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Sometimes I think I have way too much internal snark to effectively promote my shop.  For instance, I’m currently trying to raise interest in the jellybean lip balms.  I have them advertised as “seasonal limited editions.”  “Only 10 sets available!” I keep advertising.

I’m so tempted to add on, “If you’re all trying to be polite and make sure everyone else who wants one gets one, stop!  Be selfish! Buy now!”

At least the two people who were excited for them bought theirs the day they went live (Jessica actually bought the Spice ones while I was working on the Fruit listing!).  Because seriously, if even they hadn't bought them, I'd be a lot more upset than I am.

(Plus I decided to keep a set of each for myself, because I didn't make overs of all the flavors, and I really liked that black licorice flavor)

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Last month, I started musing about "seasonal offerings" for my store.  It's sometimes tricky to think of seasonally themed items, because a) I live in Arizona; it's already in the low 90's here, and b) I don't celebrate holidays, so I tend to forget when they are.  But this time, I actually thought, "Oh, hey, Easter's coming up soon...what about a set of mini lip balms in jellybean flavors?  Both spice jellybean and fruit jellybean?"  It took a little time to get all the flavings and tubes, but Monday, I set about to make 10 sets of fruit jellybean lip balms and 10 sets of spice jellybean lip balms.

In Progress )
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Okay, so my lotion/balm/butter obsession isn't dying down yet.  I recently purchased a bottle of avocado oil to add to my teeny supply stash.  I've been using one of my tubes of cocoa honey lip balm almost obsessively all week (yet surprisingly, not at all yesterday....).  And today, I made body butter bars

What I made isn't _quite_ exact; I was about half an ounce short on the cocoa butter, because the jar I bought last week was exactly 4 ounces, and I used some of it in last week's lip balm.  Which means I'm now out of cocoa butter.  :-(  Also, I have learned from this not to buy a one-pound block of beeswax.  It's too hard for me to cut it to size, and then getting it into smaller pieces to melt quicker.  I thought today, "Hey!  I have a spare grater!"  But damn, grating four ounces of beeswax takes a long time.  I also learned that while the one-cup Pyrex measuring cup may be a fine size for lip balm batches (small lip balm batches), it's too small for this recipe.  I instead used a small glass mixing bowl and the microwave.

I don't have any molds, so instead, I'm using the silicone food cups I bought for my lunch boxes, set in a muffin tray to keep their shape.  I keep wandering out to the kitchen to see how the bars are solidifying.  It's strangely fascinating.

Playing around at Mystic Mountain Sage, I put together an order of basic supplies.  It's over $100 before shipping.  But, if I cut out the lip balm tubes, caps, and lotion tubes, it'll, it'll still be over $100, but _just_ over $100.  Matt's supposed to be allotting me $100 "play money" out of his next paycheck, which is in two weeks.  So I guess we'll see what I feel like then.  I could always cut the sizes of most of the supplies in half, 8 ounces rather than 16, see what that totals to. 

Then again, in two weeks, I may have a totally different obsession.  :-)

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