Nov. 1st, 2012 06:41 am
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I'm doing it this year.  Watch me fail spectacularly.

Last Day

Nov. 3rd, 2007 09:06 am
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This is my last day at OfficeMax, and it's gonna be a doozy. Yes, my last shift here is another 10-hour, all by myself shift. Just like almost every other Saturday here.

On the bright side, though, if I wanted, I could be a raging bitch to customers. No one else can come in to cover today, so there's really nothing anyone can do.

I even joked last night with Matt that I could just not come back from my lunch break. It's a very tempting idea, but not one I'll do.

I'm still shocked that customers will line up and wait outside on non-ad days. I can understand it on days ads come out; people want to get the good deals before they're gone. But waiting outside the door for half an hour on a Saturday to get an ink cartridge? Go to WalMart; they're open 24 hours, and are probably cheaper! Today, there was a customer waiting outside, face pressed to the door, to get a calendar refill.

Yearg. People.

On another note, I'm planning on participating in NaNoWriMo, however, the first three days of November are jam-packed with work and meeting. Oh well; I'll start on the 4th. My months always start on Sundays, anyway. :)
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I've discovered that classical music is quite conductive to creative thinking/writing, at least in my case.  For some people, that might be a "Well, duh" discovery, but I used to do my best writing to pop music.  Not so anymore.  

For instance, while listening to the local classical station on my way to work yesterday, I brought up an old idea and suddenly started revising it in my head.  Got three out of the four main characters fleshed out, a revised title and tagline, names, and the opening chapter.  Trouble is, this was in my head.

Which brings me to my next point.  I think my next major purchase is going to be a digital voice recorder.  I spend two hours a day in my car thinking, plotting, daydreaming and musing.  By the time I get home and to a place I can write, I've forgotten most of it.  If I start, instead, thinking aloud and recording it, I can transcribe it later and not lose my wordings, pace, etc.  I have one picked out; it's about $60 at Staples.  But bills come first.  That $500 in income tax really hit us hard, especially since my calendar bonus still hasn't dropped.

Hopefully soon, though.  I don't want to lose anymore than what I already have.
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Following up [profile] blogofstench 's recent post about what makes for a good sex scene, I find this article on the Daily Snopes: Bad Sex in Fiction Awards.

Eight authors, including Booker Prize nominee David Mitchell, best seller Mark Haddon and literary maverick Thomas Pynchon, were competing Wednesday for one of the world's least-coveted literary prizes - the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.
Now in its 14th year, the award was established by Literary Review magazine to celebrate truly cringe-worthy erotic writing.

They have an award for everything, don't they?

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Here's the deal: I'm thinking about entering a short story contest. It's only $5 to enter, which is why I'm considering this one. It has a theme, and a word limit of 500 words.

I had no trouble working with the theme, and pretty much mentally composed the story on my drive home Sunday night. I got the chance to sit down and write it up tonight.

It's at 711 words. (headdesk)

I need someone to read it, give me constructive criticism, and advice on what to trim to get rid of those extra 211 words. Adding words is easy, but having to remove words? I get attached too quickly. I've noticed some spots I can take down, but I'd like more advice.

So if anyone on my flist is willing to give this thing a read and offer helpful advice ("this sucks, start over" isn't helpful. Telling me why it sucks is), please lmk, and I'll e-mail you the story.

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I like finding writing I'd forgotten about or didn't remember writing. Recently, a coworker was asking me for tips on how to become more creative. I mentioned a few writing exercises, and offered to loan him my notes from my intro to fiction writing class. Well, before I gave him the binder, I went through it (had to make sure there wasn't anything embarassing in there). What I found in the looseleaf section was a conversation snippet that I STILL don't remember writing, don't know what the inspiration was, who's talking, etc. It's slightly surreal, and I found it highly amusing, so I'm going to share.

Snipped for space )

I so wish I could remember what this was about. Or failing that, that I could find something to use it in now. :)
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So, I installed the stat counter code on every single page at the Castle. I'm just using the free stat tracking, which only has a log size of 100. That was fine before I started posting my CSI fics there; I'd get about 40-50 hits a day. Now, with the CSI fics there, and a link from my ff.n profile, I'm getting between 100-400 hits a day! Yikes. Makes me wish I had the however-much to upgrade.

