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I was grumping to myself this morning about my recent inability to stick to the calorie budget.  This week, I've been ravenous by dinnertime, and even snacking at work.  I did some research, as it's period week, as to whether or not that affects metabolism.

Turns out, it does.  A few days before and during menstruation, a woman's metabolism ramps up anywhere from 5% to 20%.  That would explain this week.

Then I looked at my logs.  This is my eighth week logging my food.  The first four weeks, I had no problem staying under budget, ending the week 500 to 700 calories under the weekly limit.  Then, week five, I was 1454 over budget.  Week six, 1203.  Week seven, 1811.  So far this week, I'm 1279 over. 

It's not just the incremental decrease in the calorie limit from losing weight.  It's not just a rebellious attitude.  I figured out what else happened four weeks ago.  I went back on birth control pills.

It's entirely possible that the pills are affecting my appetite and metabolism.  Many women report weight gain after starting bcps.  It takes about three months for this particular pill to "settle in" when it comes to side effects, so for the next two months, I'm going to keep logging my food and trying to weigh weekly, but not be particularly over-worried if I can't keep to the budget without hunger pains, or if I gain a pound or more back.  This actually, timing wise, works out somewhat well.  I should be past the adjustment period starting in January.  January's always a good time to get back on track.
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I've managed to keep logging my food for over a month, almost a month and a half.  I'm down 14.4 pounds.  I will admit, I don't log my weight if it goes up, and it did go up 2 pounds a few weeks back, but I've since lost those, plus a few more.

Having my calorie intake allowance drop when my weight drops is a bit unsettling, though I understand the reasoning.  When I started logging, I was allowed 1841 calories a day.  Now, 14 pounds later, it's at 1749, almost 100 calories less.  Despite being over-budget almost all last week, I still lost weight.  A coworker of mine is using LoseIt now, too, for one of her classes.  She was trying to figure out why my calorie allowance is so much higher than hers (1500s).  The simple answer is, I weigh more, probably 100 pounds or more.

A while back on Suits, there was a bit where Mike (young pretending-to-be-lawyer male) and Donna (legal secretary for the older male) were getting coffee.  He was confused as to why she'd get a skim-milk latte if she was getting whipped cream on it.  She told him, "BECAUSE I got the skim milk, I CAN HAVE the whipped cream."  He still didn't understand it, though it made sense to me.  Donna is by no means overweight, but the principle remains.  If she got both full-fat milk AND whipped cream, then there are more calories.  Getting skim milk gives her a little wiggle room for the treat of the whipped cream.  It's making balance.  For instance, this morning I'm having a large-ish Red Velvet hot chocolate with whipped cream, sausage gravy, and really really dense bread (mishap with the bread maker).  Breakfast is clocking in at 1294 of my 1749 calories, leaving me 455 calories for the rest of the day.  Given that one weekend day is usually spent napping, and it wasn't yesterday, breakfast will probably also count as lunch (also because of the time we're eating: it's after 10 now), I'll have an apple (90 calories) as a snack when I get up, and a salad (290 calories) for dinner, leaving me 75 calories under budget.

Way Over

Sep. 23rd, 2012 07:35 pm
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I'm still using the LoseIt app.  It's been a week and a half, and I haven't forgotten to log anything yet.  I've done fairly well with it; I usually end the day with calories left over.  This week, though, my period finally started, which means I've been craving salt, fat, and carbs.  Today, I'm ending 566 calories over-budget.  I can pinpoint where I went over: I had a 12-ounce can of Coke and a serving of Trader Joe's chocolate-covered potato chips, for 370 calories in the "snack" column, and then we went to Carl's Jr. for lunch, where the small fries and low-carb SuperStar with cheese, no tomato or mayo, ran 880 calories.  Getting the burger without the bun (because of gluten) and no mayo (because I don't like mayo) helped take the sandwich from over 900 calories to 560 calories, but still, those four items were a calorie sink.

