Jan. 5th, 2007 10:24 am
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Well, it took us six hours to go 100 miles on Monday, but once we got past Albuquerque, traffic cleared up, and it was smooth sailing all night. Yes, we drove through the night rather than find a hotel. We slept about 4 hours at a truck stop, then kept going.

Matt is officially hired at 2Wire. He starts training Monday. I have to call my store later today to find out when I start working.

Also today, we're buying paint. Two colors for the living room, and a third color for the kitchen and hallway. Later, we'll get the three colors for the front bedroom. Haven't decided on the colors for the master bedroom or the half-bath yet.

Yes. This is a project house. We're painting, putting down new floors, replacing some other things...

Oh, and AZ is playing havoc with my allergies. I had to rummage around and find my Claritin last night, because I was hurting. Plus, I need to find a PCP down here, to make sure I'm not getting an ear infection.

So, off to buy paint. Man, it's good to have internet again.
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