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While we are enlisted for another night in Tucumcari, Matt managed to pull the Mazda off the trailer, so we went to Alco, and now have boots! Yay boots! And socks. I bought a single pair, Matt bought a ten-pack, since a lot of his socks got pitched in the packing process. But now we can go outside without freezing our toes off!

Oh, and we went to Rubee's Diner for lunch. Honestly, that's the best we've eaten all trip. Stacked enchilada, came with rice, beans, and sopapillas, with a choice of red or green chile sauce. We also got an order of ten cheesesticks for under $3. Not bad at all. If anyone's planning a Route 66 trip, I highly suggest stopping at Rubee's.

He took video of me cleaning the snow off the car. Now that's something I haven't had to do in two years. :) Frost, yes. That much snow? Not since we left Ohio.

40 East is open, I hear. I hear west is still closed as far as Arizona, and 54's still closed, too. Nap time. Matt's still playing Deep Labyrinth. He's level 20 now, played for 4 hours and 17 minutes. We may have to pick him up a DS of his own soon. :)
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