I got the Coke because I was seriously craving one the other day.  However, when I had it, it didn't taste like I expected.  It didn't have the "zing" or "bite" I remembered Coke having.  Matt had a sip and agreed, it tasted weak, like watered-down fountain soda.  I also felt it tasted a bit cloying.  I didn't remember Coke having such a negative aftertaste.  I told him that the next time I was craving a Coke, I'd try one of the Mexican Cokes they sell, that are supposedly made with cane sugar, not HFCS, and if it still tasted off, I'd just have to remember that "Coke doesn't taste the way I think Coke tastes anymore."

I'm not going to beat myself up for going over-budget today, because I've been under-budget the rest of the week.  In fact, even with today's splurge, I'll still be about 500 calories under budget for the week.
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So, LoseIt has a number of graphs and reports you can look at to see your eating habits and patterns.  Apparently, I don't like fruit.  Fruit very rarely shows up on my MyPlate report.  This is true; I don't care for a lot of fruits.  I basically like 2 types of apples, green grapes, and grapefruit.  I did have a salad for dinner, so I hit my vegetable quota for the day.  The main reason for the salad was so I could have one of Whole Foods' gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.  I just really needed it.  I haven't had a period since March, but it's been gearing up all week to start, and the PMS was just really, really bad today. 

Just my luck, I should be hitting my heavy flow day just in time for our 8th anniversary.  Whee.  :-P


Sep. 18th, 2012 06:43 am
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So, one of the things with tracking calories, and I've noticed this before, but I always forget about it in between bouts, is that when I start paying attention to serving sizes, I'm always surprised by some of them. 

For instance, this morning, we had pancakes.  Matt made them, so I entered the recipe into LoseIt, then just adjusted the number of servings to be the number of pancakes made.  That was pretty straightforward.  The spread serving size was a tablespoon; that seemed generous enough for 3 pancakes.  The maple syrup (real maple syrup; I stopped using "maple-flavored" syrup years ago) had a serving size of a quarter-cup.  I didn't have a clean quarter-cup measure, so I used the eighth-cup measure...and one of those was more than enough syrup for 3 pancakes.

I remember back in 1999-2000-ish, trying to keep track of what I ate by using recommended serving sizes only.  I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and was amazed at, I think, the serving size of the jelly compared to the peanut butter.  I don't remember now which was bigger; I just rememeber a comically unbalanced sandwich.
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So once more I board the fitness/weight loss train.  I'm going into this with no expectations other than, "I fully expect to fall off the wagon in 2 weeks time." 

I never posted about it here, but back in June, we came home from work one day to find the back door wide open and the house totally tossed.  We'd had a break-in.  They primarily stole small electronics: our cameras, the old laptop that didn't work so well, my DS, the Wii and games, some car speakers and an amp.  They also took 2 of my rings, family heirlooms.  Nothing was recovered, but we had renters' insurance.  Allstate has been nothing but good to us through everything. 

How does this relate to fitness/weight loss?  My primary exercise tool was WiiFit.  Interestingly enough, even though they stole the Wii, both remotes, both nunchucks, and the sensor, they didn't take the power cables or the Balance Board.  They also didn't take the actual WiiFit disc.  So, with the insurance and reimbursement, we replaced the Wii hardware.  I was grumpy, though, because that meant any of my previous progress with WiiFit was gone (and even more so when we lost Scamp, it meant his Mii was gone now, too).

I finally got around to remaking my Mii last night, though I couldn't find the same hair it had before.  That was fine; I switched it to a ponytail.  But I had to reset my profile on WiiFit.  Anything I'd unlocked before, I'm going to have to unlock again. 

In addition to the WiiFit, I downloaded an app to both my Kindle and my phone: LoseIt.  It's a food/exercise calorie tracking program which so far, seems easy enough to use.  I like being able to scan barcodes with my phone if the food's not in their database.  Still, I've had trouble keeping food journals in the past.  We'll see how long this lasts.  Like I said before, I'm not overly optomistic about this.  But, I did 2 rounds of Basic Step on WiiFit last night.  It's a start.
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Normally, I hate change. But this time, I think it's necessary and called for.

When I got this LJ, I used it for ranting, decompressing, and letting the crazy out. At the time, I needed that outlet. But in the last four years, two things have made big changes in my life that have seriously calmed me down.

