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In case anyone's interested:

The ceiling fan we ordered for the living room

Colors for the living room are: 
Earth Elements Brown Clay, granite texture with granite crystals, for the fireplace wall.
Earth Elements Sunwashed Clay, satin finish, for the other walls.

Color for the hallway and kitchen:
Earth Elements Canyon, satin finish

Colors for the front bedroom:
Earth Elements Cool Vista, eggshell finish, for the ceiling
Earth Elements Eucalyptus, satin finish, for the top half of the walls.
Earth Elements Mica Stone, granite texture with granite crystals, for the lower portion of the walls.

I still need to find some copper-toned cafe rods and finials for the windows and sliding door.  

Floors will be the next main project, after painting and scraping that horrid popcorn texture off the ceilings.  I want to do a light bamboo in the front bedroom, with matching edging, trim and chair rail (hence the two-toned walls).  Matt wants a two-toned hardwood in the living room, a lighter color with a darker inset or border.  We looked at tile for the kitchen, and I kind of want a darker, rougher brown tile.

We still don't know what colors we want to do the master bedroom in.  I'm doing the full-bath in the dark blue and gold celestial theme I like (and already have the shower curtain and toilet seat for).  Not sure on the half-bath, either.  


Jan. 5th, 2007 10:24 am
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Well, it took us six hours to go 100 miles on Monday, but once we got past Albuquerque, traffic cleared up, and it was smooth sailing all night. Yes, we drove through the night rather than find a hotel. We slept about 4 hours at a truck stop, then kept going.

Matt is officially hired at 2Wire. He starts training Monday. I have to call my store later today to find out when I start working.

Also today, we're buying paint. Two colors for the living room, and a third color for the kitchen and hallway. Later, we'll get the three colors for the front bedroom. Haven't decided on the colors for the master bedroom or the half-bath yet.

Yes. This is a project house. We're painting, putting down new floors, replacing some other things...

Oh, and AZ is playing havoc with my allergies. I had to rummage around and find my Claritin last night, because I was hurting. Plus, I need to find a PCP down here, to make sure I'm not getting an ear infection.

So, off to buy paint. Man, it's good to have internet again.
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I really should be. [ profile] sapphirerose924 is coming in today, and though the guest bedroom is clean, I still need to clean the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the dining area, and at least pick up the living room more. And I need to hard-boil eggs for egg salad. If the weather cooperates, we're having lunch by the lake. If it doesn't, we're having lunch at home. :-P But either way, I need to make the eggs.

But what I really want to do is go back to bed. No beddy for me! Time to put on the housecleaning outfit and apron and get to work. Bleargh.

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