Apr. 15th, 2006

sailorzeo: (guhh matt)
I just realized there are only four full days left until trip. Four days in which I'll be working 9 to 10 hours a day three of those four days. I still have to sew my pajamas, pack, get snackage for trip, get a prescription, get the car tuned up and washed, get minutes for the TracFone, finish all the little gifty things for people I'll be seeing, CALL MY GRANDMOTHER to let her know the arrival date has changed, clean the entire apartment, get the spare key to Jasmine so she can feed/water the cats....

Somewhere in there, I need to eat and sleep. Not sure exactly when that's going to happen, though.

And I want to get the next chapter of So Now finished and posted, before people forget about it. :-P And eBay auctions. Get those going so they'll be finishing around the time we get home. Guuuh. I need a TARDIS. Stat. But one with a digital timer. I'm not fond of the inaccuracy of the Doctor's. Then again, his could be user error. :-P

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