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Sometimes I think I have way too much internal snark to effectively promote my shop.  For instance, I’m currently trying to raise interest in the jellybean lip balms.  I have them advertised as “seasonal limited editions.”  “Only 10 sets available!” I keep advertising.

I’m so tempted to add on, “If you’re all trying to be polite and make sure everyone else who wants one gets one, stop!  Be selfish! Buy now!”

At least the two people who were excited for them bought theirs the day they went live (Jessica actually bought the Spice ones while I was working on the Fruit listing!).  Because seriously, if even they hadn't bought them, I'd be a lot more upset than I am.

(Plus I decided to keep a set of each for myself, because I didn't make overs of all the flavors, and I really liked that black licorice flavor)

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Apparently, my body has issued a mandate: I am no longer a night owl. If I wish to be functional, I have to be in bed (and preferrably asleep) between ten and eleven pm. Closer to the ten than the eleven.

Well, poopie. I thought the point of being a grownup was that you could stay up til midnight, if you wanted. Nights where I don't have to be at work the next day used to be all-night internet infernos. Now, it's yawning and crawling into bed barely functional around 10:30 pm.

I blame work, for scheduling me all these morning shifts. It's a grand conspiracy to turn me into a morning person, I tell you!

And to make matters worse, I got a free sample of Metamucil in the mail today. Biscuit, pills, and powders. C'mon people, I'm not even thirty yet!!


I need to have another glass of water and take my vitamin. Forgot it this morning.

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