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Last month, I started musing about "seasonal offerings" for my store.  It's sometimes tricky to think of seasonally themed items, because a) I live in Arizona; it's already in the low 90's here, and b) I don't celebrate holidays, so I tend to forget when they are.  But this time, I actually thought, "Oh, hey, Easter's coming up soon...what about a set of mini lip balms in jellybean flavors?  Both spice jellybean and fruit jellybean?"  It took a little time to get all the flavings and tubes, but Monday, I set about to make 10 sets of fruit jellybean lip balms and 10 sets of spice jellybean lip balms.

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Oh well

Nov. 6th, 2006 10:18 am
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I was outbid on the eBay auction; it ended around $200. I'm watching a few others right now. Not going to bid until they're closer to the end.

Had a few inqueries about the china cabinet I listed on craigslist. One couple came by last night to take a look at it. They need to remeasure their chair rail. So I'm not expecting much from that.

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