What's odd, though, is every so often when I check the Recent Visitor Activity, there'll be like 12 entries from London, through AOL. That in itself isn't odd. What's odd is that it looks like the IP address changes every time this visitor hits a new page. And looking at the page activity, it looks like the 12 entries are all the same visitor. Does AOL randomly change IP addresses while you're surfing? It totally throws off my Visit Length chart. 12 entries of less than 1 second. Weird.

I went ahead and uploaded my Sims2 icons to the site (there are a lot of baby-related ones that I don't use here, just because SimBabies are so damn cute), and I prepared my Sailor Moon fics for eventual linking. Out of the three that had entries on the original Interdimensional Backpack page, only one is actually finished, and that's the one I co-wrote with Ellen, Dark Moon Rising. I really liked the concept of the Marvelous Senshi. Now if I could only remember which comic book I'd used for my Senshi wasn't Captain Marvel, I don't think...I know the S-H-A-Z-A-M were all linked to goddess/mythology names: Hippolyta and Ariadne were the ones in the two chapters finished. Each goddess represented an aspect of the powers of the character. There was a team: man, woman and kid, I think. Kid Marvel? Man, this was back around mid-freshman year of college, I think, when I took the comics-based English Lit class (loved that professor! Took him for Rules and Resistance, too).

And I'm seriously thinking about going back and fully rewriting my first Power Rangers fic, making the two original characters a lot less MarySue-ish. I've had a lot of thoughts about how to redo it in the last few weeks. I'm thinking I just might do it. Maybe on the trip north. Matt's still looking into getting a cheap, bare-bones laptop for me, so I can write and maybe access the Internet while we're gone. I told him all it needed to do/have was word processing software, a browser, and wireless access. He pointed out that even if it didn't have wireless, I use a USB wireless adapter, so we could always grab it off my 'puter and stick it on the laptop for the trip. Oh, and we ARE going to reactivate the TracFone for the trip. I just feel more secure in having a phone for long trips. Yes, the Mazda has roadside assistance, but if you have no way to CONTACT them, then you're still screwed. :) Plus, that way I can make phone posts if I want, if I see something odd on the trip.


Mar. 4th, 2006 11:34 am
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Well, we ALMOST got caught up on two week's worth of Sci Fi Friday yesterday morning. All we have left now is last week's BSG, and now yesterday's episodes. Sunday morning Sci-Fi, here we come.

We have new downstairs neighbors. In the just-over-a-year we've been in this apartment, we've had downstairs neighbors for just a few months. They had a short-term lease in-between houses. They were okay. I'm not so sure about the new ones. When you can hear the bass from the stereo through earplugs.... Plus, one of them has a license plate that reads "Da Frog." I really don't know what to make of that.

I went to bed last night around 11 pm. It's now 11:30 am, and I'm just now getting up. Although, part of me is tempted to just get something to eat and go back to bed. I slept in the guest room because Matt was being hot, sweaty, sticky and taking up most of the bed. We're all entitled to nights like that (I seem to have more than my share), so I just moved beds. Got some of the best sleep I've had in a while. Although, the guest room was really, REALLY cold.

That leads me to another small rant. Is there such a thing as a home thermostat that automatically senses whether the furnace or the a/c needs to be on, and switches between the two automatically? Ours, you have to manually select whether you want heat or cold, and if you have a sudden temperature drop (like we had the other day), you're screwed, because the a/c will shut off, but the furnace won't kick on, so you wake up a popcicle. Or in reverse, you wake up a little puddle of goo because the a/c won't kick on.

Ugh. The food-and-back-to-bed option is sounding better and better. But I did map out a fluffy little fic this morning, so maybe I'll type it up real quick before I lose it. There's just something about the old 'shipper standby, the motel in the middle of nowhere with only one room available. It's like everyone has to write their own take on it. But it's okay, because it's almost an initiation rite. Throw in freakish weather as a reason to take clothing off, and woohoo!

(hangs head in almost-shame) I dreamt in message boards last night. I really need to take a break from Shipper Central at TalkCSI.
Maybe I really do need to go back to bed.
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I am a dialogue whore. I love well-written dialogue. It's one of the reasons I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls, to CSI, to NCIS...witty banter, fast-paced lines, just get me going.