1. I got a job where I don't have to deal with the general public.
2. I went gluten-free.

Now, I've seen conflicting reports as to whether or not a gluten-free diet actually helps with behaviour problems. Anecdotal reports say yes. Scientific reports say "reply hazy, try again." I just know that in the four years I've been gluten-free, I've been much more stable.

However, going gluten-free has brought its own set of trials. I used to bake. A LOT. I had to relearn everything I knew. I had to learn about new flours, binders, gums, ratios, and techniques. But I've gotten a handle on most of it.

I had to learn to go without old comfort foods, or learn how to make them gluten-free. I had to seriously adjust my grocery budget to fit the new foods. And I had to get used to the fact that sometimes, I'd spend my money just to find the food I bought was terrible.

That last point was a sticking point. Gluten-free foods are so much more expensive than their wheat-based counterparts, and I hate when I spend money on something just to find out it's terrible.

So, this journal is going to convert from my place to rant about the world, to my place to review the new gluten-free products I pick up and recipes I try. Most of the mainstream grocery stores around here are adding gluten-free food sections, with some brands I've seen, and some I haven't. A number of mainstream brands are adding gluten-free versions of their products. My plan is to review based on look, texture, taste, and value. Obviously, I can't compare value against the wheat-based counterparts, but look, texture and taste I can (with Matt helping in the taste category if it's something I haven't had wheat-based before). My goal is to review two products a week.

If I'd thought about it earlier, I had four new gluten-free products this week. Three of them were very good; the third was a "meh." The review efforts start in earnest Monday. So, be on the lookout.
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I'm currently sitting at my desk with a glass of wine. Not in a wine glass, cause I didn't want to mess around with finding it, but in one of my regular 8-oz glasses. I've had maybe three swallows and finding it hard to type correctly already, but still present enough to fix the typos I make.

I don't drink often. One, alcohol is expensive. Two, it doesn't take much to make me tipsy, maybe 1 beer or a glass of wine. Three, when I get tipsy, I get really giggly. Four, it also makes me very very tired, so after a second beer or glass of wine, I tend to fall asleep.

So Matt has no incentive to get me drunk, it doesn't make me looser or friskier or anything, just gigglier and sleepier. But I ended up staying later than usual at work today and had to do rather tedious piece-work stuff most of the second half (and spent the first half unjamming the printer every 300 impressions it seemed), so when I came home, I wanted wine.

So I'm having wine. Wink white zinfandel, about $4 at Fresh and Easy. It's not bad. I'm no connoisseur, I just drink what I like. Plus I like playing with my special corkscrew. The "magic" corkscrew. That's another story in and of itself.

But while I'm sipping at this glass, I keep thinking that I haven't slept well all week, and keep thinking about the Excedrin PM in the other room, and wondering just how bad it would be to take two of those when I've already got alcohol in my system. Or maybe I should just put saran wrap over the remaining 3/4 glass, get a big cup of water and chug it with the Excedrin.

I think that might be the best idea, honestly. I've already lost interest in the wine.


May. 7th, 2010 07:20 am
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Yesterday, while grocery shopping, we went to Sprouts. Sprouts is having a "Gluten-Free Jubilee" this month, 25% off all GF products. The location we went to had a little display right up front with a lot of their GF products. One of the things on display was a large stack of Annie Chun noodle bowl soups. Yeah...those aren't GF. First ingredient is Wheat Flour, yet there they were, with a big "Gluten Free Jubilee" poster on them. We found a manager and pointed it out. She double checked the ingredient panel, said, "oh," and thanked us for pointing it out. Guess we'll see later if it's been moved or not. :)

But, I did take advantage of the sale to get some more pasta. Tinkyada PastaJoy brown rice spirals, spaghetti, and elbows. I think they're still more expensive than Trader Joe's brown rice pasta, but we weren't going that far north last night. Also got some Glutino vanilla creme sandwich cookies.

