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Last night, I posted another fluffy little Nick/Sara CSI fic to ff.n. Today, I had this review:

The ending was no good, I just HATE all that stuff! But the story line up to the end is good.

What confuses me is, "all that stuff" that she hates. (looks back at end of story) Nick/Sara shippiness? Kissing? Implied smut? Pie?  The summary did warn that there was N/S, and it was classified as romance, so if she wasn't a Snicker shipper, she should have stayed away.  I don't go to GSR fics to say, "Well, I hate your ship, I don't really like that you put Grissom and Sara together, but other than that, it was good."  

I wish she'd have been more specific about "all that stuff" that she hates.  It wasn't a signed review, so I have no way to contact her and ask what it was about the ending she hated.

I mean, come on, who could hate naked pie with Nick?  :-D

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