens of schematics. And again, among those few items, there's only a market for those with outstanding stats, which means outstanding resources and food additives, which are partially made by bio-engineers, which means spending 200k or more for each crate of BE resources, which you need tons of to make factory crates of additives, to make factory crates of the limited items that sell with outstanding stats. So because you pay out the nose for the BE components, you have to charge out the nose for your crates of food in order to make any sort of a profit. And with the cu, most food stats have been reduced, with a high fill and low duration. :-P I mean, if you eat something that gives you a +125 health boost for 3 minutes and fills your stomach 75%, it will run out and you won't be able to eat another one for a long time. Oh, and food doesn't stack anymore. So maybe crates won't be in such large demand, since people can only eat one at a time (instead of drinking three or four brandies to enhance mind).

I think maybe I need a day off from SWG to let my arm rest. Maybe I'll play with my Sims instead.

It's live

Apr. 28th, 2005 06:42 pm
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The cu is live. It was delayed 24 hours, in which I ground up another chef level. Now we get to experience the "joys" of the cu.

First off, I was prepared for the icons to change. I read about them in the forums, but good gravy, I was NOT expecting them to be THAT different from the rest of the HUD. They're...jarring. They used to be monochrome, inobtrusive. Now they're full-color and in-your-face. And some of them are animated. Bouncy bouncy bouncy....time to find a new icon for my dancing macro. Luckily I'm not combat, so I can replace most of my icons with hotkeys for my crafting and survey tools.

So far, the biggest inconvenience I've had was the loss of my waypoints. But I lucked out in that I stumbled across my harvester on my way to town, so yay, no lost harvie. 15k of flowers, too.

So far, not too bad. But I also haven't had to go too far out of town, either. I've heard reports of people being killed by durnis, though.... A durni is a cute little rabbit-looking thing.

I'm looking forward to next week, double-xp week. If I work hard, I can master chef in that time. Now if I could find a tailor to make me some crates of synthetic cloth and reinforced panels...
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Today at 3pm eastern time, Scylla, the server I'm on in Star Wars Galaxies, gets taken down for upgrades related to the upcoming combat upgrade (cu).  It'll be down until 9 am tomorrow. 

My roommates used to be all for the cu, until they started reading more about it.  Now it seems like SOE is just turning the game into "EQ2 in a galaxy far, far away."  A lot of people are pissed.  Including my category of player, the crafters.  Leveling is now going to be based on combat skill.  I'm a Master Artisan, Master Merchant, 3-3-3-2 Chef, Novice Dancer, 0-0-4-4 Entertainer, and a Novice Armorsmith (just picked that up last night).  I have no combat professions.  That means I'll be a level one character when the cu goes live.  That means, when I go out to survey for resources and harvest resources, I'll be a sitting duck for any hostile critters out there in the wilderness. 

Apparently SOE's responce to people's criticisms is, "Well, this means you'll have to group."  Great.  I mean, okay, so my husband's chara is a Master Rifleman, Master Scout, and a few other combat profs, so yeah, he could come with me when I go surveying.  Except for one really big thing: I like to play when he's at work!  Oh, and the fact that it's incredibly boring playing bodyguard for a surveyor.  I present to you this proof.  Scroll down to Gabe's comments ("The Wizow").  Sure, it's WOW and not SWG, but same idea.

So, I don't know if the cu's gonna be live when I log in tomorrow at 10, or if it's still going to be May 5th, but today?  Today, I am grinding out armor to beat the band.  Now if only I had the credits to train.  Too bad both hubby and roommate are at work until after 3.  Ah well.

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Just a brief rant about Star Wars Galaxies. Right now, I have no real incentive to play, because I have no more skill points. I can't level any more until I drop something. But I don't want to drop anything. I want to keep Master Artisan and Master Merchant, and get Master Dancer and Master Chef. But I can't. I'm locked where I am because I need about 50 more skill points to get where I want to be. And the mall in town's been condemned because the owner stopped playing, or hasn't played in a while, so I can't get to my vendors. Everquest 2 wiped out our guild, and City of Heros and World of Warcraft took the last few survivors. Now that people are starting to trickle back in, there's almost nothing left. The city's boundaries have shrunk. The theater, cantina, guild hall and shuttleport have disappeared.

I _want_ to play. But I have no incentive to. After playing the Sims 2, SWG's "design" capabilities are so clunky. Drop, then /rotate, /move up(down, forward, back) and hope you get it where you want it. I want drag-and-drop! I want to be able to store more things in my house.

When the new vendor function goes live, allowing us to list our vendors on the bazaar, I'll be more tempted to play, to try and sell some of my crafted goods. But right now, Sims2 has it for me.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I play on the Scylla server, name of Ieroliria Vinguard. I can be found in and around Sun Valley, Naboo, looking for resources, or in Theed, Naboo, shaking my tush in the cantina for credits. I'm probably the last member of Twin Suns. Hubby is Haz'var, a Twi'lek, in MERC.

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