And Fresh and Easy is dangerous. They have yummy gelato pints for $1.99. The dark chocolate is very good, and Matt liked the banana gelato. We just went in for milk, butter, and a grill pack. Ended up spending close to $30. Matt found a 4-pound box of strawberries on markdown for $2.50. We processed those right away; I learned from the last time we bought a big thing of strawberries. Now if he just remembers they're in the fridge.

New goal

Jan. 24th, 2010 05:10 pm
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So, I had my annual doctor's visit a week or two ago. Found out my cholesterol is out of whack, so, the doctor wants me to lose 7 pounds in the next three months, and stick to a low-fat, low-carb diet. I'm not sure how "low-carb" I'll be doing, given the gluten-intolerance and no whole wheat, but I'm going to go back to the Sugar Solution book and find some good recipes. I know I want to do the quinoa with peppers and beans again, once I'm allowed peppers again.

I also set the seven-pounds-in-three-months as my WiiFit goal. I start that up again tomorrow, now that the Wii's set up again. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to Rhythm Step and Advanced Step, not to mention Rhythm Kung Fu and Rhythm Boxing. Also, the yoga and strength training will help, since I can feel myself stiffening up again.
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We watched Bedtime Stories last night. It was cute, but I'm glad we caught it on a Starz free weekend rather than paying to see it in a theater.

One thing in it _seriously_ bothered me, and it's something I'm seeing more and more of. Apparently, "gluten-free" has joined the ranks of rice cakes and tofu as comedy shorthand for "healthy but disgusting." Bedtime Stories and iCarly both used "gluten-free" as a punchline for food, and Bedtime Stories seriously Did Not Do The Research: the cake at the girl's party in the beginning is called a "gluten-free wheat grass cake." Um, for the most part, wheat grass isn't considered gluten-free because it can contain seeds that CONTAIN GLUTEN!! Also, same character also regularly fed her kids WHEAT GERM. Um, yeah, GLUTEN.

Also, on Facebook, twice now I've seen the initial reaction to something gluten-free being automatic disgust. Food2 posted a link to Alton Brown's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and people were replying, "Ewww, why would you do that?" Several people with celiac or gluten intolerance gave well-worded replies, but the "Eww" reactions continued. A friend of mine posted that she made gluten, dairy, and egg-free cupcakes for her daughter's preschool class. First reply? "I hope you made her some real ones later!"

Just because something is gluten free, dairy free, and/or egg free does NOT mean it's disgusting! I've been living gluten-free for three years now, and when I make a dish or dessert to take to an event, it's going to be gluten-free. I have a co-worker with dairy and peanut allergies, and we trade recipes back and forth. He's made a few gluten-free dishes (including that Alton Brown cookie recipe!), and he likes them. I subscribe to multiple mailing lists and a magazine devoted to allergy-free cooking. Very rarely do I come across a dish I'd label as "disgusting." The fact that I haven't really lost weight on a gluten-free diet must mean that the food's pretty good. :-)

And as for whether or not they're "real," think of it this way. If you were to make a wheat-flour, butter, and egg-based cupcake for a child with celiac, dairy allergies, and/or egg allergies, that would be tantamount to offering that child a pretty little cup of poison. For him, that gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free cupcake IS "a real cupcake." And I know the mix my friend used. It's as good as a standard mix. I've had a gluten-free cake mix, Pamela's Decadent Chocolate Cake, that I think is better than a wheat-based mix, and several non-allergic friends have said is the BEST chocolate cake mix they've ever had. It's very moist, very rich, very dark chocolate.

I know my ranting won't stop the world from thinking alternate baking methods are "weird" or "disgusting." But it helps me get it off my chest.

But for now, I think I'm going to have some gluten-free biscuits with turkey and gluten-free gravy.
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...although a Thursday where both Matt and I are off work. We hit the turkey sales this past month; there are now 4 frozen turkeys in the big freezer. We had to take out the one we got last year to make room, so we got out Alton Brown's brine recipe and the electric roaster. I also picked up a 28 quart plastic storage bin (with lid!) to brine the bird in, since it was cheaper than the 5-gallon bucket recommended in the recipe (and it had a lid!).

One of the things I both like and dislike about that electric roaster is that it seems to cook a LOT faster than the oven. The bird was done 2 hours before we expected it to finish.

