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After seeing [personal profile] jetwolf's picture of her Sim-pet, it got me wanting to play with my own sim-pets.  Bonzer, the critter in my icon, is now an elder, so I needed to get his genes passing along before he shuffled off with the Grim Reaper.  So, I created two new dogs, and placed them in his household.  Thanks to the InSiminator, no need to work up their friendship/pack levels, try to send them to mate, and whatnot, just click on the female, and click on the Reproductive Adjuster, "Have Puppies With..." and three days later....

Balina, the new female, has two puppies, Banzai and Bola (Bola, the girl, is being nuzzled at the moment.  Banzai, on the other hand, is very interested in the pet cushion behind them).

Five dogs, one human, one small house.  

Counterclockwise from top left: Balina, Banzai, Beppo (alpha-male-in-waiting), Bonzer, and Bola.  Those single-tile pet pillows are a lifesaver.  As it is, poor Ciara (not named after the singer, I just thought it rhymed with Tiara, and for the first girl born to a 6-boy family, I thought a princess-related name would work well) has almost no furniture downstairs anymore.  Five pet pillows, three food bowls, and three chew-bones take up a lot of space.  But, she's moving soon.  :)

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Yes, I have Sims 2 Seasons. Yes, I adore it, even if the snow and rain makes my computer slow to a crawl and I can't see the fish without the cheat. Things like this just make it so much wonderful:

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I love the penguin.
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Second workout is tomorrow morning; my thighs started hurting today from Monday's workout. That's the only spot that hurts, though.

Oh, and heh, just as I started this post, an ad for Cinderella 3 came on. If it hadn't been for [ profile] mimisgrotto talking about it on her DeviantArt account, I would have dismissed it. But I have to say, since seeing the trailer, it seems a lot more interesting than, say, Happily N'Ever After, which I've heard nothing but bad about.

And getting into my game to get the pics for the icon? I didn't want to get out of the game. But if I didn't, I'd have played right on through the night.

And Seasons comes out in March. So excited for that. Weather, fishing, gardening. And the dogs will eat the snow. :)

New icon

Jan. 29th, 2007 10:31 pm
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See? New icon. Had to share.

Still need to make an exercise one.

And now...

Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:01 pm
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To present the first dog I made in game. Bonzer is (IIRC) a Samoyed base, with silver coat and blue-grey wolf markings (and a straightened, fluffied tail). He's not the first PET I made in-game, but the first dog.

To save space, and for those who don't care )
I'm having fun with the Pets so far.There are a ton of options for creation...I can't _quite_ get the right markings for Patch, but I think if from now on I stick to original pets (like Bonzer) I'll have fun with the fur layers and whatnot.

I'm just waiting patiently for the InSIMinator to be updated. I forget how hard it is to keep those aspirations and needs filled. :-P
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Well, after replacing the cd drives and fans, as well as giving the inside of the case a good dusting, I finally got Sims 2 Pets installed. Got the conflicting hacks replaced, and already know I need to download the one that takes the fun advertisement of the pets down a few pegs. Gave one gal a cat, and another a dog (pictures of those later). But what grabbed my attention enough I had to take a screenshot of it?


"Angsternaut." Heh heh heh heh heh....I love the Maxis sense of humor.

PS--new ZOMGPETZ!! icon. Pictures to follow. :)

My eyes....

Jul. 6th, 2006 08:32 pm
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I started playing around with the Sims 2 Bodyshop program that comes with the game. I'd used it to make packageable Sims before (not that I ever really shared them with anyone other than Matt), but recently, I wanted to try to recreate some of the outfits and costumes my characters wear in my head. I can't draw for spit, so I thought maybe recoloring some of the Sims outfits I had could work.

So I went looking for tutorials. Found some really good ones on MTS2 by Faylin; I'm going to print them out Saturday morning at work so I don't have to keep flipping between Photoshop, Bodyshop and my web browser.

It's not as hard as I thought it was, at least to get started. And now I'm semi-addicted. I spent some of my daydreaming time at work thinking about what fabrics I had in my fabric stash I'd want to scan and make into 1280x1024 files for use as base textures. I ended up scanning three of them, three fairly wild prints (tropical birds, tropical flowers, and flamingos). Scanned at 150 dpi, 8.5x14, then scaled down 25% in Photoshop, and the resultant tile copy-and-pasted, lining up matching elements, until I had a filled image. Luckily for me, the pattern was a larger-scale pattern, perfect for brightly colored print sundresses and Hawaiian shirts. In fact, as test runs, I made a Hawaiian shirt with recolored pants for the birds, a sundress with the flowers, and adult female pajamas with the flamingos. Only problem is squinting at the computer screen to make sure the seam disappears.