It's also one of my big pet peeves in the fanfiction world. There are some beautiful writers out there that can set the scene wonderfully, but they just can't capture the flow of speech. Or, even worse, they'll set the scene in paragraph format, but when it comes time for the characters to speak, they switch to script format.

I was lucky enough to have decent teachers early on in my writing life, teachers who taught me that I didn't need a tag after every line of dialogue, teachers who taught me the rules of arguments ("No one in an argument will be able to get out more than three lines of text before being interrupted" ;) ), the flow of speech, and how NOT to write in accents or dialects. I had to laugh when one of my reviews for So High School praised, of all things, my grammar. Now that's a sad commentary on the state of fanfiction.

But hey, it's almost five, when I can perch on the couch and immerse myself in the quick wit of Lorelai and Rory. I think I just got a chill.
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I've been writing. Seriously writing. Okay, so it's a fluffy CSI Nick/Sara fanfic, but still! I've written ten pages, posted four parts! Working on part five now, might finish it tonight, but I doubt it.

I'm just stunned. I haven't had any creative juices flowing for...longer than I care to count.

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I am not a Slytherin 'shipper. I usually don't give Snape a second thought when I'm not reading the books.

But he has attacked a plot in my head.

It wasn't even a big plot! It wasn't even a big character! It was the mother of a character that's lived in my head since GOF. But Liana Heartsong just decided she needed to meet Severus Snape. And now their plotline seems to be taking over Heather and Charlie's.

Grr. I hate when plots take on a life of their own.
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Remember that ficlet I was so jazzed about writing (so jazzed that I'd finished anything) that I went ahead and posted it to ff.n? I had a "meh" review on it.

Now, I know I'm not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I don't expect every review to be sycophantly praising me to the ends of the earth, but...."meh?" Not only "meh," but "you can do better," and "it's been done before." I think it's the last one that bothers me most. The fact that I did something I was proud of and "it's been done to death."

On the one hand, it upsets me to the point that I want to yank the ficlet from ff.n and hide it from the world for the rest of time. On the other hand...another point the reviewer brought up was that it seemed "out of character." The thing is, though, I'd had a few flashes of things before writing it that put it in character for me. And those are the things I'd said in the author's note I wasn't going to write, but the evil little demon who sits on my shoulder and whispers bad things in my ear (aka my angst demon muse) is rubbing his gnarled little hands in glee, whispering, "See, see! I'm not the only one who wants you to write out that story. You NEED to, in order to put the ficlet in perspective! SHOW Kira's pain at Tommy getting married! Show exactly how she was wronged! Oh, and add in that bit I told you about, about..." (here I cut him off, in case I DO write it, so all the secrets aren't given away here)

Like that little horndog of an angst demon needs more fodder to prey on.

I think what bothers me most is I sent it first to a friend I trusted to be honest about it, and as far as I could tell, she liked it. But an anonymous stranger thought it was "meh." So I wonder how honest she was being, or if she was just being nice.

And yes, there's always the possibility that the anonymous reviewer was just a jerk. But...

Like I said, it SHOULD'T bother me. But it does.


Jun. 1st, 2005 09:58 am
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I actually wrote yesterday! Just a brief little post-DinoThunder ficlet, but still! To FINISH something! I'm psyched.

And I actually posted it at ff.n. I might post it over at the PR group I belong to, too.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year again.  Tomorrow I get to go for my annual poke-n-prod at the gyn.  I'm actually really looking forward to it, because I can get drugs!  I'm hoping for three prescriptions: 1) birth control pills, to keep my cycles regular and prevent an uh-oh, 2) flutamide, to take down the extra androgens in my system, and 3) glucophage, or the generic equivelant, to help with the insulin-resistance part of PCOS.  Plus, I'm going to a good doctor (according to friends down here), so maybe they'll actually TALK to me.  That's one thing that annoys me.  Doctors never seem to want to tell me anything, not my test results, not how to deal with the conditions they diagnose me with, nothing.  This is why I'm bringing Cyn along (well, also since she knows where it is).  She's been going to this place for years, and she's a little older than I am, so she knows what to ask.  I know I need to ask/request the flutamide and the glucophage, but she might think of something I've missed.

