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So, I installed the stat counter code on every single page at the Castle. I'm just using the free stat tracking, which only has a log size of 100. That was fine before I started posting my CSI fics there; I'd get about 40-50 hits a day. Now, with the CSI fics there, and a link from my ff.n profile, I'm getting between 100-400 hits a day! Yikes. Makes me wish I had the however-much to upgrade.

What's odd, though, is every so often when I check the Recent Visitor Activity, there'll be like 12 entries from London, through AOL. That in itself isn't odd. What's odd is that it looks like the IP address changes every time this visitor hits a new page. And looking at the page activity, it looks like the 12 entries are all the same visitor. Does AOL randomly change IP addresses while you're surfing? It totally throws off my Visit Length chart. 12 entries of less than 1 second. Weird.

I went ahead and uploaded my Sims2 icons to the site (there are a lot of baby-related ones that I don't use here, just because SimBabies are so damn cute), and I prepared my Sailor Moon fics for eventual linking. Out of the three that had entries on the original Interdimensional Backpack page, only one is actually finished, and that's the one I co-wrote with Ellen, Dark Moon Rising. I really liked the concept of the Marvelous Senshi. Now if I could only remember which comic book I'd used for my Senshi wasn't Captain Marvel, I don't think...I know the S-H-A-Z-A-M were all linked to goddess/mythology names: Hippolyta and Ariadne were the ones in the two chapters finished. Each goddess represented an aspect of the powers of the character. There was a team: man, woman and kid, I think. Kid Marvel? Man, this was back around mid-freshman year of college, I think, when I took the comics-based English Lit class (loved that professor! Took him for Rules and Resistance, too).

And I'm seriously thinking about going back and fully rewriting my first Power Rangers fic, making the two original characters a lot less MarySue-ish. I've had a lot of thoughts about how to redo it in the last few weeks. I'm thinking I just might do it. Maybe on the trip north. Matt's still looking into getting a cheap, bare-bones laptop for me, so I can write and maybe access the Internet while we're gone. I told him all it needed to do/have was word processing software, a browser, and wireless access. He pointed out that even if it didn't have wireless, I use a USB wireless adapter, so we could always grab it off my 'puter and stick it on the laptop for the trip. Oh, and we ARE going to reactivate the TracFone for the trip. I just feel more secure in having a phone for long trips. Yes, the Mazda has roadside assistance, but if you have no way to CONTACT them, then you're still screwed. :) Plus, that way I can make phone posts if I want, if I see something odd on the trip.


Mar. 25th, 2006 09:44 pm
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Finally! I finished the site overhaul today, including finally uploading my Max Steel fics, and the last two CSI one-shots. Everything is readable, everything has a stat counter, and everything WORKS.

And y'know, despite having an e-mail link on every page, I have yet to receive e-mail regarding the site. ;) Getting some interesting international hits, though.
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Okay, so no back to bed this morning. I made coffee, and this coffee is going to fuel my day. Wreak havoc on my sugar levels, but at least I'll be awake. As soon as Matt's done paying bills, we're going to go get my paycheck, and if it's over $500, then we can go restock the pantry. Food is a good thing. Expensive at times (even shopping at Aldis), but necessary.

Speaking of expenses.... Now that I've started reworking the Castle, and the stat counter is showing that yeah, I still get visitors, I'm seriously tempted to get the basic upgrade: $24 a year to remove the three banner ads per page, allow direct-linking of photos, etc. I have to admit, if I had the $24, I would so do it. They use some of the most obnoxious banner ads. Bright, blinking, totally distracting. Maybe it's time for another round of auctions...well, it's time for that anyway.

I need to start narrowing down my Barbie collection. Time to sell off some nude lots for OOAK. Plus, I have that box of late-70's, early-to-mid-80's Barbies that Waerd sent me (they were in an auction with a Babs convertable; he just wanted the car). Might be able to get something for those. I know offhand there's a Peaches-N-Cream (I never had her as a kid, but a friend did and I adored her) Barbie and a Horse Lovin' Skipper. I don't remember who the others are...I'll know when I get them down out of the closet, though.

Looks like I have a busy weekend in store. I still need to call Kim and set up my study for tomorrow and next Saturday.

ETA: My pay was over $500 (almost $50 over $500), so we have food in the house again. But I started feeling icky the last 5-10 minutes at the store, and I am SO tired now, but if I lie down and try to grab an hour nap before work, I'll be SO sluggish and bad-tempered when I get up that it really isn't worth it. It's going to be a long, long night.
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Have you ever gone back and taken a look at things you wrote, oh, ten or eleven years ago, and as you read through them, have you ever thought, "My GOD, what was I thinking?"

Yeah. Revamping the Castle is sort of like that. A good portion of the fics on there were written when I was a senior in high school. Eleven years ago. ELEVEN YEARS AGO. They were tweaked and fine-tuned a little, first when I typed them in, then again when I'd reformat the page, again when I broke the uber-long Saga into chapters and two separate fics, but now....I admit it. Christina Collins is SUCH a Mary Sue. She's evolved in my head over the last eleven years. Matured. Powered-down. I almost want to go back and totally rewrite my first-ever Power Rangers fic. I was seventeen and a bundle of seething hormones when I started writing PR fanfics. Add in that I was addicted to Johanna Lindsey historical smut, er, romance novels, and you've got potential blackmail material hiding in my file cabinet. Yes, I still have the original drafts. Spiral notebooks, passed back and forth between Ellen and me at homeroom, lunch, and chorus. Sometimes at gym class. I have not only my notebooks, but also some of hers....and some serious potential blackmail material. I just have to mention the word "elevator" and I receive the Glare of Death. :-D

Heh. Almost finished with End of the Rainbow. Damn, but I was proud of that when I first wrote it. Now....well, it's a decent premise, but the execution.... (shrugs)


Mar. 9th, 2006 03:22 am
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Well, I didn't spend ALL day yesterday updating the Castle. I got through the MMPR, Zeo and Turbo universes, though. I would have made it through more, but I was still sort of bummed about the whole feature vs. cheat code thing, so when Matt came home, we got caught up on the two hours of Gilmore Girls we'd missed Friday and Monday, then went out to lunch, then came home and watched that day's ep of GG. So, about four hours there not spent on computer.
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I woke up about ten minutes before Matt's alarm went off with a screaming headache. I'm wondering if what I read in a fic is true, if your brain membrane actually shrinks a little when you're dehydrated, causing massive headaches. If so, that's probably what this is. I know I don't drink nearly enough water. Yesterday, I had maybe 16 oz of diet Sierra Mist (can be comparable to water, no caffeine) and maybe 16 oz of water at the restaurant. That's only about half the daily amount of water, and I did have a little coffee at home, so that negates some of the water.
But anyway, it's 3:40 in the morning, I just had a glass of water and two Excedrin, the headache is fading, so I'm going to try to grab another 2.5-3 hours of sleep before I have to be in to work.


Jun. 29th, 2003 09:34 pm
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Day two of 'blogging. After the store meeting, I came home and bashed out the new site design. Like it? I do. I managed to get the main page and the subhead pages done. Now to go in and tweak the old 'fics, and figure out how to get this page to look more like the rest of the site. :)

If you look at the MMPR Universe page, you'll see that I've broken Saga up into two sections, Saga of the White Ranger, and Purple Ranger Chronicles. Y'see, back when I started writing that fic (in 1994), I didn't know about the internet. Now, here it is, almost 10 years later, and that fic remains practically unchanged from the day I transferred it from a spiral-bound notebook.

It needs help.

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