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Feb. 24th, 2015 06:36 pm
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Wow, haven't posted here in over 2 years.  I just...haven't felt the need.  I kind of wandered over to Tumblr and just fell in.

So, a quick update: lost my job in July.  Haven't found a new one yet, but I have an Etsy shop, Zeo's Soaps and Sundries, where I sell handmade soaps, lip balms, bath salts, and soon, cuticle oil.  I'm also running a GoFundMe campaign, trying to get a little extra money to help bridge the gap on weeks where sales are slow.
This has been dubbed "Soaphenge."  All of those soaps have since sold.

This week is full of soapmaking.  I have 13 more 2-pound batches I want to make, and I keep running out of ingredients.  Today, I ran out of lye, which is somewhat essential to making soap.  I have enough mango butter for one more, maybe two more batches.  I have some money coming in, so I'll be able to restock those ingredients, but dang, it's a fine balancing act I'm walking.  Once I get those soaps made and listed, I can breathe a little.

So, that's what I've been up to of late.  Anyone miss me?


Oct. 22nd, 2005 12:07 pm
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I'm sick. Sick enough that I had to call in sick on my second day at work. Bleargh. Rotten timing. I had a wicked sore throat when I went in for the paperwork, and in the 8 hours I was there yesterday, used half a box of tissues and an entire bag of cough drops. Now I think I'm going to go take another shot of that Tylenol severe cold and flu formula and get conked out for six hours. Maybe I'll feel better when I wake.

Even though I'm not thrilled to be working again, I still want to give the job my all. Calling in sick on the second day is not a great start, but I couldn't help it. Rather I stay home one day than hack up a lung there and get everyone else sick.
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Last night, I dreamt I had to go back to work at Staples, back in the environment I hated, until Office Max got back to me about a job.

Today, I got the call from Office Max. I'm hired. I go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork.

We need for me to go back to work. We need the second income. I'll be making $8.50 an hour, and though I'll be classified part-time, I could be working 40+ hours, which would make me the primary income-earner here (unless car sales pick up--he gets a $250 draw check 4 times a month. 40 hours at $8.50 would be gross $340 weekly). We'll have some financial leeway, be able to go to a second-run movie without breaking the bank (without popcorn or pop).

I know I need to do this, but I don't _want_ to do this. I am seriously depressed and about ready to cry because I'm going back to copy center work. Even the knowledge that it's at the largest Office Max in NC, that it's a hub store and I'm being hired primarily for the large scanning job they have now, I don't want to do it. It means having to meet new people again, and eventually having to do sales again. I hate sales. I really, _really_ don't want to do it. I just want to be left alone.

We've been barely scraping by on Matt's income. He makes about $1000 a month (base; if sales are good, he gets commission); our rent is $1005. Plus we have water, electric, phone and cable to pay, credit cards to pay down, my monthly prescription, my school loans that I haven't been able to even begin paying....

I feel awful about going back to work, and I feel awful that I feel awful. It's been nine months since I've had a job, and I've really liked not working. I don't want to go back into a stressful, painful, hateful environment. But Matt wants to go back to school, and he wants to get a different job. He wants to start at TechSkills by the end of the year. He can get a loan for that. They require you to spend 15-25 hours a week on campus. He can't do that at the dealership, working 50-odd hours a week.

The school program he's looking at is a year long. So I can maybe tell myself, "I just have to do this job for 14 months...once Matt graduates, he can get a GOOD job and I can stop working again." I don't plan to be working at Office Max when I'm thirty. I turn 28 this month.

Why couldn't I have been hired at the lingerie store back over the summer?
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Well, we're going to be a few hundred short this month, but at least we have meat, milk and eggs in the house again. No, we didn't spend over $100 on those items, but we were already short, and we NEEDED the food.

I need to find a job. But I really don't want to go back to retail. Sigh. And Chris moves out the 26th. So I NEED to get a job. I should check the local college sites, see if anyone's hiring research assistants. :-P

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