No stuffing, since, well, I was bad yesterday and had a couple chicken tenders, so my brain's misbehaving. Matt did make a fresh loaf of bread, sliced it, and set it in the oven to toast, so maybe we'll make some this weekend. Potatoes are merrily boiling away, waiting to hit the right level of tenderness to be mashed. Then it'll be time to make gravy. As for veg, well, I hate to say it, but we might not have any. :-P Not that we don't _have_ any, as the pantry is well stocked with canned goods from a few good sales, and we have some green beans and maybe some broccoli in the fridge still.

I did something new last night: I made vegetable stock, with Matt's immense help, as the brine recipe called for a gallon of it and we didn't have any, much less that much, but we did have a bunch of celery, some older carrots, an onion, some green onion, and some other things we could use. I'm planning on using the turkey carcass to make stock, as well as the bones from 2 half chicken breasts we had earlier in the week, and the neck from the turkey (we're not neck or giblet people here; the giblets went in a bowl for the cats).

Side note: my m-i-l got us a knife block set from Rada. They're nice knives; I think my parents and my grandmother both had some Rada knives. I used the vegetable peeler on the potatoes today, and it's very nice.
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So, I may have mentioned this cookbook before, but I've started using it again this week. All the recipes made exactly two servings. It's been working well; I make the dish for dinner, and have the second portion as my lunch the next day. So far this week, I've made cheese'n'beef bundles, zucchini and beef casserole, and zucchini frittata from it. Some notes for my own reference:

cheese'n'beef bundles: since we're using very lean ground beef, I can probably leave out the egg and the bread crumbs (or in my case, flaxseed), which would make the small patties easier to handle, and not taste so "slick" when cooked.

zucchini and beef casserole: make sure to cook the ground beef finer, so it distributes more evenly. Layer the thin-sliced zucchini in the casserole dish rather than mixing it in with the beef and tomato sauce. Leave out the macaroni, as it doesn't really add anything to it.

zucchini frittata: get a new non-stick skillet so there's a better chance of it staying a frittata and not becoming scrambled eggs.

Next week, though, if I want to continue the trend, I'll have to double the recipes, so Matt can have some dinner, and lunch the next day, too. Although, with the frittata, it's going to be breakfast rather than lunch, and I'm not sure what to take for lunch. Maybe I should see if the veg soup in the fridge is still good.

A mistake

Sep. 27th, 2009 07:31 am
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I made what seems to be a costly mistake yesterday. I gave in to a craving, let myself have half of an Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard, because I had a coupon, and I oh so dearly missed Oreos and cookie dough in soft serve. I was tired last night, but that happens on the weekends, when I'm out in the heat more so than during the week.

But, I am paying dearly for that simple, forbidden indulgence yesterday. I'm trying to make gluten-free donuts for breakfast. It's a new recipe, and somewhat complicated in the procedure. I was disjointed when I started, getting easily distracted by simple things ("Oh, we never put away the new batch of paper towels....Oh, I need to clean this up in the kitchen...."). But then came the time to cut the 5x5 squares of parchment paper needed, and things blew up. The paper's on a roll. It likes to roll back up as I'm trying to measure (with a measuring tape that ALSO likes to roll back up, crushing and crunching the paper as it does). The dough is so sticky, it pulled the spatula apart. I ended up practically in tears, screaming, "These had better be the best fracking donuts EVER!" and "The next time I get the stupid idea to make these fracking donuts, I'm buying parchment that doesn't come on a fracking ROLL!!" I gave up. Matt's finishing them now.

He is so good, so patient. He knows when I have a lapse of judgment in food choices, that the next day is pretty much shot. But he lets me do it anyway, possibly hoping that this time, I'll learn my lesson, and not give in to the forbidden temptation the next time.

...and he's having fun in the kitchen. I hear him in there, giggling, before he exclaims, "You know, if you don't do it the way you're supposed to, it's kinda fun." The recipe wants you to pipe donut-shaped circles onto the 5x5 squares of parchment. He thought the dough was too thick to pipe, so he's just shaping it by hand. "How many are these supposed to make?" he asks. Two dozen. He laughs, "Then I did _something_ wrong."

