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So once more I board the fitness/weight loss train.  I'm going into this with no expectations other than, "I fully expect to fall off the wagon in 2 weeks time." 

I never posted about it here, but back in June, we came home from work one day to find the back door wide open and the house totally tossed.  We'd had a break-in.  They primarily stole small electronics: our cameras, the old laptop that didn't work so well, my DS, the Wii and games, some car speakers and an amp.  They also took 2 of my rings, family heirlooms.  Nothing was recovered, but we had renters' insurance.  Allstate has been nothing but good to us through everything. 

How does this relate to fitness/weight loss?  My primary exercise tool was WiiFit.  Interestingly enough, even though they stole the Wii, both remotes, both nunchucks, and the sensor, they didn't take the power cables or the Balance Board.  They also didn't take the actual WiiFit disc.  So, with the insurance and reimbursement, we replaced the Wii hardware.  I was grumpy, though, because that meant any of my previous progress with WiiFit was gone (and even more so when we lost Scamp, it meant his Mii was gone now, too).

I finally got around to remaking my Mii last night, though I couldn't find the same hair it had before.  That was fine; I switched it to a ponytail.  But I had to reset my profile on WiiFit.  Anything I'd unlocked before, I'm going to have to unlock again. 

In addition to the WiiFit, I downloaded an app to both my Kindle and my phone: LoseIt.  It's a food/exercise calorie tracking program which so far, seems easy enough to use.  I like being able to scan barcodes with my phone if the food's not in their database.  Still, I've had trouble keeping food journals in the past.  We'll see how long this lasts.  Like I said before, I'm not overly optomistic about this.  But, I did 2 rounds of Basic Step on WiiFit last night.  It's a start.

Date: Sep. 15th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
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Is WiiFit cardio? I've had good success with Primal Blueprint as a lifestyle overhaul (encompassing the diet more than exercise) but the diet has definitely given me more energy to be active with walking, paddling and a bit of weight training. Lost 15 kg over about 4 months and my weight has been stable ever since. I'd highly recommend looking into it, since it is a grain/gluten free path that emulates pre-agricultural diets.

Date: Sep. 15th, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
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WiiFit is aerobics, balance, weight training and yoga. It's also, more or less, fun. I'm gluten-free by necessity; I discovered a few years back I was gluten intolerant.

Overall, I'm not really trying to lose a lot of weight, certainly not the 140 pounds WiiFit is telling me I should lose to be in a healthy BMI range. My blood pressure is fine, but my cholesterol's a little unbalanced. I need to lower my triglycerides and raise my good cholesterol.

I'm also an emotional eater. If I had a rough day at work, I want about a pound of good milk chocolate. If I'm sad, I don't eat. If I have PMS? Grease, sugar and carbs. The LoseIt app is good for making me aware of what I'm eating. I used to keep stuff at my desk and just sort of munch on it while on the computer. Now, I know if I eat Skittles, for instance, I have to log how many. That helps me keep in mind what's going in my mouth.

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