I'd originally bought this fabric oh, about three years ago, in order to make some 1:6 scale Hawaiian shirts, but never got around to it. I have at least three more swatches I want to scan for this purpose. My wrist is killing me, though, from the mouse usage. But hey! I can make my own custom content now!


Feb. 28th, 2006 01:28 am
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Well, GameStop doesn't take music cds in trade, so I'm still stuck with Flyleaf, but I did have enough DVDs in trade to take Open For Business down to about $9. So, OFB is all paid for, and I should have it later this week (Tuesday if I'm lucky). Happy dance!

One of the main reasons I want OFB is that it makes the time spent on community lots count. This is a good thing when I'm playing one-Sim households or University. I can finally send them out to kill time. Before, if I sent them on a date, or just out, the home lot would save, and if it was 1 pm when they left for the outing, it would still be 1 pm when they returned, destroying the point of killing time. I searched for a hack, and was informed that it was a feature of OFB.

I'm so excited. I've never gotten a game the day it's come out before. :-D


Jun. 7th, 2005 09:37 am
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With new pics, I had to adjust my layout. Heh, and I just downloaded a ton of candle recolors for Sims2.

Sometimes, I really think I need to get out more. Then I realize it's already 75 degrees out and it's only 9:40. At least the humidity's dropped from 98% to 81%. Still, I think I'm gonna stay inside with the lovely, wonderful, blessed air conditioning.

Sometimes I wonder how I lasted growing up without a/c. Oh, that's right...I spent summers in the basement. Around the sixth stair going down, it was like passing through a curtain, from the hot, humid air to the cooler, drier air. Ahhh.... Too bad my mom was freaked out about the radon levels down there. Now, whenever I have any sort of health concern, she's all "It's because you spent too much time in the basement with the radon!!" I really don't think radon levels have anyting to do with PCOS, but hey, I can always ask the endocrinologist when I go in August (a good excuse to miss my 10-year reunion: the earliest appointment with the endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS is the same weekend).

And because you're all so interested in my reproductive health (heh), I finished my 10-day run of medroxypr ac on Sunday, so I should start bleeding any day now. Hopefully. Then Sunday I get to start the Yasmin! Yay! I hope it works as well as the flutamide did as an anti-androgen. I'm seriously sick of having to shave/pluck every other day.

Just call me Cave Woman. :-P

New pics!

Jun. 6th, 2005 06:41 pm
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I got bored with my old pics, so made new ones using snaps from Sims 2.  The sim in all three of them is Meadow Thayer (now Vinguard), a Maxis-made townie teen.  I had her go steady with one of my sims, Lionel, and then, using some wonderful hacks (Merola's Mind Control Mirror and Eric Etc's InSiminator), grew her up to an adult, and married her to Lionel.

After a quick makeover (new hair and makeup), she's become one of my favorites.  I thought at first she looked like Paris Hilton, but the more I looked at her in game, the more she reminded me of Jessica Alba.  I can't wait to start breeding her with Lionel.  (evil grin)

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I have an interview Tuesday. Still retail, still office supplies/copy center, but a different company. Plus, one of the stores down here from my previous company is waiting on a c.c. lead, and if she falls through, they'll give me a call. So, keeping fingers crossed.

I seriously need to do some work on the bedroom. When our roommate cleaned the living room, all the boxes went in my husband and my bedroom and the spare room. So now it's incredibly difficult to get to the bed. And it's a waterbed, so I can't walk across the bed to get to the other side. Makes it real difficult for anyone sleeping on the far side to get up in the middle of the night (bathroom, let cat out, let cat in, let cat out, let cat in, let cat out, etc).

Star Trek 3 is on, hubby and roomie are watching. I'm still happy-happy that I got some of my simmies to do what I wanted...and one set I didn't even use hacks on! But now there are 2 adults and 6 teenage boys in that teeny-tiny house. Need to get some of those kids grown up, moved out, and married. At least two of the boys have crushes. One's going steady. So, that could work.

I am way too into that game. I haven't touched Galaxies since I installed Sims 2.
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For the past few days, my computer wasn't connecting to the network. Therefore, no Internet. But, it's working now (when in doubt, reinstall the drivers).

Spent those two days playing Sims 2. I swear that game is digital crack. My husband is addicted more, finding hacks and skins and mods and all that good stuff.

Plus we got cable. I spent a good portion of yesterday watching a marathon of The Surreal Life on VH1. Mindless Entertainment, indeed!
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We now have a full pantry! Checks came today, allowing us to grocery shop. I feel much better with a full pantry and freezer.

Also, roommate got me hooked on Sims2.

They're turning me into a gamer. First Neverwinter Nights, then Star Wars: Galaxies, and now Sims2. I will not forgive this. :-P

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