I'm feeling better now, having washed my hands of the whole donut-making endeavor. I'll have a cup of coffee later, let the caffeine and sugar work their magic. Hopefully, I'll feel up to going to meeting. Right now, I don't. Right now, I just want to go back to bed and hope everything's different when I wake up.
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So, the other night, I wanted fried chicken. Since it was a work night, that meant no stopping at Frys or Safeway to pick some up. I had to create my own, gluten-free. Success! I used the recipe from my old Betty Crocker cookbook for buttermilk fried chicken, and instead of the all-purpose wheat flour it called for, used 1/2 cup brown rice flour, 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup tapioca starch, and 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum. Also, I didn't have buttermilk on hand, so I used a cup of milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice instead. It actually looked, tasted, and crunched like regular fried chicken. I was so pleased, that this morning, I got some chicken out of the freezer to thaw, so we can do it again.
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Is it odd that for a brief moment, I thought $8 for 5 pieces of chocolate was a good deal?

I signed up for Godiva's rewards program, because of the free piece of chocolate every month. So now I get their e-mails. July's e-mail is talking about their limited-edition ice cream flavored truffles. Their special deal for Rewards members is a 5-piece sampler for $8. Considering that this is normally $11, not a bad deal.

But then I thought about it more. That's over a dollar per piece of chocolate. That's over a dollar and a half per piece of chocolate. That's...not really a deal. I can get a full-size Snickers bar for 50 cents. For $8, I can get 16 Snickers bars.

"But this is GODIVA chocolate," will come the argument. "This isn't some mass-produced candy bar available at every convenience store."

True. It's Godiva, and Godiva is a luxury brand. This is why Starbucks can charge as much for a cup of coffee as I pay for a whole bag of coffee beans. Perception. Now, I'll agree, Godiva is good. I thoroughly enjoyed the free piece I had last month. It was the Open Oyster, hazelnut praline between 2 milk chocolate shells. But when asked to describe it, well... "A nugget of Nutella between chocolate shells."

If the five-piece sampler price ($11) is a guideline, that makes one piece $2.20. Going by Google, I can get 2 13-ounce jars of Nutella for $7. Throw in a chocolate bar from Fresh N Easy ($0.50), and I can get a similar experience, in a larger quantity.

So while compared to its original price, the sampler deal is a good one, compared to alternatives, not so much.

I will admit, though, that if I had the $8 to spend frivolously, I'd probably get it.
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Even though I'm gluten-free, there are days...usually Friday nights or Saturdays...where I just want something _normal_. A donut. A brownie. A slice of cake. Something breaded. Something baked that I didn't have to make. And because I don't work on Saturdays or Sundays, I'll give in. I'm not celiac, so it's not an intestinal issue. I don't worry about having debilitating cramps or being tied to the bathroom after eating wheat. What I worry about is my mental state, which is why I only allow myself these temptations on days where I don't have to be at my best the next day.

This is on my mind because last night, I allowed myself a Brownie Batter Blizzard from Dairy Queen. It was good, but I think it was a little too much, because this morning, all I feel like is throwing up. I was going to do a ton of baking today, in preparation for next week, but...there are several contributing factors.

1. Matt found out yesterday that this weekend is the end of his temp job.
2. That bummed him out, so he didn't get the kitchen clean.
3. I cleaned so much at work yesterday that I'm out of cleaning energy.
4. Since he's not working next week, I don't have to make grab-and-go breakfast bars.
5. My stomach is killing me.