Girly stuff )

So, in preparation for this event, I shaved.  And I will be shaving.  While in the shower, I came up with a silly bit of rhyme:

My husband has a wife who's rather hairy
I find the sight of her appalling, even scary!
I can't avoid her to avoid the scare, you see
For that hairy, scary woman there is me!

I've been reading short novels by Effie Leland Wilder, who started writing when she was 85, and in a retirement community.  She peppers the diary-style novels with little rhymes she's written, and I think she's rubbing off on me.  Very cute novels, quick reading, and great when you just want something nice to read.  I suggested them to my mom, with a note that my grandmothers might even like them.  It's hard to tell about my grandmother Mooney anymore, what she'll like and dislike.  She may love them, or she just might look at them and say, "I'm already old, I don't need to read about other old people."  So who knows.

I'll just end with this thought: when parts other than fingers and toes turn pruny, it's time to get out of the tub!


Mar. 5th, 2005 08:21 am
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Okay, so after my one promising night, I haven't written anymore. Bleargh.

And I'm now sort-of a housewife. IE, husband is working, I'm not. Which means he expects me to be trying to keep the house neat. I've tried explaining to him that such things do not come naturally to me. It doesn't occur to me to clean. I've had dishes sit waiting to be washed so long that they've formed their own ecosystems. But I'm married now. And husband isn't as fond of disorganization and clutter as I am. So I have to try to remember to clean, to put things away, to do something other than play on the computer all day, and while working out is a good thing, I can't use that as an excuse for why I didn't clean.

I hate cleaning. Clean houses make me nervous. I NEED clutter to feel like I belong there.

Plus since he's working on Saturdays now, I have to go to book study by myself. I'm so tempted to skip it. I don't want to go by myself. It might be easier to slip out unnoticed, though. I don't like talking to people. Eh, I have to go out anyway to get milk and eggs. (sigh)


Feb. 24th, 2005 11:32 pm
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Finally, a four-year block has given way, and I have started progressive work on my long-standing project. Three pages of The Ultimate Crossover: Chapter One are under my belt. Once I figured out what was going wrong, the words flowed out of me.

I went and found my outline, and realized I may have a few hitches. I have a few Buffy-centric chapters. I am _so_ behind on Buffy-knowledge, and even though this fic takes place in 1998, I don't know if I have the mad fic skillz to pull it off realistically. There is a certain guest author I'd like to ask, but she's so monumentally busy with her own massive fic project, I'm afraid to ask. Add in I don't know how she feels about all the other universes that are appearing in the fic. Oh well, maybe once Ellen and I get the first few chapters written, I'll send this certain Buffy-verse writer a polite note. :)

Or maybe not. :-P
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Well, we're trying something new. Instead of massive updates at the top of the page, I'm going to get rid of all that, and instead try to give a daily update as to what I'm working on, or what's working on me.
:-P We'll see what happens.

Cute quiz: What type of fanfic writer's block do YOU have?
You are stress-blocked. Give you a month off and a nice strong padlock on your door, and you'd surface with the rough-draft manuscript of the world's newest fanfic "War and Peace" in your sweaty little fists. Identify the source of your stress and lock it in the basement. Keep it on bread and water till it agrees to cut you some slack. In the meantime, buy some bubble wrap and start snapping. Watch out, though. Stress block can evolve into the next step: being blocked by evil forces beyond your control. Of course, if you reach that phase, the solutions will be a lot more drastic.

One last bit before I turn in for the night. I just moved across town into a bigger apartment. Now I have a separate room just for my sewing table and computer desk (well, eventually I'll get a bed for it, I have one picked out, a futon bunk bed from Big Lots Furniture for $350). I also want to get a filing cabinet, so I can keep my old fic notebooks in something other than a cardboard box. Too bad OCR technology isn't hefty enough to translate my high school scribbles into working Word documents. :-P
I'm almost to the point on an old fic where I need to pass it to Ellen for the fight sequence (see, she's got the fight experience, and I have the sex experience, so we trade off scenes ;-) ), then have it passed back so I can finish it off. I have Sunday off, and my one local friend will be busy all day, so depending on the weather, I may get some more done. However, if the weather's nice, I'm going to the park to take pictures of flowers. My walls are too bare; I need artwork, and my mom's into watercolors at the moment.
So, for tonight, I'm turning in and getting some rest. Got a store meeting at 9:30 am tomorrow. :-P

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