I'm still going to get a batch of bread going in the bread machine, and probably start the dough for hamburger rolls, since those are necessary. As to whether I'm going to make the milestone bars or the date bars, well, we'll see.
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A quick jotting-down of some of my favorite gluten-free foods and resources:

Pamela's Products: chocolate cake mix, ginger cookies with almonds, basic bread mix.
Glutino: crackers, pretzels, wafer cookies, rice macaroni
Kinnikinnick: KinniToos sandwich cookies
Gluten-Free Pantry: chocolate truffle brownie mix
Trader Joe's: brown rice spaghetti and spirals, ginger snaps, licorice scotty dogs, rice sticks (noodles), gf granola
Ancient Grains: quinoa macaroni
Authentic Foods: superfine brown rice flour (necessary for good cookie texture!)
Red Bridge: sorghum beer
Bob's Red Mill: specialty flours and gums, also has recipes (their snickerdoodles rock)
Ener-G: specialty flours
Barbara's Bakery: Puffins cereal
San-J: wheat-free tamari (soy sauce).  This is what Pei Wei and PF Changs use as their gluten-free soy sauce, as well
Dynasty Foods hoisin sauce
Thai Kitchen noodle bowls and packets

Living Without Magazine: great resource for anyone with food allergies.  Their all-purpose flour blend is my standby.
Recipezaar: has a category for gluten-free.  I've found some great recipes there (funnel cakes!)

The bread machine I have also came with a batch of gluten-free recipes.  The Country White Bread is my mainstay bread; I like to replace the oil with ground flaxseed, and add sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and poppyseeds for a great tasting, multiseed bread.  Much better than the few commercially-prepared gluten-free breads I've tried.

There are a few other resources I use, like the Gluten-Free Club, but its recipes are not as reliable as Living Without's.  Plus, if you only sign up for the free recipes, you have to deal with the constant barrage of "Join the club!  Join the club!  Join the club!"  So far, only one recipe I've used from there has become a standard in my stable, and that's the bread/roll recipe.  I use that when I'm making a full batch of hamburger rolls.

Also, before spending money on Bob's Red Mill and Ener-G flours, take a look around any neighborhood ethnic markets.  This suggestion was made to me back when I first started complaining about the costs of flours, and I've just now gotten around to it, thanks to a LARGE ethnic grocery opening nearby.  I found white and sweet rice flours, soy flour, garbanzo flour (gram), tapioca starch, potato starch, and arrowroot starch, to name a few, for much cheaper than at the health-food stores.  I also buy my thick rice noodles there, rather than at Trader Joe's.

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I got so much done this weekend. Matt had to work Saturday, so I had the house to myself, and could get all six loads of laundry done, most of the dishes that had backed up (three loads of the dishwasher), cleaned out the fridge (chicken had leaked), vacuumed the mattress and got the bathrooms tidied.

Today, we made 2 batches of black bean enchiladas, and I'm making Jell-O and date bars. It's tough to think coherently about lunch at 3 am, so having some things handy is a big help. The enchiladas made enough for three two-piece lunches, one four-piece dinner, and one six-piece dinner. Totally vegetarian, and if you used non-dairy cheese, vegan as well. It'll be nice to just have to pull one of the dinners out and zap it to melt the cheese.   I'll have to make another batch of the Milestone bars tomorrow night, so we have breakfasts.  Only one left from last week, and though I'll have the date bars, Matt doesn't care for dates too much.  Jell-O was made in half-cup Gladware containers, so those are grab-and-go for lunches, too. 

Also, one of the grocery stores was running "super double coupons," so we got some other stuff we needed there. Soy milk, rice milk, chips for snacking, more of the lovely True Lemon Naturally Sweet...

I'm off next Monday, and Matt works. Maybe I'll get the bathrooms _scrubbed_, and get the living room tidied as well as getting laundry and kitchen cleaning done.
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I hope everyone has a lovely day off. We're going to be spending it cleaning and baking for the upcoming week. Matt's got a temporary job, on the same side of town where I work, so we're carpooling again....but his shift starts at 4:30 am, and mine not until 9. So we need some grab-and-go breakfast stuff, and lunch-type stuff, and snack-type stuff. This is what we're making:

Milestone Snack Bars - breakfasty-type stuff

Indian Lentil Crepes - for sandwich wraps

Chewy Granola Bars - snack-type stuff

Made the Milestone bars yesterday, as well as some peanut butter muffins, just for the weekend. I substituted dried cranberries for the raisins, and they taste pretty awesome. Could've stood to bake a little longer, as they're still a little wet in the middle. I think I had that problem the last time I used mesquite flour, too.

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